Everyone who has had gastric balloon surgery wonders about the result gastric balloon. Those who have recently gained weight but do not want to have surgery choose the gastric balloon. A silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach and inflated in this technique. As a result, the patient has a sense of fullness in the stomach and eats less food. Weight reduction is accomplished gradually and in a healthy manner. This balloon will remain in the stomach for 6 to 12 months. The diet alters since the patient consumes less during this time. After that, the balloon is deflated and removed from the mouth. The endoscopic technique is used to conduct operations without making an incision but under anaesthesia. It is absolutely and utterly painless.

After the gastric balloon is removed, the patient will experience hunger and a sense of emptiness in the stomach. As a result, it is critical to maintain consistency in areas such as eating and exercise in order to avoid regaining weight. The stomach feels bloated and the desire to eat arises. In other words, when the gastric balloon is removed, it is quite feasible to recover weight.

Result Gastric Balloon

Surgical weight loss treatments are the most precise. Non-surgical treatments, on the other hand, are highly developed for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery or are not surgical candidates. Losing weight with a gastric balloon, which has been popular since 2016, is also preferred. The fact that this approach is non-surgical is its primary advantage. As a result, the patient has the ability to revert to his prior state at any time. However, there is a danger involved. When the balloon pops, weight gain returns with a vengeance. To avoid this result, medical follow-up is required.

The first month following the application is critical for the patient. The first week is a dangerous time. Cramping, stomach discomfort, and vomiting may be reported. For the first three days, patients are only fed liquids. Following that, the usual diet is progressively introduced. The adaption process comes next. After one month, the patient is free to resume his new regular life. However, nutrition and exercise will be a part of his daily routine.

What To Look Out For In Nutrition Following The Result Gastric Balloon ?

There is a foreign body in the person’s stomach once the gastric balloon is placed. As a result, he must pay attention to some aspects of his everyday life. To get the most out of a gastric balloon, the individual who has one should pay attention to the following:

  • Carbohydrates should be avoided in favour of protein-rich meals. A low-fat, low-sugar diet should be followed. Drinking liquids should be avoided during meals. Drinking liquids should be done at least half an hour after eating. Because the stomach has a limited capacity, it is important to eat often and in tiny amounts. Bloating and nausea may develop if this is not done.
  • It is important to have three big meals and three snacks each day. Meals should not be skipped if the diet is to be followed. Meals must include a high protein diet. Fruits should be consumed as a snack. While eating, it is important to chew at least 20-30 times. Caffeine use should not be excessive on a daily basis. More than two cups of coffee each day might lead to ulcers.
  • Carbonated and carbonated beverages should be avoided. Cola, mineral water, and soda are not permitted. Drinks should not be taken using a straw. Excess liquid is ingested all at once using a pipette, which upsets the stomach. Alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum. Otherwise, it may result in ulcers.
  • Deficits in vitamins and minerals can arise as a result of an inadequate diet. As a result, regular doctor’s visits should not be overlooked. Supplements that are required should be utilized.

Exercises Should Not Be Ignored

A minimum of 30-45 minutes of daily walking is required for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is significantly more vital for those who utilize a gastric balloon. Following practice, it is critical to exercise. Those who have done so previously should continue, and those who have not should start. As a result, the risk of application-related problems is reduced. Exercising three to four times a week is essential. Light workouts, such as walking, swimming, and cycling, are especially recommended. Even in the first few days following surgery, it is critical to move rather than lie down.


Constipation might be an issue following bariatric surgery. Constipation is commonly caused by:

  •  Inadequate fluid intake
  • It is caused by a lack of physical activity.
  • Select fibre-rich meals like whole-wheat bread and cereals: whole wheat bread, bran bread, and cereals
  • Vegetables and fruits; aim for five servings every day.
  • Legumes and nuts

After fasting for eight hours, the patient is sedated and the gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach through endoscopy. The water balloon is then filled with methylene blue colored saline, while the air balloon is inflated with regular room air, depending on the kind. Balloons are typically inflated with 500 ccs of ordinary liquid or air. The sense of fullness and satisfaction in the stomach rises as the size of the balloon increases, although tolerance becomes difficult. When there is a leak in the saline and methylene blue balloon, the saline dyed with methylene blue is added to the urine and faeces to make it clear by adding a blue hue.

How Does The Result Gastric Balloon Cause Weight Loss?

The gastric balloon is a restrictive application that lowers the amount of food a person may consume before feeling full without producing any negative effects and helps the person to feel full faster. Weight reduction happens through lowering the quantity of food a person eats, like with other bariatric techniques used to manage obesity.

How Much Weight Can A Gastric Balloon Help You Lose?

People can shed 36-40% of their extra weight with intragastric balloon therapy. In other words, 12-month balloons or 6-month balloons administered twice in a succession can help them shed 30-40 kg.

Is There A Difference Between 6-month And 12-Month Balloon Applications?

It is believed that the balloon application within 12 months would allow the client to make a more lasting lifestyle adjustment and permanently reduce weight. After 6 months of ballooning, it may be more difficult to form a stable eating and drinking habit. However, by applying it twice in a 6-month period, it may be transformed into a 12-month therapy. Assuming that one-fifth of the patients cannot tolerate the balloon and must be removed early, it is clear that the 6-month balloon will result in less economic loss.

The Result Gastric Balloon Procedure Turkey

The result gastric balloon procedure in Turkey is proving to be extremely successful in helping those with obesity to lose excess weight and improve their overall health. With a safe and effective procedure, patients can be assured of good results with minimal recovery time. The procedure is also cost-effective compared to other bariatric weight loss surgery options, making it an attractive option for those looking for a non-surgical approach to weight loss. With the help of experienced medical staff at clinics, patients can expect quick and successful results from the gastric balloon procedure. The ease of this procedure combined with the follow-up care that is provided has made it increasingly popular among those looking for a viable weight loss solution.

Furthermore, with the success rates steadily increasing, more and more patients are opting for this method over traditional surgical solutions. All things considered, the result gastric balloon procedure in Turkey shows is an attractive choice for those searching for a safe and efficient way to reduce their BMI whilst avoiding major weight loss surgery. With this excellent treatment option available, individuals can now get back to living a healthier and happier lifestyle with greater confidence.