Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

Many people undergo surgery to lose weight. However, the problem of loose skin after weight loss surgery also occurs. In this case, people face another problem. First, let’s talk about weight loss surgeries. Today, many people are bothered by their excess weight. In addition, these weights create different ailments apart from the advanced appearance. Because increasing weight causes some diseases. Progressive obesity causes problems such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and sleep apnea. Weight loss operations offer permanent treatment to many people. However, loose skin after weight loss surgery may occur. In this case, we perform skin tightening operations.

Thus, we discharge our patients happily. Especially when there is very rapid weight loss, the problem of skin sagging occurs more. It is very difficult to solve this problem by itself naturally. So don’t be afraid of loose skin after weight loss surgery. For detailed information, you can make an appointment with our doctors.

Tummy Tuck Surgery For Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

Loose skin after weight loss surgery is a problem for many people. First, our physicians conduct a preliminary examination. Because not every skin is suitable for this operation. If it is a situation that can be resolved with exercise, we do not perform a surgical operation. Apart from that, we do some radiological tests and blood tests. Our doctors evaluate the results obtained. Our doctors usually perform the operations under general anesthesia. You should not eat anything for 12 hours before the operation. There is nothing wrong with drinking water. However, it should not exceed 1-2 sips 1 hour before the operation.

In our tummy tuck surgeries, we provide tension in the abdominal region. We’ll remove the excess skin if needed. Unfortunately, suture marks are formed. However, we make the sewing area as much as possible to the lower sides of the abdomen. So it stays in your clothes. We also make a minimal seam. Depending on the situation, we host our patients one day. If no complications develop, our doctors inform about the post operative considerations and discharge them.

Weight Loss Surgery

Today, we perform many weight loss surgeries with the developing technology. Gastric sleeve surgery, which is one of them, is an operation in which a large part of the stomach is rendered dysfunctional. At the end of the operation, a thin stomach in the shape of a banana is revealed. And in this case, a feeling of early satiety occurs. Thus, our patients lose weight easily. Our doctors perform sleeve gastrectomy with laparoscopic technique under general anesthesia. In this technique, which we also call the keyhole, we make small incisions. Our doctors then insert surgical instruments into the keyhole. And with the help of these tools, they make holes to form a long banana-like tube. Thus, the stomach shrinks. The rest of the stomach is then expelled.

Another type of surgery we do is gastric bypass. After Gastric Bypass surgery, our patients feel full immediately thanks to their stomach, which is smaller than the food they eat. These nutrients then pass into the middle part of the small intestine. And especially starch and oils pass into the blood without being absorbed in the small intestine. Thus, it is excreted from the body. The aim of gastric bypass surgery is to achieve a feeling of fullness with less food, to reduce its absorption in the small intestine and to allow the patient to consume less calories. However, in both types of surgery, skin deterioration occurs after excess weight loss. Loose skin after weight loss surgery may occur. In this case, additional action is required.

Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

After your weight loss surgery, our dietitians prepare a special nutrition program for you. In this process, you need to stay away from solid foods for a while. Because after the surgery, patients experience pain and difficulty while consuming solid foods on the first day. You should also drink plenty of fluids. However, because the liquids pass through the stomach faster, it causes diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, drink 30 minutes after a meal. When switching to solid foods, be careful not to chew food too much and to consume slowly. In addition, increased weight loss in the first period of the surgery causes muscle destruction. For this, it is important to focus on protein consumption. The best sources of protein are eggs, meat, yogurt, fish and milk. Make sure to consume lean protein as it contains high energy proteins of animal origin.

In addition, the nutritional process is very important. If you don’t pay attention, you will start to gain weight again. However, our dietitians will help you adapt by focusing on the vegetables and fruits you love.

Operations That Provide Loose Skin Collection Surgery

Many people, especially women, are bothered by excess weight. For this, we apply surgical procedures to patients who apply to our hospital if we deem it appropriate. However, applied loose skin after weight loss surgery occurs. In this case, we plan additional procedures to recover the sagging skin after weight loss. Surgical procedures such as neck lift, tummy tuck, breast lift, butt lift and leg lift are examples of these procedures. However, all planned procedures are tailored to the needs of each patient.

Another alternative is that we can perform combined operations for people who have sagging skin due to weight loss in more than one part of their body. Thus, our patients achieve their goals with a single operation instead of multiple surgeries. First of all, we decide in which parts of the body the skin sagging of our patients is concentrated. Then, we plan combined surgeries as a result of the general health status and expectations of our patients. However, do not rush to recover your body after weight loss. Because you have to wait a minimum of 18 months to ensure the permanence of the operations. So don’t be afraid of loose skin after weight loss surgery. For detailed information, you can make an appointment with our doctors.

How to Handle the Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery


It is important to remember that the loose skin after weight loss surgery will not disappear overnight. Some individuals may opt for a surgical procedure such as abdominoplasty to address the issue of excess skin. Once you have had weight loss surgery, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. Exercise can help tighten loose skin and make it look more toned. You can also target certain areas of your body with certain exercises, such as stretching or resistance training. Additionally, consuming foods that are high in protein can help strengthen the underlying muscles and give your skin added support over time.

Make sure to speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have about exercising with loose skin after weight loss surgery, as well as any other nutritional advice they may have for you. With patience and dedication, you will be able to see positive results over time. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are other ways to address loose skin after the surgery for weight loss. Dermal fillers or microdermabrasion treatments are both effective options that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.