Mike Thurston Hair Transplant

Mike Thurston Hair Transplant Mike Thurston is a trainer and online fitness coach and decided to have a hair transplant in 2019. Also, Mike Thurston stated that his father had been suffering from hair loss from an early age and that he was aware of this, and he heard this because he would always suffer from hair loss. As a child and a teenager, Mike had fairly thick hair. Then he began to notice that his hair was thinning. He then decided to resort to a more permanent solution such as a hair transplant. Mike Thurston started the Hair Transplant Clinic or doctor’s research to learn more about the procedure. Mike Thurston hair transplant is very satisfied with his procedure. He got natural and thick hair.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Considering different criteria in hair transplantation, we move on to the processing stage. We can list these criteria as follows;

  • First of all, we think that every person has a different hair type. While all hair follicles of some of our patients have the same feature, in others, both the color factor and the way the hair grows can vary according to the regions. Together with our doctors who are prepared for such situations, we act according to the patient’s condition. If hair with more than one color is in question, we take this criterion as basis. Or if our patient’s hair is straight in some places and curly in some places, we take this into account. In short, we take this into account in hair transplantation together with our surgeons and perform the operation according to the shape of the hair.
  • We are aware that the problem of hair loss can occur in different stages in every person. The top area of some of our patients is completely bald. Some of our patients only have dilution. Such situations are our most basic criteria in determining the amount of hair we will transplant. Accordingly, we decide the number of roots. Sometimes we can apply a few sessions. In such cases, we perform surgery again after a certain period of time.
  • In hair transplantation, we make the personalized design directly proportional to the expectations of the patient. We always consider their demands and requests. Thus, we achieve very successful results.

Professional Hair Transplant Service

In the hair transplantation process, we transfer the healthy hair follicles we take from the nape area, that is, from the donor area, to the hair loss area. Since it is a surgical procedure, we work with many specialists. In addition, we have the standards set by the ministry of health. Together with our expert and competent team, we perform hair transplantation in our clinic, in the operating room environment. We also perform beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation using the same methods. First of all, we investigate the cause of hair loss for our patients who want to have hair transplantation.

If there is hair loss due to a metabolic disorder, we recommend that he first take medical treatment for this disease. If the hair loss experienced by our patient is not caused by a disease and due to cell loss that occurs until that age, we decide to perform hair transplantation. After deciding to have hair transplantation, we determine a new hair line in the area where the patient has hair loss. Then, we evaluate how much hair follicles the patient’s balding area needs.

If the donor area is suitable for obtaining the number of hair follicles we have determined, we plan the surgery. In addition, when planning about the areas where the patient experiences hair loss, we plan so that the expected naturalness can be created and maximum efficiency can be obtained. In the planning process we do, we get the opinions of the patient. We also provide guidance as experts. Then we determine a consensus and get the patient’s preliminary opinion about the result that will occur after the procedure.

Hair Transplantation Stages

In hair transplant surgery, we apply anesthesia, root extraction, canal opening, and root transplantation.

  • Anesthesıa stage: The first procedure we apply to the patient who will undergo hair transplant surgery is anesthesia. The method we generally prefer in anesthesia is the widely used local anesthesia method. For our local anesthesia patients, it may be a mildly painful process at first. However, our patient does not feel any pain or ache after completing the anesthesia application. In addition, we can apply this procedure painlessly thanks to the local anesthesia pen. We apply it twice, as the donor area and the area where we will transplant.
  • Root uptake phase: We call the nape of our patient as the donor area. We take and remove the hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a fue micro motor. At this stage, we attach importance to the quality of the individual’s hair follicles and the suitability of their tissues. We perform this acquisition together with our surgical specialist and his team. Because during this process, we need to take it without damaging the hair follicles. All of these are extremely important for us to complete the transaction successfully.
  • Channel opennıng phase: We open channels at the appropriate angle and frequency so that we can place healthy hair follicles from the donor area. We determine the amount of these channels in accordance with the facial contours of the patient in areas with hair loss. Also, We open the channel opening process in the front line at frequent and appropriate angles. We think that this detail determines the success of the whole transaction. In addition, we explain in detail to our patients that the naturalness we expect will not occur unless a tight hairline is formed on the front line.

Hair Transplantation Phase

We place the healthy hair follicles from the donor area into tiny channels opened in areas with hair loss. In this process, we also rely heavily on the dexterity and experience of our surgical staff. We ensure that the hair follicles we transplant are not damaged during the transplantation phase. In addition, we place the hair in the canals without distorting the texture of the hair.

Is Hair Transplant Safe If I am Above a Certain Age?


Hair loss can occur at any age, but it is more common as people age and as such, many may wonder the answer to “is hair transplant safe if I am above a certain age?” While age can be a factor in determining candidacy for hair transplant surgery, it is not the only consideration. Hair transplant surgery is generally safe for older patients, but some factors must be considered. The most crucial factor is the patient’s overall health. Hair transplant surgery is invasive, and older patients may have health issues that make surgery riskier.

As such, a thorough medical evaluation is required to determine if an older patient is a good candidate for surgery. Another consideration is the patient’s hair loss pattern. Hair transplant surgery is most successful when the patient has a stable hair loss pattern. Hair transplant surgery may not be the best option if the patient’s hair loss is still progressing. This is because hair transplant surgery moves hair from one area of the scalp to another. If the hair loss is still progressing, there may need to be more donor hair to achieve the desired result. We hope this answers “is hair transplant safe if I am above a certain age?” to an extent.