Plastic surgery is a type of medical practice done to enhance or to alter the parts of a body. Though many people may think there is only one kind of surgery and that one is practiced to improve a person’s beauty, it is not actually true. There are two kinds of plastic surgery. One of them is reconstructive surgery. This type of surgery is mainly used for the damages the body has as a result of medical conditions like cancer, or innate defects. Reconstructive surgery is not known as a type of plastic surgery in public. However, the treatment is almost the same as the common type of plastic surgery: cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery done to enhance or to alter certain parts of the body. Unlike the other type of surgery, it also includes all kinds of aesthetic surgeries. Most people consult cosmetic surgery to change what they do not like about their bodies. It’s origins even date back to centuries ago when what we know as ‘’modern technology’’ did not really exist. Cosmetic surgery is mostly done to decelerate the effects of aging. It is not only performed to the face but also to the whole body. This treatment has many different types of procedures. 


It may seem sympathetic when you consider the outcome of this practice. Although, there are many frightening aspects of cosmetic surgery. First of all, it has several side effects. Some of them may leave scarves on your body such as hematoma or seroma. As a consequence, this type of outcome requires another procedure to fix the damage. Other side effects such as blood loss, infection, or nerve damage can damage your visceral organs. Even in some cases, this type of result can leave permanent damage to your body.

Surely, as well as the satisfying result, there is a scary side of cosmetic surgery. However, it does not seem to have stopped the popularity of this procedure. Cosmetic surgery’s worldwide market value is estimated to reach more than $50 billion by 2027. With the United States having the highest rate, the treatment started to gain more popularity on the other side of the world. 

It is clear that, in some cases, plastic surgery has a surprising outcome. Sometimes, you may not even notice the difference. Of course, when you especially look at famous people, you may wonder whether it is a person’s natural look or not. Well, it is widely common that almost all celebrities have done some kind of treatment for themselves. Some of them changed their noses while some made differences to their bodies. Now we will focus on someone who has done at least one cosmetic surgery to herself: the famous Cher.


Cherilyn Sarkisian is a famous American singer, actress, and television star. She has been in the entertainment industry for so long that she is widely known in several generations. Cher started her career on her own. Later, she and her husband became a duo by calling themselves ‘’Sonny & Cher’’. With the success of their song ‘’I Got You Babe’’, they gained worldwide popularity. This duo started her professional music career. 

After the start of her music career, she also became a television star with the show she made with her husband. Although the popularity she gained declined at some points in her life like after she and her husband got divorced, she managed to make her name marked in the entertainment industry. Later, she also started to star in movies. Most of her songs and albums broke the charts. This success made her one of the best-selling music artists in the world. She won numerous awards such as an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards. 


Although she is 74 years old, when you look at Cher’s recent photos, you can see that she looks half of her age. You may wonder how she is able to look like that at that age. Of course, the answer is pretty easy: cosmetic treatments. It is no secret that she performed many surgeries on her body. Unlike many celebrities who prefer to say nothing about it, she talks comfortably about the procedures she decided to have performed. You can notice the transformation she went through if you take a look at the photos she was taken over the years.

The pop icon decided on her first surgery at a considerably young age. One of the procedures she went through was a breast operation. Although the artist later admitted that her experience was a disaster, it did not stop her at all. She said that cosmetic surgery makes her happy and it’s her decision what she wants to do with her own body. The other surgery she experienced is face-lifting. She confessed this by saying ‘’Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn’t?’’

The famous singer also underwent a neck lift, an eye operation, a nose job, several botoxes to her face, and dental surgery. All of these surgeries are not something she is trying to hide. She uses advanced modern technology for her own interests and is not ashamed about it. 


Cher does not only depend on cosmetic procedures to maintain her beauty. She tries hard to stay healthy and energetic. She talks about how she takes care of her body in programs she appears as a guest. She uses skincare to maintain healthy-looking skin, she exercises daily and pays attention to what she eats. She said that she had never done drugs and she does not drink alcohol. All of these are very important if a person wants to look after her or his body.

Overall, we can say that cosmetic surgery has many effects on her body. She went through many surgeries to look good and it is not something we should judge. Also, it is not the only factor in her beauty. She also takes care of herself and it is something to appreciate if you consider her age.

Kathy Griffin: Plastic Surgery Yields Great Results


As a celebrity, you are expected to look your best at all times and in the case of Kathy Griffin, plastic surgery has shown that you can get great results. Women have now started to get plastic surgery more. Therefore, it is extremely normal to get a plastic surgery. Take the example of Kris Jenner. Plastic surgery used to be considered something that only younger women did to enhance their appearance. However, Kris showed that no matter how old you are, you can look great.

There are many different types of plastic surgery procedures out there, from breast augmentation to lip fillers to full face lifts. With celebrities like Kathy Griffin, plastic surgery is used to enhance their already gorgeous natural features. If you are interested in getting a cosmetic procedure, you should talk to your doctor, especially if you are getting a breast augmentation. One of the most important things to monitor is how to sleep after breast augmentation surgery after getting it. It is critical for the longevity of the surgery. You need to speak to a medical professional on the matter as it can differ depending on your case. So, reach out to your doctor and you should be good to go.