Breast Reduction

The breast has been a symbol of fertility and beauty since existence. Breast is the most important visual and sexual organ of women. For this reason, breast aesthetic surgeries are one of the most demanding operations in the world and in our country especially in recent years.

Large or sagging breasts cause health, psychological and aesthetic problems such as back-neck pain, fungal infection, diaper rash, lack of suitable clothing or underwear.

Breast reduction operations; are carried out to eliminate health problems which experienced by our patients who are uncomfortable with the size of their breasts.

Operation Steps

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that takes 2-3 hours in average under general anesthesia.

You only need to stay in the hospital for 1 night after surgery. There may be pain for 1 day after the operation, but we relieve this with painkillers.

After the operation, a scar is formed from the nipple downwards. This scar, which is red for the first 6 months on average, disappears in time by acquiring skin color.

Breast reduction surgery is carried out by our plastic surgeons with the appropriate technique considering the demand of our patients and eliminates all health and aesthetic problems.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

A special bra should be used for 4 weeks after breast reduction surgery. You can get back to your work and social life in 3-4 days after the operation.

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