Perez Hilton Hair Transplant Hair loss is a common problem for many people. This problem causes visual defects and lack of self-confidence. The image is especially important for people who are in front of the screen. Hair is an important part of this image. Famous individuals make hair styling according to their programs. These styling damage their hair and cause permanent hair loss. Famous people prefer hair transplantation as the most permanent solution. However, Perez Hilton also solved hair loss with hair transplantation.

Who is Perez Hilton?

Perez Hilton is known as a famous block writer, but she is also an actress and musician. The area where he is best known is famous for revealing celebrities who do not reveal being gay. His articles are often about the lives of celebrities and he writes bad rumors of celebrities. Outside of a hectic life, Perez Hilton has three kids. Perez Hilton, who often changed her hair image, experienced hair loss for a while. Although Perez tried many medical treatments for Hilton hair, he did not get enough and successful results, as a result, he had a hair transplant and achieved successful results.

Perez Hilton Hair Transplant:

Perez Hilton noticed hair loss in her forties. Continuous coloring treatment of her hair damaged the existing roots. This situation has caused permanent hair loss. Additionally, Perez Hilton decided on the hair transplant operation as a solution. He used the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation technique for this transplantation process.

In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, the hair follicles are transplanted with special tipped micro-motors under local anesthesia to single-signal balding areas with asterisks indicating the natural hair growth angle and direction. Perez Hilton, like many famous names, achieved a natural hairline and healthy hair using the FUE technique.

Why FUE technique?

In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, a healthy image is obtained with few wounds, and results are obtained with little pain and pain.

Additionally to providing the opportunity to be discharged in a short time, three to four days of rest is sufficient.

Due to Perez Hilton’s busy life, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique was a great solution for him. After the hair transplant procedure, which ended in two sessions, she started to get results at the end of the third month and at the end of a year she completely regained her beautiful looking hair. Perez Hilton is very pleased with the results of this hair transplant. We can say that the good result of this process gives a new life to the person.

Hair transplantation procedures are not limited to the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. There are basically three hair transplant techniques. One of them is the FUE Method used by Perez Hilton. The other two are FUT and DHI methods.

Why FUE technique?

Hair transplantation with the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplatation) method is a surgical procedure and leaves a scar. The FUT method is a root extraction method that is used to obtain healthy hair follicles in the donor area and is planned to be transplanted.

Hair is shaved and anesthetized with local anesthesia, healthy hair follicles are taken from the donor area in strips. These roots are taken and planted by expert teams.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), on the other hand, is not a root removal method like hair transplantation FUT and FUE. The DHI method is a method used in hair transplantation and has several names. It is also called hair transplantation with the pen method or hair transplantation with the Choi Method. It is the transfer of the root taken from the donor area to the bald area without waiting. Although it is an unshaved hair transplant method, it is the most costly method due to the difficulty of the procedure. The DHI technique is generally preferred by people who do not want to have a haircut and have less hair loss. The technique to be used is determined by the doctor and the person during the examination and applies the most accurate technique together to ensure you get good-humored results.

Things To Do Before Hair Transplantation;

Smoking consumption should be stopped one week in advance. If it cannot be left, it should be used at a minimum level.

Alcohol consumption should be stopped one week in advance.

The consumption of green tea and caffeinated drinks should be stopped.

If you are using blood thinners, you should either quit or minimize it, in consultation with your doctor.

-If you have any medication you use, you should consult your own doctor before the hair transplant procedure and inform the doctor who will do the hair transplant.

Whatever, when it comes to hair transplantation, clothes that will make the head comfortable should be preferred.

-MOST IMPORTANT; You should thoroughly research the clinic where you will have hair transplantation and make sure that it is an expert team.

Hair Transplant Operation Day;

Your hair should be washed.

– Hair gel, hair spray, etc. Chemical hair styling should not be done.

– No local medication should be applied to the hair and scalp.

– If the operation is in the morning, you should have breakfast or have a light lunch at noon, so you must be full during the procedure.

Things to consider after hair transplantation;

The first two days are the most critical period after hair transplantation. Any contact with the planted area should be avoided.

After two days, the hair should be washed by a specialist team.

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.

Medications and lotions given by the doctor should be used regularly and correctly.

– Unless your doctor recommends, the hair should not come into contact with water.

– In order not to damage the planted area, attention should be paid to the sleeping position.

– Generally this process, healthy foods should be consumed and the person should be rested.

– In the first three days, contact of the hair transplantation area with the sun should be avoided and the sauna and sea should not be entered for fifteen days or even a month.