Price Of A Hair Transplantation

Price Of A Hair Transplantation Has your hair started to decrease or even thin when sadness, depression and stress are tight? Moreover, you do not know what to do or how to do? So what do you think about hair transplantation and price of a hair transplantation?  Hair transplantation is done by removing hair follicles from the area with hair. Then the hair follicles taken are added to the place where there is no hair. The hair donor area is called the donor. If you do not have any donor areas, you cannot have a hair transplant. The same hair transplant procedure is done for both men and women.

Price of hair transplantation comes to mind before considering hair transplantation. In this article, we will try to give you information on price of hair transplantation. If you are considering hair transplantation, we recommend you to read our article. If you are ready, let’s start.

You Should Do A Detailed Research About Hair Transplantation.

Although hair transplantation may seem like hair transfer, it is a difficult procedure. Even the technique used in hair transplantation can change the course of the hair. Also your hair transplantation technique changes price of a hair transplantation .If you use the FUT technique; your neck will be stitched. In addition to this, your hair will go spiky. That is why you do not   have natural hair. If you use the FUE hair transplant technique, you should know that there are many methods in FUE hair transplantation. Therefore, Techniques of FUE hair transplantation alter price of hair transplantation according to graft and methods.

What Is Graft And How It Changes Price Of Hair Transplantation?

A doctor takes the graft which is hair follicle from your donor area during the hair transplant procedure. There are 2 or 3 strands of hair in a hair root. The number of grafts varies depending on the hair transplant procedure to be performed. Because you may need the amount of hair may be different. Moreover, Price of hair transplantation varies according to the fee charged by the hair clinic you choose for one graft. A cheap hair transplant is like a game that ends badly. Because after a bad hair transplant, you may not be able to transplant hair again.

On the other hand, some hair clinics operate in Turkey make a graft to 2.5 Euros. But do not worry about price of a hair transplantation. On the contrary, Aslı Tarcan Hair Clinic offers you hair transplantation at affordable prices. This clinic, which makes its job of high quality, also uses the FUE hair transplantation technique.

Canal Methods In Hair Transplantation

Canal methods come to mind when it comes to grafts. Because it affects  price of a hair transplantation.  Graft with the manual Fue canal method comes to mind. With a pen with a snap, the doctor takes your hair one by one.  Then, the doctor puts hair on the non-hair areas. Hair transplantation takes a lot of time with this process. On the other hand, less people use Graft with the manual Fue canal method. Because we do not have any time for waiting  a long.

The second way is to get grafts using the micro motor method of channel opening. Your hair follicles will loosen as soon as possible with the micro motor tip pen. You also get your hair follicles in a shorter time. It is becoming increasingly popular to get grafts with the micro motor method of channel opening. Which way of choosing for hair transplantation varies price of a hair transplantation.

Different FUE Hair Transplant Methods

When you choose different FUE hair transplant methods, price of a hair transplant will vary. For example, PRP supported FUE hair transplantation is performed in two ways. Firstly, your hair follicles in PRP wait in a liquid. Then you can use it in hair transplantation. In the second way, you can use your blood and your scalp. After that, your blood nourishes with hair follicles. Your hair looks strong and healthy.

If we come to the Gold Fue hair transplant technique, it is an expensive method. Because in this hair transplant technique, gold is attached to the ends. Some doctors find it healthy to prefer gold especially against wounds and infections. On the other hand, hair transplantation is an important operation. You should not forget that price of a hair transplantation is not more important than your health.

Important Points To Consider In Hair Transplant Prices

In hair transplantation, the place where it is performed, the specialist doctor and the material used price of hair transplantation. If you work with a known hair clinic, you will probably have a hair transplant for an expensive fee. Because this is achieved and recognized in the clinical field. Apart from that, you give the service they provide, not just hair transplantation. In addition, the price varies even according to the material type of the needle to be used in hair transplantation.

Moreover, the specialist doctor has an important place in price of hair transplantation. A well-known specialist can serve you with 1 Euro per graft. Please don’t be afraid when you see price of a hair transplantation .Because Aslı Tarcan Hair Clinic offers you an affordable and quality hair transplant experience. Moreover, Aslı Tarcan Hair Clinic helps you return to your life as soon as possible.

The Width Of The Area To Be Transplanted Affects Hair Transplant

Some doctors use tips with different materials while performing FUE hair transplantation technique. Moreover, some   doctors will give grafts according to the needs of this area. As the number of grafts increases, will also increase. Because each graft has 2 or 3 hair strands. On the other hand, you should remember that per graft rises price of a hair transplant.

The fact that the doctor is known at the hair clinic you go to increases price of a hair transplant. Because the cost of hair transplantation to be applied by the doctor increases as he or she earns.