The average most expensive hair transplant in Turkey is influencing by a number of factors. The free market is determining, since hair transplantation centers are private places. However, various issues must be considering in order to find clients. When people get wage information, some well-known features will be successful. In what circumstances do hair transplantation pricing apply? The following are some of the elements that influence hair transplant prices:

  • most expensive hair transplant in Turkey specialist’s experience,
  • The specialist’s recognition
  • And the neighborhood in which the hair transplant clinic is located,
  • The number of grafts that will be used,
  • Methods of hair transplanting
  • The state of the scalp-donors is discovered.

It is well known that persons considering hair transplantation research a variety of topics prior to undergoing the process. A few examples include 3000 grafts hair transplantation results and 4000 grafts hair transplantation before and after. Of course, as with other aesthetic procedures, one-to-one results are unlikely. According to the specialist’s experience, 90 percent of common results are attained. Hair transplantation can help you obtain the look of your desires. Most expensive hair transplant in Turkey requires the selection of a qualified hair transplant specialist. Thanks to the professional, the process and outcome of hair transplantation become intertwined.

Most Expensive Hair Transplant İn Turkey: What Is The Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the technique of transferring hair follicles from a person’s hairy area to the balding area when they have baldness concerns. The hair follicles that will be utilizing as a donor must first be harvesting. Hair follicles on the person’s neck are utilizing for this. Hair follicles are removing and stored in specific solutions. Then, one by one, the bald areas are planting in the channels that have been opening in the direction of hair growth. The most expensive hair transplant in Turkey is a surgical process that takes an average of 6-8 hours. In persons with small cavities, the hair transplantation surgery is completing fast; an average of 3,500 grafts is completing in 6 hours assuming no difficulties arise.

Is it painful to get your hair transplanting? After learning in detail by asking your doctor when you first come in for the examination, you will be ready to begin the treatment process with confidence. Anesthetic medications are injecting into the area to be treating during the hair transplantation operation, and the area becomes numb in a short time, preventing the patient from feeling discomfort during the procedure. The only unpleasant component of hair transplantation is when the patient’s donor and recipient areas are sedating. On average, this procedure takes 5-10 minutes.

Current technologies do not allow for a painless hair transplant because the anesthesia must be injected into the body in some way. The degree and length of the discomfort are the most crucial factors here. Our anesthetic experts and doctors use the occipital nerve block and semi-sedation procedures, which require significant expertise, to reduce the severity and length of pain experienced by persons with low pain thresholds. Despite commercials claiming painless hair transplantation, a painless surgical treatment can only be performing under general anesthesia.

How Long Will I Be In The Hospital For The Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation does not necessitate a stay in the hospital. Patients are discharging 30 minutes after the operation if they are feeling good. We provide a 1-night stay in the hospital for hair transplantation to our patients who want to spend the first night following the operation in the hospital for follow-up and treatment. The benefit of staying in the hospital following surgery is that we provide hourly ice application, pain medication, and dressing procedures in our hospital throughout the first night, which is the most critical time after surgery. It is promising that you will have a pleasant post-operative experience with close monitoring.

Hair transplantation roots are typically 0.4 mm long. During the operation, approximately 70% of these roots are buried behind the skin. On the tenth day after hair transplantation, the remaining 0.1 mm long hair increases by +0.1 mm. This process of elongation continues till the shock spills out. Hair growth begins after the shock loss in the third month. The picture changes considerably after 6 months. The desiring voluminous appearance is reaching in the 12th month.

Most Expensive Hair Transplant İn Turkey: What Is The Procedure For DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI, or “Direct Hair Implantation,” is a most expensive hair transplant in Turkey technique that is not new but is gaining popularity. When it comes to hair loss, deciding between DHI and Micro-Fue can be tricky. Learning your expectations and recommending which strategy is best for you requires a great deal of experience, as well as technical difficulties such as cost/effectiveness analyses. Grafts are extracting from the nape area in the same way that they are in Micro Fue. Grafts are maintaining outside for as little time as possible before seeding. As a result, transplanting hair is healthier and stronger. The route to the area where the hair will be transplanting is not opening, and the hair is transferring using special tips without waiting. Time is saving because the areas where the hair will be transplanting are not preparing, and the hair is quickly transplant back.

The transplanted hair adjusts quickly since it is healthier and more bright. In comparison to the micro fue procedure, it is possible to transplant less hair in a single session. While the hair follicles are being transplanting, you will not experience any discomfort or suffering. Because the number of transplanted hairs is lower and there is less damage, healing may be faster than with the micro-fue procedure.

The grafts harvested with the FUE method are not directly implanting to the skull. Hair follicles go through a unique healing process. Micro surgical blades are using to open channels for grafts that are ready to be planting. After that, hair transplantation is doing. Transplantation is carry out using choi pen immediately after the acquisition phase in the DHI approach. Channel opening and transplantation are doing at the same time with the Choi implanter. Hair growth direction and frequency are taking into account while the hair is being transplant. It is a little more time-consuming and labor-intensive than the FUE method.

Is There a Way to Find the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?


If you really want the best hair transplant in Turkey, it is important to research the best surgeons and clinics for the job. There are many hair transplant hospitals in Turkey to choose from. You can read up on reviews from past clients, compare prices, and ensure that the surgeon is skilled enough.

Additionally, investigate the credentials of other professionals involved in your procedure, such as an anesthesiologist and any technicians working with the doctor. Finally, ensure the facility meets all standard safety requirements for medical procedures. With some research and due diligence, you can find a hair transplant professional and a hair transplant clinic Istanbul that fits all these criteria and can give you natural-looking results.

It would be best if you also considered scheduling an initial consultation with a prospective hair transplant doctor to discuss your options before deciding on treatments or surgeries.  The consultation should include a thorough examination of your scalp and questions about your health history and lifestyle habits so that they can tailor their treatment plan to meet your individual needs. Ensure you are fully informed of all relevant safety information, including potential side effects. You can find the best hair transplant in Turkey for your needs with careful research and comparison.