Penis Enlargement

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One of the most significant concerns for men is their penis size, length, enlargement, and functionality. Nowadays, men may experience various deformities, size issues, thinness, and curvatures in their penis, leading them to prefer penis aesthetic surgery. Depending on several factors or directly according to the patient’s request, various types of penis surgeries such as penis lengthening surgery, penis enlargement surgery, penis curvature correction surgery, and circumcision correction surgeries can be performed. The decision to undergo such surgeries should be made after careful consideration and consultation with a qualified medical professional.

What Are Normal Penis Sizes?

A flaccid penis can typically measure 5-6 cm in length. However, during an erection, the penis can increase in both length and girth. A normal erect penis is usually around 13-14 cm in length, but a penis that measures 12 cm or above can also be considered normal. Anything below 11-12 cm may be considered short. Men may also experience anxiety if their penis girth is thinner than normal and may seek correction. Penis girth can vary greatly, with a penis appearing thin and small when flaccid but becoming thicker during an erection.

Potential problems about men penis region

Short penis length compared to normal

Narrow penis girth (thickness) compared to normal

Penis curvature in different directions

Deformities caused by circumcision errors

Requests for surgery to correct a buried penis caused by excessive fat accumulation in the pubic area.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Penis Lengthening Turkey

In the penis lengthening surgery method I use, I increase the distance between the penis and scrotum, which results in elongation at the bottom of the penis that is normally present but invisible. This elongation is visible in both the flaccid and erect states of the penis. My preferred method of penis lengthening surgery does not result in any loss of erection, sensation, pleasure, or feeling in the penis.

Other techniques for penis lengthening surgery involve removing a part of the penis that remains in the body by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis, which is located between the pubic bone and the root of the penis. However, it is important to note that this surgery increases the length of the penis only in its normal position, not in erection. In other words, there is no change in size when erect, and the biggest risk of this surgery is decreased stability of the erect penis. I do not use or recommend this method in general except for a few conditions.

In cases where circumcision has been performed incorrectly, excess skin may have been removed from the penis, resulting in shortening of the penis skin. In such cases, the problem can be solved by increasing the size of the penis skin using Z-plasty, V-Y advancing methods, or skin grafts.

In some cases, an overweight person may have a buried penis. This can be corrected by removing fat by liposuction in the region, which results in an increase in penis size and visibility, and lengthening of the penis. Another method used to increase penis size involves prolonging the connection between the penis and scrotum, which results in the scrotum and penis appearing more independent from each other. This gives the appearance of a longer penis at its base.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – Penis Thickening, Girth Enlargement Turkey

In penile girth thickening surgeries, there are several methods available such as fat injections, composite tissue transfer, and fillers. Among these methods, fat transfer is the most commonly used and is also preferred by me in my practice.

Fat transfer involves removing fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another area in the same person after processing it through special techniques. About 40% of the transferred fat can remain permanently after 6 months, and the remaining fat is considered permanent for a lifetime.

To ensure success, it is not recommended to perform excessive fat transfer as it may lead to more fat melting and reduction of other potential viable fats. It is important to inject the appropriate amount of fat to achieve the desired result.

In some cases, the fat transfer procedure may need to be repeated, and some patients may request additional surgeries for penile enlargement or thickening even if they are satisfied with the initial result. The fat used for injection is removed by the liposuction technique, which does not leave any scars in the donor area.

Type Of Anesthesia In Penis Thickening/Enlargement Surgery

It is important to note that sedation anesthesia is a type of anesthesia where the patient is not completely unconscious, but rather in a relaxed and drowsy state. This type of anesthesia is usually administered by a combination of intravenous medications and local anesthetics to numb the area being operated on. While the patient may not feel anything during the operation, it is still considered a form of anesthesia and carries potential risks and side effects. It is important for patients to discuss their options and any concerns with their healthcare provider before undergoing any surgical procedure.

After Penis Enhancement/Lengthening/Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement

After penis lengthening enlargement surgery, patients can return to their daily lives without anyone realizing they had surgery, as there are no scars left after the procedure. Although there is a suture line between the penis and scrotum during penis lengthening surgery, this area heals very well and does not leave any visible scars.

Pain following penis surgery only occurs in the abdominal or gluteal regions where fat is harvested. There is usually no pain in the penis itself during the early recovery period. As the penis is highly expandable, a bandage is applied to minimize swelling and prevent erections. This dressing is not visible when wearing pants and goes unnoticed by others. The bandage is removed after 3 days and the penis may be swollen and tight for up to 15 days. Following this, the swelling will reduce, and the penis will become softer and return to its normal state. The complete recovery period takes approximately 1 month, with the final result being achieved after 6 months.

Patients should avoid sexual intercourse for 4 weeks after the operation.

