Michael Gray Hair Transplant

Michael Gray, a sports commentator and former England footballer, has undergone the first live internet-streamed Michael Gray hair transplant in the United Kingdom. Dr. Bessam Farjo performed the Michael Gray hair transplant, which started at 10 a.m. yesterday. And ended at 6.50 p.m., in front of 22,000 people with heavy stomachs. After making hundreds of incisions, Dr. Farjo transplanted more than 5,000 healthy hair follicles from the back of Mr Gray’s head to the front of his scalp. During the process, the TV host also took questions via Twitter. Following Michael Gray hair transplant , he took to Twitter. ‘Well what a day I’ve had 2day,’ said Mr Gray, 37, of Sunderland. Right now, my head hurts a bit, but it’s worth it. ‘Many thanks to BessamFarjo and his wonderful squad.’

Mr Gray, who played for Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers, and Sheffield Wednesday in the Premier League, found he was receding when he was around 27 years old. He wanted to perform the treatment after watching other actors such as Wayne Rooney do it. ‘I guess it’s more acceptable now,’ he said before the procedure. ‘It was one of the reasons I decided to go ahead with it.’ Cosmetic surgery is also a common phenomenon. People may be concerned about the procedure, and if I’m going to do it, why not let them see it? There are a lot of people who are concerned about it. They can see it from beginning to end here.’

At Farjo, the UK’s First Live Hair Transplant Was Performed

He said that the transplant would boost his self-esteem. ‘I’m now working in the media and doing a lot of TV, and when I see myself back, I’m aware of how I look, so from a trust standpoint, I’m hoping it will help. People talk about how upsetting it is for a woman to lose her hair, but it can be almost as upsetting for guys, who can suffer from an extreme lack of self-esteem. ‘I’m hoping that the live stream will help us educate viewers about Michael Gray hair transplant surgery and start a conversation about the options available to those who are suffering hair loss.’

According to Dr. Farjo, the transplant entails “re-planting” 3,500-4,000 hairs from the back and sides of his head onto his receding hairline. ‘Think about it as gardening,’ said the Michael Gray hair transplant, who is in his 19th year of doing hair transplants. We’re shifting hair bulbs from one section of the scalp to another. So we can’t pluck them out; instead, we have to pass them across the bed like soil. ‘It picks up again as long as you keep it alive and in its dirt.’

Thatch of The Day By Michael Gray

A team of two physicians and eight nursing technicians participated in the operation. The hair will begin to develop steadily after the procedure, and the full effects will be visible in eight to 12 months, he added. Hair transplants have become more popular as attitudes about plastic surgery have shifted and more celebrities have undergone the procedure, according to Dr. Farjo, medical director of the Institute of Trichologists. Obviously, people had a different outlook or feeling about plastic surgery and lifestyle problems 20 years ago. And it was not widely discussed. He said, “It’s a long way from where we are now.”

‘No matter how much detail they equip themselves with, it’s hard for them to imagine what it’s like,’ he added, adding that many people do have concerns. It’s been said that a photo is worth a thousand sentences, and it’s true in this case. ‘I think this is the first time in the UK that a surgeon has tried to live-stream a hair transplant.’

Brian Beacom, of a diary hair transplant blogger: A Journalist’s Quest for David Cassidy Hair, curated the celebration. ‘Our broadcast is intended to orchestrate a landmark moment for the hair loss culture, as well as the surgical industry, by offering the nation a first-hand look at the operation and helping to dispel myths about hair transplant surgery,’ Dr. Farjo continued.

In The Summer Of 2012, Live Surgery Was All The Rage

The Talksport host previously said that he hoped the procedure would boost his morale. Fresh hairs can begin to develop in three months. With the maximum amount of new growth appearing between eight and fourteen months. “Michael was a great patient and coped exceptionally well with what was definitely a very unusual day for him, and us,” said Dr. Farjo, who is also the medical director of the Institute of Trichologists.

Not only is the operation lengthy, but the preparation for a live surgery is as well. The Farjo team worked for months to settle on camera angles, day-of scheduling, a microsite to stream the transplant online. And a fitting candidate for surgery as well as a host for the show. Any surgeon who wishes to embark on such a large undertaking has my highest admiration. Farjo’s live operation served as an opportunity for me to teach people about the treatment. And have insight for those seeking a hair transplant. It’s encouraging to see that other surgeons on the other side of the Atlantic have a common goal, and I’m hoping that Dr. Bauman’s surgery will help increase awareness in Florida and beyond.


Hair transplants can be very successful if the right surgeon is selected, but they should be a last resort for hair loss sufferers. Leonora Doclis, a hair loss expert, says: “Hair transplants can be very effective if right surgeon is chosen, but they should be last resort for hair loss sufferers. Many men (and women) are unaware that there are therapies that have been shown to minimize hair loss and regrow hair.  And that if applied in the early to mid stages of hair loss, the condition will normally be avoided indefinitely. Since the old hair must be maintained following a hair transplant, the same procedures must be used. ‘’

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last for Bald People?


How long does a hair transplant last? Hair transplant surgeries are a popular and effective solution for balding people, providing a permanent solution to hair loss. The short answer is that hair transplants are permanent, with results lasting for many years.  The transplanted hairs will grow and shed in the same cycle as natural hair, so you can expect to continue to enjoy the results of your transplant for a long time. It is nonetheless significant to be aware of certain elements that could influence the permanence of your outcomes. For instance, if you’re still losing hair due to age or other factors, you may not see the same level of results as someone who has stopped losing hair. Additionally, lifestyle choices such as smoking or excessive sun exposure can have an impact on the success of your transplant.

Overall, though, a hair transplant surgery is a very successful and reliable solution for balding people. With proper care and maintenance, for “how long does a hair transplant last?”, your results should last for years to come. If you are considering a hair transplant, be sure to talk to your doctor about what to expect and how to best care for your new hair.