Non Surgical Weight Loss For Morbidly Obese

The non surgical weight loss for morbidly obese is used to make the stomach feel full, which makes it easier to eat a balanced and healthy diet. This makes it easier to stay healthy. During this process, no special liquids or pre-made diets are needed, and normal meals can be eaten. This program is only used for a short time in people who haven’t lost weight even though they eat healthily and exercise every day. Applying the product every 6 months or 1 year depends on the type of product you use. This application has the fewest negative effects and is the least risky of all the ways to manage your loss.

Because balloon application alone can help you reach your goal weight, it’s also important to learn how to eat so that you can keep your current weight when the balloon is removed. Afterward, the patient gets help from a nutritionist for free once a month to make sure he or she is eating a healthy diet that fits his or her unique needs. Not all people lose weight when they use a gastric balloon, though. To help you feel full faster and stay on your diet more easily, the gastric balloon wants to help you. if you don’t pay attention to what you eat after the surgery, you might gain weight again.

What Is Non Surgical Weight Loss For Morbidly Obese?

A gastric balloon is a tool that is used to help people who are too fat. Unlike surgery, this is done with the help of an endoscope. It takes about 20 minutes to do under moderate anesthesia, called sedoanalgesia, and in the hands of someone who knows how to do it well. Silicone or polyethylene is used to make the gastric balloon, and they are both used. In order for this substance to move into the stomach, an endoscope must be used. This substance is filled with 400-700 cc of saline or air before it is inflated. It’s done when the balloon has inflated. The balloon is put in the fundus, which is at the top of the stomach. Balloons should not be given to people who have a stomach hernia, erosive gastritis, or a gastric ulcer because they could hurt them.

As a result, an endoscopic examination of the stomach should be done before the treatment starts. Before the treatment, the patient should make sure that he doesn’t have a serious systemic condition or a hormonal problem that needs to be taken care of. Doctors can use the program to help people who are overweight but don’t have any other health problems. People who are between the ages of 18 and 65 can use it. From 15 years old to 75 years old, the age scale has just begun to rise.

Non Surgical Weight Loss Balloon For Morbidly Obese

If you have trouble dieting or have health problems because of your weight, a gastric balloon could help you lose weight. The use of a gastric balloon must meet certain rules. There are two things you need to do before you can use a gastric balloon. First, you need to meet the body mass index requirements for each type of balloon. The BMI alone isn’t enough to figure out if you should use a gastric balloon or not. It can be important to look at things like your BMI, age, and so on in some situations. Co-morbidities, belly fat, and the prevalence of eating disorders can all be looked at and how they can be used.

Efficiency Of  Weight Loss Balloon

Balloons of different types work well for weight loss. Many scientific studies show that there is no difference in weight loss between liquid and air balloons. However, when the balloons are filled with 600 milliliters, the weight loss goal is often met. In this case, a gastric balloon is a method that pays off. The patient can remove the balloon at any time after 6 months and go back to his old state.

Patients who have high blood pressure or sugar problems, or if their cholesterol is too high, will also get better as they lose weight. The main goal is to help them lose weight. The same thing happens when you go to bed after eating, and you lose weight when you sleep. As a result, even though its main goal is to lose weight, it also has a big impact on preventing many health problems that are linked to obesity. Using the gastric balloon, we have found that you can lose 15-20 pounds in 6 months.

Can You Gain Weight After Non Surgical Weight Loss Balloon?

If a person sticks with the plan for 6-12 months after applying the balloon, they can change their diet and lifestyle for good. There are very few people who regained weight with this group of people. Weight gain can happen with any method, even surgery, for people who have gone back to their old ways. Some people find that using a gastric balloon helps them lose weight more quickly. People who are treated lose weight in line with their BMI. The gastric balloon makes the person feel full. Because of this, people eat less and their stomachs shrink. At the end of the process, this strategy lets you lose 20% of your weight.

Slimming is easier if the patient eats well and does sports. People who have gastric balloon surgery should pay close attention to how they eat afterward. The stomach balloon has less of an effect and is better for the body if the person has a tendency to avoid foods and meals that make them fat.

People who are fed foods that don’t make their stomachs hurt are more likely to lose weight. The first three days after surgery are important. Take it easy for the first 24 hours. Do not do anything that would put your body under stress! Cramps, stomach pain, and nausea are all possible side effects of taking this medicine. All three days of feeding should be done with liquid weights. After that, it can be gradually changed to a normal diet.

What If I Would Like to Learn About  Gastric Balloon Cost in Mumbai?


If you are considering getting a gastric balloon procedure in Mumbai, India, it is essential to understand the cost associated with the process. The gastric balloon cost in Mumbai can vary depending on the clinic you choose, the type of balloon used, and other factors. Know that the price can vary depending on the clinic you choose. Some clinics may offer packages that include pre-procedure tests and post-procedure follow-up visits.  Additionally, the type of balloon used can also affect the cost.  There are two main types of balloons available: single-balloon and double-balloon systems. Single-balloon systems are typically less expensive than double-balloon systems. It is also important to note that the cost of a gastric balloon procedure in Mumbai may include additional costs such as hospitalization or anesthetic fees. Additionally, there may be additional charges for post-procedure follow-up visits or extra medical supplies needed during the procedure. Be sure to ask your doctor, ‘how much is a gastric balloon with the additional costs?’ involved in your procedure.















Suppose you are considering getting a gastric balloon procedure in Mumbai, research and compare prices from different clinics before deciding. Additionally, discuss all potential gastric balloon cost in Mumbai with your doctor so you can make an informed decision about which clinic to choose for your procedure.