P Shot and Its Effect on the Size

P Shot and Its Effect on the Size P shot is an experimental treatment that can be used on both men and women. Unlike common knowledge, p shot is not only used to treat erectile dysfunction. The reason for this misconception is that erectile dysfunction is a known problem among men. It’s a problem a lot of men suffer from. It is the inability to keep an erection for the desired time. This not so visible problem can affect their self-esteem and many of them are embarrassed by it. P shot is also used for the treatment of lichen sclerosus, Peyronie’s disease, and penis enhancement. In this article, we will give you information about p shot. Also, we will answer the most common question about this topic which is “does it affect the size?”

Erectile dysfunction Lichen sclerosus and Peyronie’s disease

Before we start telling you about p shots first you must know about erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence is the inability to keep an erection long enough to have intercourse. It can lower your self-esteem and affect your relationship with your partner. Therefore, men try medication, pumps, and p shot. Before trying anything you must know that it could be caused by many things. Obesity, low testosterone, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension can all cause erectile dysfunction. Age can also be an effect on this, but size definitely does not cause erectile dysfunction. Before thinking of p shots remember that it could be caused by something you are doing. Try sleeping more, quit smoking and alcohol, and give some weight. If you are under a lot of stress that could also be a cause. 

P shot is not a cure just for men. Many women with Lichen sclerosus also try p shots. Lichen sclerosus is a skin disease seen in the genital area. It is mostly seen in women’s genitalia. Since this disease makes the skin thinner it can cause itching and pain. Because it is usually on genitalia women with Lichen sclerosus can have a hard time doing intercourse. There are some treatments such as p shot but to heal quicker you must change your diet. Peyronie’s disease also known as penile curvature is a dysfunction that affects men. It’s still unknown why men have this condition but there are speculations that it has something to do with genetics. First of all, this condition has nothing to do with the size of the penis. Every size can have this problem and it can make intercourse painful.

P shot

P shot can be used for treating erectile dysfunction Lichen sclerosus and Peyronie’s disease and also increasing the size. P shot is short for Priapus Shot this name comes from the fertility god Priapus. First of all, you must get an appointment with your doctor and consult before you get the treatment. After a blood test If you are healthy enough, you can get this treatment. PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma is drawn from you body and it gets injected it into your penis. They will help blood flow and tissue growth. This treatment will give you the erection you desire. After the injection, the doctor will use a pump on your penis. This procedure can take 30 to 35 minutes and after that, you are free to go home. Sexual intercourse is not recommended in the next few days.

P shot treatment is still an experimental treatment. It can also be a placebo but still 75% of the men who had this is satisfied with the results. It is an easy and short procedure that the patient can go home afterward. The only known side effects are redness and bruises. In some cases there can be infections therefore intercourse is not recommended. Sometimes, patients can see the difference after the first treatment. Mostly it can take a few weeks. It can even take a few months. Most people think that it is used by old men but many men in their 30’s prefer to get this treatment. Unlike mediation like Viagra p shot increase the length therefore it is more desirable by men. This treatment can be used just to increase the size.

Does the p shot increase size?

How we look can affect how we feel. Obsession with looks is usually associated with women but a lot of men care about it too. How our bodies look, what we wear can increase or decrease our self-esteem. There is this one topic that men think about more than women do. That topic is the size. It is both an important and delicate topic among men. Most men measure both their length and girth. It is also known that some men compare them. Even though many women do not care about size some men can be obsessed with it. While some of them accept their sizes some men try many different ways to make it bigger. They use medications, pumps, and exercises some of them even get surgery. Another way to enlarge your penis is to get p shot treatment.

So, does the p shot increase size? The answer is yes. It increases the length and girth both at the same time. It will also make it straighter and you will keep your erection longer. Its effects last a long time. Also, it is permanent unlike other methods such as suction. It does not have a long healing period like a surgery. P shot is a painless method to get a larger penis. It also does not harm the penis unlike some of the other methods. In most cases, size increases 10 to 20% percent. It is approximately 1 inch. If you are getting this treatment for erectile dysfunction Lichen sclerosus or Peyronie’s disease this is definitely a bonus. Studies show that it also increases the sex drive. So, If you want to get a larger penis this method can be the thing you are looking for. P Shot and Its Effect on the Size

Does the P Shot Work for Sexual Improvement


“Does the p shot work?” is a commonly asked question by men with erectile dysfunctions. The p shot is a revolutionary and innovative treatment option for those looking to improve sexual performance, increase sensation, and even treat erectile dysfunction. But, does the p-shot really work, scientifically, as in improving sexual function? Studies have shown promising results with some individuals showing increased sexual desire, better penile sensitivity, stronger erections, and even improved circulation. Men who have had this treatment report increased desire, enhanced orgasms, and improved stamina during intercourse.

In addition, the p shot has also been found to be a safe and effective option for treating ‘Peyronie’s Disease’ in men. The p shot can also offer psychological benefits by restoring confidence in one’s sexual abilities. With just one session of this non-invasive procedure, many men have seen fantastic results that last up to two years! With the p shot providing such remarkable results, it is easy to see why so many men are turning to this treatment as an answer to their sexual problems. We hope this article gave you the incentive to do more research on “does the p shot work?