Orbera Gastric Balloon

Orbera gastric balloon is a medical instrument which takes up the half of your stomach to make you feel full. This product is produced for those who need to lose weight without surgery. Some people cannot get weight loss surgery due to their health issues. Plus, some patients need to lose weight before getting a bariatric surgery but they cannot lose weight by their own or with the help of other treatments. Orbera is here for you to provide weight loss by preventing too much food consumption. As many people know, eating too much cause gain weight immediately, however, weight loss is not as much as easy.

Orbera gastric balloon prevents patients eat too much thanks to its volume. By this way patients can lose weight via eating less than their regular diet. Via Orbera you can lose over 6 months 48% more than other medical instruments. Your surgeon places it temporarily which means it is not permanent. It is inserted orally through esophagus not wind pipe. Under light sedation you do not feel anything during insertion process. On the other hand, this procedure does not require any incisions, stitches or scars due to endoscopy. This product is placed directly into your stomach from your mouth.

Via Orbera many patients reach their health and now they feel free to wear what they desire. Since, excess body fat does not allow people wear what they want. By losing weight, you can get rid of drawbacks of obesity such as heart disease, high blood pressure et cetera.

How To Lose Weight With Orbera

Your weight loss process starts once you have Orbera gastric balloon. At first, surgeon via a diagnostic endoscopy examines the around of your stomach to determine that it is safe to perform. And then through mild sedation the procedure begins. About in 20 minutes, surgeon places deflated Orbera into your stomach. After that he fills the balloon with saline solution. The balloon will be the size of a grapefruit.

After having Orbera gastric balloon you feel that you should reduce the portion of your meal. Since, Orbera does not allow you to eat than necessary. By causing you eating less, Orbera makes you achieve lose weight. Plus, it re-training your brain in order to control your appetite. Your brain can anticipate better that your stomach is full while eating process is continuing.

You should change your diet program with the healthy one. At this point, you can consult a dietician, and also fitness trainer. They can help you to find the best way in your weight loss journey. While you eating less, some of your body parts may sag which are arms, face, legs, and belly. In order to make your skin firm, you should proceed doing exercise. Professional support provides you to have ideal body proportion. Orbera accelerates the weight loss process and you should take advantage of it. Excess body weight gets you into trouble over time, and plus losing weight will be much harder than when you are young. As soon as possible, you should get in touch with your bariatric surgeon and make an appointment to have intragastric balloon insertion.

Orbera Provides Weight Loss Without Surgery

Orbera gastric balloon provides people weight loss without surgery. Surgery is a procedure which requires stitch, and recovery time. However, gastric balloon does not require stitch and you can turn back your home at the same day. You may feel some complications like vomiting or nausea, but they fade away in a few days or weeks. On the other hand, some fat people cannot get surgery due to their health conditions because of that having stomach balloon is great option for them.

Orbera gastric balloon insertion is not a complicated procedure like surgery. Only a few medical instruments surgeon performs insertion. With a mild sedation the process can be done, as you see how easy that is. You may be anxious about getting a surgery, or other problems you may have. Thankfully, gastric balloon insertion helps such people who cannot get weight loss surgery.

After having intragastric balloon insertion for a week you should consume only liquids. From the 8th day to 11th day you should only eat puree foods which are completely smooth. You add foods with high protein that keeps you fuller. From day 12 to 14 soft or fork-mashable foods can be eaten. Well cooked foods can easily be mashed by fork. You can start to eat regular foods from the day 15 and onwards. 3 regular meals each day are very essential please continue to eat first protein, secondly vegetables and salad, and lastly eat carbohydrates. Please note that you should sip fluids little and often.

Change Your Habits With Orbera Gastric Balloon

In order to maximize the benefits of Orbera gastric balloon, you should have constant communication with your support team. Regular face-to-face sessions provide you much better weight loss experience. Your team should include psychologist and doctor along with dietician and fitness trainer. During these six months you can notice the drastic results by losing 20 to 50 pounds. Sometimes patients lose even more weight by regulating and changing lifestyle. You should start changing with Orbera and never look back since you are a different person anymore. Forget about unhealthy life and unpleasant appearance of your body through Orbera.

Orbera gastric balloon can change your life completely and positively. After having a stomach balloon insertion, you can encourage people around you who have excess body weight. It is so simple to have it and also it is temporary which means after 6 months your surgeon removes it. The important thing is to proceed the healthy lifestyle all along your life. Orbera prepares your body and psychology to change your life. After that you can regulate your eating habit and physical activities. These two should be rules the rest of your life. Instead of carrying excess body weight with you all life long, leave it back and build a new life for you. Orbera help you to regulate your lifestyle and habits.

Orbera Gastric Balloon Procedure: Is it Any Good?

The Orbera Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure that can help people lose weight and keep it off. The device is inserted through the throat into the stomach, where it sits for six months to help increase the feeling of fullness to reduce calorie intake. Following its removal, many people continue to experience decreased appetite and increased energy levels, enabling them to lead healthier lifestyles. Studies have shown that Orbera patients typically lose three times more weight than those following conventional diet and exercise programs alone. With an impressive success rate of up to 73% of individuals losing at least 30% of their excess body weight over six months as the ultimate result gastric balloon, this low-risk procedure is one of the most effective ways to make changes necessary for improving physical health.

If you’re unsure of the exact costs of the gastric balloon, you can search ‘gastric balloon cost near me’ on your search engine to find a weight loss center and learn about the prices they are offering. It can be helpful to speak with a local bariatric specialist or program coordinator. They may have more detailed information on the cost of specific procedures and can provide advice on making the process more affordable. Additionally, many health insurance plans cover some or all the expenses of an Orbera gastric balloon procedure.