Sex Reassignment Surgery Female To Male Gender reassignment surgery can be performed on any person who wants to switch to the same sex as an individual with one of both sexes, male and female. Gender reassignment surgery is preferred by individuals who are not compatible with the physical sex and mental sex. Individuals who do not match their physical sex and the gender in their brains and want to change to the opposite sex of their gender are called transgender. The most important feature of this surgery is that it is an operation performed only by trans people. Gender reassignment operation is preferred by transgender individuals who want to return from female to male or male to female.

Although at a lesser rate, sometimes individuals with inters sex, i.e., double sex, also want to have gender reassignment surgery. Gender reassignment surgery, unlike other aesthetic operations, is a very large-scale operation. It contains some rules that must be respected before and after surgery. Before gender reassignment surgery, individuals undergo several physical and psychological checks. These checks are carried out by a commission of persons with different areas of expertise. Gender reassignment surgery is preferred by every male and female individual.

What to Do Before Gender Reassignment Surgery Male and Female?

It is preferred by individuals whose biological sex and brain sex are different. For individuals who do not feel like they belong to their body, their time in this situation can be quite annoying. Transgender individuals are men who want to be men and men if they are women, and who feel that way. Many famous names around the world have also undergone this surgery. In our country, many of us have undergone this surgery. Bulent Ersoy, the first person to come to mind about this issue in our country, is one of the celebrities who has undergone this surgery by turning from man to woman.

Individuals who want to have gender reassignment surgery need to prove both physically and spiritually that they do not feel like they belong to the body they have.

Gender reassignment surgery includes the same procedures for all male and female patients. These individuals should receive a report from hospitals stating that they have a transgender structure and that the surgery they want to undergo is a strict requirement for their mental health. Otherwise, gender reassignment surgery cannot be performed. People wishing to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery must undergo an assessment by a council called the Sexual Identity Council, which will take approximately a year and a half or two.

As a result of these evaluations, it is decided by experts in the field whether the person needs this surgery. Prolonged evaluations help prevent potential regrets in the coming years, and individuals’ exact determination is proven in this way.  Individuals who meet the requirements specified by the Council can apply to the relevant clinics and hospitals by taking a court order in order to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Gender Reassignment Surgery Female-Male Price

Since gender reassignment surgery contains different processes before and after surgery, it is impossible to give exact price information. Gender reassignment surgery includes many similar processes for all male and female patients. Although this surgery is considered costly, it is an operation that can be performed by individuals with average income status. You can consult our company for more precise information about this.

The person who wants to undergo this surgery must have reports prepared in the courts and hospitals. Otherwise, the person will not be allowed to undergo this surgery. At the same time, it is an essential condition for surgery for people who want gender reassignment to be an adult over the age of eighteen.

Sex Reassignment Surgery

How to Perform Gender Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man?

Before undergoing gender reassignment surgery, individuals are thoroughly evaluated by a commission called the Sexual Identity Commission. Considering the sexual identity commission’s observations about the person and the results of the examinations performed, a clear decision is made for all male and female patients undergoing gender reassignment surgery. The first thing a person who wants gender reassignment needs to do is discuss it with this commission. Before undergoing surgery, it is determined by the experts involved in the commission whether the person has a sexual behavior disorder. The expert who will determine this condition is a psychiatrist. By the decision to be made in the Council, individuals may have gender reassignment surgery and provide a legal basis.

Before the operation, a detailed evaluation and psychological examination of the process should be carried out by interviewing the commission psychiatrist. After the psychiatrist’s evaluation, hormone therapy is started to be applied to the person by the endocrinologist. The hormone estrogen and progesterone are given to people to return from male to female, and testosterone hormone to transform from female to male. Hormones are given for patients who have been transformed from male to female lead to thinning of the voice, reducing hair growth, and growth in the breasts.

The hormone given for patients who turn from female to male leads to hair growth in the body, thickening of the voice, increased muscle mass, male pattern hair loss, and the end of menstruation and shrinking of the breasts. Gender reassignment surgery is officially initiated with this process for all male and female patients. The process of hormone therapy takes place under the supervision of specialists. This treatment can be long and shorter, depending on the patient’s condition. Between about six months and a half years, people apply this hormone therapy.

What to Do After Gender Reassignment Surgery From Woman to Man?

Penis surgery is performed while the ovaries, uterus, and vagina of patients who want to be transformed from female to male are removed during surgery. Patients who want to turn from male to female are replaced with a vagina by taking their testicles and penis.

After gender reassignment surgery, trans people are in the body where they feel they belong and can continue the rest of their lives in this way. The vast majority of trans people notice the situation they are in at a younger age. However, the vast majority of these individuals are forced to spend part of their lives struggling. Thanks to gender reassignment surgery, these individuals return to the bodies they have always wanted to have. Thus, both psychologically and physically, they feel healthier, happier, and freer. Gender reassignment surgery is an appropriate operation performed by all-trans individuals, male and female.

After gender reassignment surgery, patients can be discharged from the hospital within about a week. Since gender reassignment surgery is a severe operation, individuals who have this surgery should wait for a specific time to pass to return to their daily lives. The healing and normalization of the re-created genitals during surgery vary approximately between three and six. This process can take up to two years in male-turning surgeries.

After surgery, people should pay attention to their hygiene. The recommendations of the doctor should carry out the active use of the areas undergoing surgery. You can contact our company to get more detailed information about the subject.

Professor’s Theory on Love and Sex Reassignment Surgery: What You Need to Know


According to Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery, love and SRS are deeply intertwined. It suggests that individuals who undergo SRS surgery may experience a shift in their romantic and sexual attraction, as they gain a greater sense of self and bodily autonomy. While the theory is still controversial and requires further research, it raises important questions about the relationship between self-identity, gender, and love. For those considering SRS, it highlights the importance of seeking out support and guidance from experts in the field.

Professor’s theory on love and sex reassignment surgery is based on extensive research and interviews with individuals who have undergone SRS. Many participants reported feeling a stronger connection to their bodies and a newfound ability to express themselves freely in intimate situations. This, in turn, can lead to changes in attraction and romantic preferences. Love and sex reassignment surgery (SRS) are complex and intimate topics. While the connection between them may not be immediately obvious, one professor has put forward an intriguing theory that explores their interplay. By examining the experiences of those who have undergone SRS, we tried to shed light on the potential impact of the procedure on one’s sense of self and romantic preferences.

How Does Sex Reassignment Surgery Work?