Ricky Whittle Hair Transplant

Ricky Whittle Hair Transplant one of the famous actors in the world, was one of the people who suffered from hair loss. However, by choosing the hair transplantation method, he managed to achieve the look he wanted. Ricky Whittle hair transplant has become a topic that both fans and people who want to choose this method are curious about. In this respect, first of all, it is necessary to learn what a hair transplant is. After that, it is necessary to investigate which methods are used. DHI hair transplant method was used in Ricky Whittle hair transplant. Apart from this method, there is also the FUE hair transplant method. At the same time, many people wonder where this hair transplant method will be done. Ricky Whittle in this respect chose Turkey. Now let’s get more detailed information on this subject.

Why Is Hair Transplant Done?

Hair may fall out due to various reasons such as hormone disorder, seasonal cycles, iron or vitamin deficiency, genetic predisposition. Approximately 50-100 pieces of wire loss per day are considered normal in adult individuals. Hair strands with a certain natural cycle are shed spontaneously every 4-6 years. Then healthier hair grows from the hair follicles. However, continuous and excessive hair shedding may be the harbinger of some serious diseases. At the same time, the causes of hair loss in men and women may differ. In men, usually genetic factors play a role in hair loss after puberty. In women, various skin problems, hormone disorders, chronic stress, unbalanced nutrition, cosmetic products, and some medications can cause hair loss. An increase in hair loss can be seen in women during childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause.

It is very important to know the factors that cause hair loss in order to prevent hair loss. Different methods can be applied in the treatment process recommended being planned under the supervision of a dermatologist. Shampoo, cream, etc. compatible with the scalp. In addition to the use of cosmetic products, acquiring the right nutritional habits and supplementing the missing hormones or vitamins in the body can reduce hair loss. In hair loss that develops as a result of a chronic disease such as thyroid, it is necessary to make a plan for the treatment of the disease first. However, alternative treatment methods such as drug therapy, mesotherapy, PRP, or hair transplant are applied in direct proportion to the severity of hair loss.

Detailed Information About Hair Transplant

According to the different needs of people, the recommended treatment methods and scope for hair loss may vary. Hair transplant surgeries are performed for these problems. Hair transplant is carried out by transplanting the hair follicles on the neck or any part of the body to the places where there is openness and sparseness. This procedure is performed in the operating room by specialist physicians under sterile conditions.

This process is not painful. Also it can take 4-6 hours depending on the size of the area to be transplanted. The correctness of the applied technique is extremely important in terms of the newly transplanted hair to adapt to the scalp and to grow healthily. After the procedure, the person should rest at home and not go out for a few days. A few weeks after the operation, the hair will fall out, but the hair follicles will remain in place. After the hair loss, new hair will grow in a healthier way. For the procedure, hair follicles in stronger areas are taken one by one and planted where needed and the openings in the crown and forehead are treated.

Hair Transplant Methods

The devices and equipment used in hair transplantation have developed rapidly in parallel with the developing technology. With this progress, hair transplant procedures have evolved towards the better and more comfortable and, different hair transplantation techniques have been developed to address the different needs of each patient.

Modern hair transplant technologies have brought new techniques with them. Among these new techniques, FUE and DHI methods have been popularized by both plastic surgeons and patients since the beginning of their application. Among these methods, the DHI method was used for Ricky Whittle hair transplant. The differences between these two methods are as follows:

  • The main difference between the FUE and the DHI is in the sense of application.
  • 3000 to 7000 grafts are transplanted in one session in FUE. 4000 grafts are transplanted in a single session in the DHI technique.
  • In the DHI, since the hair follicles are taken from the donor area and placed in the transplantation area within a maximum of 1 or 2 minutes, the time the grafts are waiting outside of the body is much shorter than other methods. In this way, the possibility of damage to the hair follicles and hair tissue is minimized.
  • The recovery rate in DHI hair transplantation is much higher compared to FUE hair transplantation. Bleeding is seldom in DHI.
  • FUE is suitable for transplanting to a wider area, and DHI is suitable for more frequent transplants to achieve a fuller appearance after the procedure.
  • While 100 grafts are transplanted per 1 square centimeter in the DHI, this number is approximately 60 in FUE.

Where To Have A Hair Transplant?

It takes some time to find the best hair transplant centers in the world. So we got you a quick suggestion: Turkey. Turkey is a country where many people came to hair removal and restoration. Also, Ricky Whittle hair transplant was carried out in Turkey. The reason for Turkey to become so popular, doctors at affordable prices is making the hair transplant surgery. You should investigate hair transplantation clinics in Turkey on this issue. This way you can find the best clinic for you. If you want to choose the clinic where the Ricky Whittle hair transplant is performed, the name of this clinic is Cosmedica. Hair transplant surgeries performed by Dr. Acar produce good results. Also, Aslı Tarcan Hair Clinic is a clinic preferred by many people. The biggest reason for this is that it serves with its expert team.