It is important to note that every patient’s recovery process may vary and it is important to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by the surgeon to ensure proper healing and optimal results. In addition, patients should avoid any strenuous activities, heavy lifting or exercise for several weeks after surgery. They should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as it may slow down the healing process. Any concerns or questions should be addressed with the surgeon during the follow-up appointments.

What Are The Potential Complications Problems After Penis Lengthening Enlargement Surgery?

It is important to note that every surgery carries some risks and complications, and it’s essential for patients to discuss these with their surgeon before deciding on any procedure. Infection, bruising, and swelling are common risks associated with surgery, including penis enlargement surgeries.

In rare cases, patients may experience complications such as the formation of scar tissue, blood clots, or nerve damage, which can affect sensation or function in the penis. It’s essential for patients to closely follow their surgeon’s instructions for aftercare and to report any unusual symptoms or complications promptly.

Patients should also keep in mind that the success of the surgery is dependent on various factors, such as the individual’s health status, anatomy, and lifestyle habits. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an experienced and qualified surgeon who can guide them through the entire process and ensure the best possible outcome.

Surgeries Performed For Penis Curvatures

Penis curvatures can occur at birth or later in life due to incorrect circumcision, previous trauma, or surgery. While an erect penis should be straight, it may lean in a certain direction due to curvature. Diagnosis and treatment of erect penis curvature are straightforward, and the issue can be corrected with surgery. Curvatures may be frontwards, backwards, or sideways, and patients may experience difficulty or pain during sexual intercourse.

During surgery, an incision is made in the circumcision scar, and a plication is performed on the opposite side of the curved area of the penis. The success of the surgery is determined by artificially inducing an erection and observing the results. If there is not an excessive curvature, there is no shortening of the penis size. However, in patients with excessive curvature, there may be slight shortening after the surgery.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment By Applying Temporary Filler In Glans Penis

It’s important to note that while desensitization of the glans penis can be an effective treatment for premature ejaculation caused by oversensitivity, it may not be suitable for all cases. It’s important to speak with a medical professional to determine the underlying cause of the premature ejaculation and discuss the best treatment options.

The procedure to prevent premature ejaculation by filling the glans penis is performed using local anesthesia and cream, and it is a simple procedure. The filler is injected into the glans penis, which not only helps prevent premature ejaculation but also causes the glans penis to slightly increase in size. The effects of the filler and procedure typically last for one year. After the initial application, there may be swelling in the glans penis for a few days, but the patient can otherwise continue with their normal activities. The full effectiveness of the procedure is typically achieved after one week. Once the effects of the filler wear off after one year, the glans penis will return to its former state.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Lengthening/Enlargement/Thickening Surgeries

How much does the penis lengthen after a penis lengthening surgery?

After a penis lengthening surgery, a maximum of 2-3 cm elongation is possible, and numbers above that are not realistic. The surgery is combined with penis enlargement, which increases penis thickness significantly, without any limit.

Will there be a loss of sensation after a penis enhancement surgery?

There will be no loss of sensation after a penis enhancement surgery, and the feeling will continue as it was before the surgery.

Will there be a loss of erection after a penis lengthening or enlargement surgery?

No, there will be no loss of erection after the surgery. In fact, erection may occur from the first day. To prevent unwanted erections, the penis is bonded with tapes.

Can injected fat slip into another area during penis thickening surgery?

No, the injected fat cannot go to the scrotum (bags) or any other area after fat transfer to the penis. However, swelling may cause temporary enlargement in the scrotum.

Do penis enlargement surgeries prevent premature ejaculation?

No, penis enlargement surgeries have no effect on premature ejaculation prevention or delay. A temporary filler application in the glans penis is performed to prevent premature ejaculation.

Can fat be injected into the glans penis during penis enlargement surgery?

No, the glans penis cannot be enlarged through surgery as it is an area that automatically enlarges during erection. Penis enlargement surgeries focus on the body of the penis, and a permanent enhancement is formed in that area.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Prices Turkey Istanbul

Penis enlargement surgery prices in Turkey can vary based on several factors. To accurately determine the cost of the surgery, the individual who will undergo the surgery must first be examined. The price of the surgery can vary from person to person, so an examination is necessary to determine the cost. Another factor that affects the price is the experience and knowledge of the surgeon who will perform the penis enlargement surgery. Additionally, the hospital where the surgery will take place may also cause price differences. After the examination, it will be determined whether the patient is suitable for the penis lengthening surgery. Penis enlargement surgery can be performed on almost everyone, and more than one thickening can even be done. The price of penile thickening surgery can be more cost-effective when combined with other surgeries such as liposuction. If the penis lengthening and thickening procedures are performed during a single operation, the cost of penis enlargement will decrease.