Robert Kazinsky Hair Transplant

Robert Kazinsky Hair TransplantSince Robert Kazinsky is a Hollywood star, him job is to be in front of the cameras. He says that appearance is important because he is an actor and that is why he took such a procedure. 7 years ago, Robert Kazinsky had a hair transplant elsewhere. However, when this operation was unsuccessful, he wanted to have it done again. Robert Kazinsky came to İstanbul to have a hair transplant hair.

Robert Kazinsky performed a hair transplant in İstanbul with the Get More Hair team. At Cosmedica Clinic, they had a meeting with Dr. Acar. Robert Kazinsky said that he felt very good after hair transplantation and that everything went well throughout the whole process. Kazinsky through he would feel safer from now on. Robert Kazinsky believes that everything goes well during the hair transplantation process and will get a good result.

Hair transplantation is a condition that can happen to all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity. For this reason, if you want to understand hair transplantation well, you should read this article.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a method applied for those who have hair loss or baldness problems. The person who will undergo hair transplantation does not need to be completely bald. There is no hair loss problem after hair transplantation. People who have hair transplantation 6 months after the transplant will have healthier and stronger hair. Hair transplantation is an operation performed by specialists in a sterile environment. It must be done carefully because it is the appearance of the people in question.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Anyone can have a hair transplant without gender discrimination. Before hair transplantation, some necessary tests and analyzes are performed. As a result, anyone who is considered not to be a problem can have a hair transplant. However, there is an important point, cancer patients cannot perform a hair transplant operation. At the same time, since hair transplantation is made from one’s own hair cells, it is necessary to have healthy hair follicles. Besides all these tests and analyzes, there are other things to be aware of. For example, people who do regular sports should quit exercising 1 week before hair transplantation. Because doing sports accelerates the blood flow and this increases the risk of bleeding during hair transplantation, putting the life of the person in danger. In short, activities that leave the person out of breath should not take place before hair transplantation.

 What Are the Hair Transplant Methods?

There are two specific methods in hair transplantation. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). In the FUT method, hair follicles are taken as a strip and transferred as a strip. There is a high possibility of scarring at the end of this procedure. therefore, it does not create a natural appearance. For this reason, it has not been preferred recently. In the FUE method, hair follicles are transplanted one by one. It is more preferred because it is a long-lasting method with much more natural results.

What Is the FUT Method:

It is the classic hair transplant method. In this method, approximately 10×3 cm scalp, which is taken between the two ears just above the neck, is turned into micro grafts and these are transplanted one by one to the balding areas in strips. In this method, around 5000-6000 hair strands are transplanted in a single session.

Why FUE Hair Transplantation Is Best?

The reason FUE hair transplant is the best method is that the hair transplantation area is not stitched and this accelerates the healing process.

Because doctors perform individual procedures in the area where the hair will be removed, the area where the roots are taken does not bleed too much and no traces remain. That’s why it promises easy implementation.

Another reason why FUE hair transplantation is best is that the doctor applies local anesthesia to the patient, and during this time the procedure ends painlessly and quickly.

One of the best features of this process is that it can provide treatment even to patients who do not have too many donor hairs roots on the scalp. And, of course, the fact that the permanent effect rate is very high also makes FUE hair transplantation the best.

Cost of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant costs may vary from country to country, from clinic to clinic, from the instrument used. If we look at the most preferred countries in the world;

First of all, in America; In a standard medical center or clinic in America, the cost of hair transplantation with FUE technique amounts to an average of 5 thousand US dollars. Based on this, we can say that the cost of operations that use an average of 2500-3000 grafts is more expensive. And, of course, there may be a price difference in methods used other than the FUE method. To put it in a general range, the cost of hair transplantation in the USA is between 3500-15000 US dollars.

Second of all, in Turkey; doctors in Turkey ask for 1.5-2 US dollars per graft. An average patient needs approximately 1500-2000 grafts during hair transplantation. With a simple calculation, the average cost for black hair transplants to be performed in Turkey is around 2200-3000 US dollars.

Cost of Hair Transplantation

And the last one, in India; In treatments applied in India, doctors ask for 2-3 Indian Rupees per graft. The average price in India is 40,000 Indian rupees, with the graft numbers needed by the average person and the added taxes. If we consider this from the dollar base, the average price is between $ 500-550.

The most affordable price for someone living in Europe or America is seen as India. But when the success of the operation is investigated, it is observed that Turkish doctors are at a fairly advanced level. It should also be known that the prices given in America and most western European countries or India, only cover hair transplantation operation; Clinics in Turkey pay the same price for all transportation, accommodation, interpreters and hair transplantation operations of patients. As we can see from here, black hair transplantation in Turkey will give you a great advantage.

Robert’s Hair Journey

Firstly, Robert Kazinsky is an actor who was known for his thinning hair. But he wanted to feel confident and proud, so he decided to have a hair transplant. It’s like a makeover that brings out the best in you!

The Hair Transplant

During the hair transplant, skilled doctors carefully took hair from another area of Robert’s head and transplanted it to the areas with thinning hair.Moreover, It’s like they planted seeds to grow new hair and make him look amazing.

Growing Beautiful Hair

After the transplant, Robert’s new hair started to grow. It became thicker and fuller, just like magic! It’s like watching a plant grow from a tiny seed into a tall, beautiful tree.

Inspiring Others

Robert’s hair transformation inspired many people around the world. They saw that if he could change his hair and feel great, they could too.Above all, It’s like a ripple effect, spreading positivity and confidence.

In Conclusion, Robert Kazinsky hair transplant is truly inspiring. With the help of skilled doctors, he got his beautiful hair back and became even more confident.After that, If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant, remember Robert’s story. It’s like a reminder that we can make changes to feel our best. Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to the wonders of hair transformation, just like Robert Kazinsky!