Neograft Hair Transplant

Neograft hair transplant has increased recently.  It is a type of hair transplant. We also call this practice hair transplant procedure. NeoGraft’s area of ​​interest is to distribute your hair well in order not to hide it from people that you have had a hair transplant. The results of NeoGraft hair transplantation are quite permanent. NeoGraft hair transplantation is very different from normal hair transplantation in the 1990s. It is safer, better quality and heals faster. In addition, we cannot say that this procedure is recommended for everyone. You can come to our hospital and talk to our specialist doctors to find out if this hair transplant treatment is suitable for you. We use a NeoGraft transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) treatment.

FUE application takes hair follicles from the areas where your hair is thicker and carries them to the area where the hair is thinner. The difference between the NeoGraft method and FUE is this. With NeoGrafting, we do not manually select individual hair follicles by our surgeons, but use robotic machines to collect individual hair grafts. Although the NeoGraft method is not as guaranteed as manual FUE, we can get more grafts during the session. Neograft hair transplant is usually followed by our thick-haired patients. With the FUT method, we usually remove a thin scalp line from your neck and place these hair cells in an area where your hair is thinning. This hair transplant is far from the hair transplant surgery practices of the past. The success rate of these surgeries is quite high. Because you use your own hair to transfer the roots. Thus, the results are permanent.

Who Gets A Neograft Transplant?

You must be in good general health to have a NeoGraft transplant. You must also be in the psychology to handle topical anesthesia. Certain heart conditions, bleeding conditions or inflammatory conditions may prevent our doctors from recommending a NeoGraft transplant. If you are used to keloid or hypertrophic scarring, you may want to avoid hair transplantation altogether. If your hair loss is caused by a health condition or medication, hair transplantation does not give permanent results to our patients.

There is no gender difference for NeoGraft transplantation. But it is mostly used for baldness, the problem of typical male patients. In order to have this procedure, if hair grows in the area where your hair is reduced, you can have it done in this way. Neograft hair transplant is very different from normal hair transplant applications. Get your hairline done first without any results, as the procedure is expensive. We do not recommend after trying other drugs or over-the-counter drugs to restore and protect them. Most of our patients who were treated with this method in our hospital left happily. In addition, there are treatment methods suitable for every budget. The NeoGraft procedure is performed in a clean area such as our cosmetic surgeons’ offices.

Are Neograft Transplants Successful?

NeoGraft transplants with the quality that specializes in the hairline application. In addition, we are more successful when performing with our experienced cosmetic surgeons. Case of male pattern baldness or other hair loss in your family, consult your doctor immediately. And, your surgeon recommends that you take an oral hair loss pill such as Finasteride after your hair transplant procedure. This ensures that the results of its application last for years. Neograft hair transplant is easily able to apply with the graft take from your neck. Before the procedures begin, our surgeons apply a topical anesthetic so that you do not feel that the hair is collected or transplanted. Our doctor may feel pressure or dullness while working.

In addition, while your hair is moving, you will not feel any pulling or compression. During the procedure, our doctor uses an automatic robot to remove the hair from your head in the area where your hair is the thickest. Our doctor is always under the control of the robot machine. The process takes between 5 and 7 hours, depending on how much hair you have transplanted. When the transplant is complete, our doctors will bandage your head. Neograft hair transplant is able to treat without much pain. After the procedure, you will feel some numbness or slight discomfort in your head area. Our doctor will most likely give you prescription acetaminophen to use for any pain relief.

What Happens After Sowing Procedures?

In the first few hours after NeoGraft hair transplantation, crusts begin to form on the scalp. These very small crusts are an indication that the scalp is healing. In addition, it is very important that you do not touch your head, as the risk of infection will increase. The crusts fall off within 4 weeks. We recommend that you do not wash your scalp for at least 12 hours after the transplant. Cleanse your scalp carefully during the first days of recovery. Also, follow our doctors’ instructions to clean it safely. In addition, do not wear a hat for several days during the 3 weeks after your transplant.

Because you are able to ask to avoid strenuous activities (such as weight lifting or intense sports). Depending on your comfort level, you can return to your workplace one day after your procedure. Additionally, your crusts will still be visible during this time. There is no problem in the head area during the Neograft hair transplant. After the NeoGraft hair application, your hair actually looks thinner for 1 to 2 months. 3 weeks to 3 months after the treatment, the hair is shed from the transplanted roots.

This is normal and does not mean that the treatment was not successful. American Academy of Dermatology 4 months after the application is also under the thinnest. In addition, we determine the hair after the transplant. Your hair then starts to grow back naturally and well in the transplanted area. Also, be aware that this practice may cost you vacation days or time off from work. After neoGraft hair transplantation, it takes a long time for the red scars to become crusty or less noticeable.

Hair Transplantation Turkey vs. US Differences


The differences between hair transplantation Turkey vs. US can be summed up in terms of cost, quality of service, and availability. In general, hair transplant procedures are far more affordable in Turkey, but this does not necessarily mean that you should expect poorer quality results. On the contrary, many patients report excellent outcomes from experienced surgeons in both countries. Additionally, there is a wider range of options available to patients in the US due to its larger population and greater resources for treatment. Ultimately, it is important for individuals to choose the procedure that works best for them based on their financial situation and desired outcome.

Researching both countries thoroughly can help patients make an informed decision about which hair transplant procedure is right for them. When making a decision about hair transplantation procedures, it is also important to consider other factors such as post-operative care. When considering undergoing a hair transplantation Turkey vs. US, it is important to keep quality of care top of mind; research prospective clinics thoroughly to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your procedure. If you are looking for an affordable way to restore your hairline, then comparing these two countries might be worth exploring.