Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss

Plastic surgery for weight loss is one of the most searched topics on the internet. There are around 20,000 bariatric surgery procedures carried out in Turkey each year. The elastin molecule resides next to the collagen molecule, which is responsible for the skin’s suppleness. This chemical helps shrink the skin back to its natural size after it has expanded (for example, during pregnancy or weight gain). The skin loses its elasticity and cannot return to its normal condition if expansion is too great, which causes degradation of the elastin molecules. Skin elasticity is not the main cause of sagging in obese individuals, but rather the expansion of the skin’s surface. From head to toe, skin sag might develop as a consequence.

Bariatric surgery results in sagging skin and a decrease in social interactions. Diet, behavioural therapy, medication, and surgery all fall under the umbrella of bariatric exercise. By using an endoscopic approach, bariatric surgery involves removing a portion of the whole stomach. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is the most well-known. All patients with a BMI of more than 40 and those who have one or more of the illnesses associated with obesity are eligible for bariatric surgery. After bariatric surgery, a body-shaping procedure known as post-bariatric surgery is done six months later. After a weight loss procedure, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons are called in to help. A patient’s overall health is assessed to decide which regions need surgery, and operation may begin when the patient is both physically and emotionally prepared for it.

Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss Process

Breasts are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body to weight loss because they lack any structural support. Weight increase causes the breasts to droop down, straining the skin considerably more than other places. Following weight loss, this drooping may be extreme. The main issue is that the breasts have begun to droop and lose fullness. Having saggy body skin causes the breast to drop as a whole. The breast will still be 5-10 cm below its ideal position even if it is lifted. A post-bariatric breast shaping procedure begins with the removal of excess skin and fat from around the breasts, followed by an increase in breast volume.

Removal of the nipple and removal of extra skin is part of a breast lift procedure. A silicone prosthesis or the patient’s own tissue may use for augmentation. In today’s world, the most widely utilize method of prosthesis augmentation is being used. After a bariatric breast augmentation, the skin is no longer able to support and stretch huge prostheses, thus they should not utilize. The next step is to reposition the breasts so that the downward movement is correcting and the fold is placed correctly. Every shaping surgery requires a patient to wear a corset for a certain amount of time after the procedure. The first thing to keep in mind is that this procedure will leave a scar. “Inverted T” or “anchor style” scars, which are common, are commonly left behind.

Plastic Surgery For Weight Loss Procedure

As a result, it is one of the most common procedures among bariatric surgery patients. Belly fat is a sign of obesity. The skin in this region sags so much that it resembles an apron as you lose weight. Excess skin in post-bariatric patients is not only on the vertical axis; it also extends horizontally, making them different from other patients in need of a stomach tuck (e.g. drooping abdomen after pregnancy). It’s for this reason that, in many cases, a belly tuck alone is not adequate. Excess skin will not remove in this procedure. Classical stretching has a scar that extends from one groin to the other, but with stretching and tightening surgery, there is an extra scar that descends from the belly button.

This is the most severe post-bariatric surgery since the abdominal wall is significantly relaxing. Abdominal wall tightening is also finishing. Patients should expect to able to walk again in around three hours on average, but it might take up to a week for them to fully recover. A corset should  worn by the patient after this procedure.

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Excess skin from the elbow to the armpit and subsequently down the side of the body generates the “bat” deformity after considerable amounts of weight reduction. After the skin is removing, the scar is stitching into the armpit groove that runs from the elbow all the way to the crook of the elbow. As a result, there will a little trace left behind. An arm corset is worn for three weeks after this procedure, which lasts around two hours. Skin that stretches down from an armpit is also remove during the procedure. It is the most common post-bariatric body-shaping procedure to cause post-operative suture complications. The scar is stitching to the inside of the groin after the sagging tissue in the leg is removing. It’s possible that a scar will left on the inner leg, from the groin to the knee.

Like the abdomen, the butt is a common site of excess body fat. Naturally, there is a great deal of drooping after losing weight. An incision is make in the butt and the buttocks are pushing up and sewn, exactly as when we pull up our trousers for the first time. Implants or fat injections are necessary to eliminate sagging. A scar resembling the top edge of a seagull’s wing remains after this procedure. It is the procedure mentioning above in which a stomach tuck and butt lift are performing simultaneously.

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Tummy tucks and butt lifts are usually finish combining and are terming 360-degree body stretching/lifting if there is overall drooping in the body. Surgical incisions are make on the back of the patient, and the patient is then rolling into his stomach for the tummy tuck to take place. The recovery period is the same as it is for a standard stomach tuck… In spite of its lack of popularity, it is the sole treatment for post-weight loss folds. Obesity affects the back, although not as severely as the abdomen.

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