John Travolta’s Hair Transplantation

Today topic is John Travolta’s Hair Transplantation. For many decades, this famous actor has been one of Hollywood’s well-known artists. Besides his countless roles and achievements on his actor career, Travolta’s ever-changing hairstyles were always an obvious source of speculations. To be honest, John Travolta had been getting bald for many years and he had been trying to find a permanent solution for this issue. If you do a short surf on internet, this Google search is going to deliver dozens of proof on this issue.

When he had started to experienced the first signs of male pattern hair loss, it was in 1980s. Time to time he had used a number of hairpieces or worn a wig or a toupee in order to cover this frustrating issue from the screens. Suddenly he came out in a clean-shaven head in addition to a full beard!  Like a lot of men in the Hollywood, John Travolta has invested his accumulation in many plastic and aesthetic surgeries and procedures. For instance facelifts, and in professional hair transplantation surgery too! Though approaching his 60s, John Travolta has looked ymuch ounger than before with the help of this magic. It’s likely that John Travolta has decided to get his hair transplantation with the technique by using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) rather than Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

What İs The FUE Technique?

The FUE hair transplantation technique, which means to “Follicle Unit Extraction” is the most advanced technique for hair transplantation. The FUE technique is surgical ans aesthetic modified of the follicles’ micro transplantation way. The surgeon extracts the follicles of the part you have already hair which call the donor site. For this stage he does not need to create any stitches and leaving scars. Then the doctor extracts these healthy follicle units in groups up to 4 in its normal groupings. To be honest, there is no other technique that we can compare with this hair transplantation technique. Because it is the only one that allows the extraction the follicles from the donor site by keeping its normal form.

What Are The Stages Of The FUE Hair Transplantation Technique?

As a patient, you are going to be under local anesthesia. Then the part where the surgeon transplants the hair, will be prepared for the FUE hair transplantation. The doctor collects these healthy hair follicles one by one. And at this stage the doctor prefers using the incision tips smaller than 1 mm (0.6 mm-0.8 mm) by the FUE motor. During this phase, it is very crucial that the healthy hair follicles are not damaged. In this phase the doctors take thousands of roots from the part that you have already hair. After all hair follicles are collected, the surgeon starts transplantation process after separation. He need to open the channels up very carefully for the transplantation phase. Canal opening requires the highest level sensitivity and experience as much as root picking.

What Are The Stages Of The FUE Hair Transplantation Technique?

When this opening process is done, the doctor prefers using the lateral slit method instead of the punch system.This method provides incisions suitable for the natural appearance of the hair. Furthermore, opening channels suitable for the size and length of the hair follicle is the golden key fort his procedure. Because this factor has directly depth affect the rate of hair growth process in hair transplantation. One of the other important factors is the angle of the channel where the doctor transplants the healthy hair follicles.

The most crucial factor in getting natural outer look on your head is the angles. These transplanted hair should imitate the natural ones. In this factor, it is really significant to have an experienced surgeon in the procedure. If not, unfortunately you are not going to have the desires look and shape in your hair. The second factor on the natural look is the correct determination of the hairline. The forehead area and the area where the hair starts need to be invented in suitable symmetry and proportions.

What Are The Differences Between FUE And FUT Techniques?

Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation might sound quite similar, but they are indeed very different and distinctive. John Travolta’s hair transplantation technique FUE starts with the removal of follicles from donor sites of the scalp instead of cut from the donor area like in FUT. These follicles are extracted with a specialist tool. When removed, the follicle units are placed under a microscope and prepared for transplantation to the recipient site. But in FUT the doctor slices the flesh into much smaller units after the extraction in order to prepare it for insertion. The extent of flesh got away from the head refers FUT is less discrete than John Travolta’s hair transplantation, and large scarring tends to emerge on the back of the head. After the FUT procedure, the patient is going to have to keep their hair longer in order to hide the back of head.

What Are The Differences Between FUE And FUT Techniques?

John Travolta’s hair transplantation technique FUE can be typically more successful than other hair restoration products and tablets and so on.Nevertheless, there are some crucial points to rethink about them. Approximately from 10 to 85 percent of transplanted hair are going to grow back in at least third or fourth month after the hair transplantation operation. But as a patient should not ignore that the transplanted hair is like a natural hair. In other words it gets thin or weaker over time like a natural hair on your head.

However, apart from really big expectations, you can get this magical procedure easily without any pain. After a short surf on internet you catch many opportunities to benefit this modern technique to get back your youth appearance. Just a few clicks and a tiny courage, you can gain your confident outer look in your social environment. Moreover, are you can feel yourself more satisfied with your semblance in daily routine. Like every person who experiences the same problems in your age, you can overcome from it with an aesthetic surgery. Why do not you invest your accumulation, which you get exhausted for it, for your self well-being? Why do not give it a try once and see what is happening after this modern magic?