Today we talk about James Nesbitt’s Hair Transplantation topic. James Nesbitt is a famous actor who was born in 1965. In addition to his actor career he is also a television presenter. He had won several prizes such as the British Comedy Award, National Television Award. People met with him significantly in Waking Ned. He had played in many films, series but the most mesmerizing one is Hobbit.

From Northern Ireland the 45 year old James Nesbitt was one of the candidates for Golden Globe. Nowadays there has been revealing a whispering about him. According to this secret, he joined in the group of rtists who got a hair transplantation. But he expressed that this magical technique has changed his life. The latest photos have emerged showing him with a much denser and fuller head of hair!

What is this life-changing technique?

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical technique that takes hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. The surgeons prefer this technique to treat male typical baldness. Moreover, it is effective to restore beard hair, chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair. In order to fill in scars due to the accidents and previous transplantations or face-lifts it is excellent. The modern hair transplantation techniques collect and transplant hair follicle units in their innate grouping. The reason is gaining quite natural appearance by imitating the original hair conformance.

Does Hair Transplantation Work?

This aesthetic surgery procedure can be typically more successful than other hair restoration products and tablets and so on. Nevertheless, there are some crucial points to rethink about them. Approximately from 10 to 85 percent of transplanted hair are going to grow back in at least third or fourth month after the hair transplantation operation. But as a patient should not ignore that the transplanted hair is like a natural hair. In other words it gets thin or weaker over time like a natural hair on your head.

In order to work for you, you should have got balding or thinning up naturally or lost hair. This hair loss might be due to an injury or the previous surgeries and so on. Most hair transplantation are done with your already existing hair follicles. Because of this it does not work for some people as effective as like other patients. If you experience a widespread thinning up and getting bald totally, unfortunately you should look for another solution for hair loss. If you have hair loss due to chemotherapy or other tablets and medications, this technique is not possible for you. In addition to them the fact of thick scalp scars from surgeries or accidents make it impossible for you.

James Nesbitt’s Hair Transplantation

There is a true fact about James Nesbitt. He was dealing with a frustrating and embarrassing problem with his hair: hairloss! He had begun to lose his hair but thanks to hair trasnplantation procedure, he could get rid of this most common probem in the society. James Nesbitt’s hair transplantation was quite successful and he was mesmerized with the desired result.  Before James Nesbitt’s hair transplantation, he was suffering with his poor and weak hair.  He talked about the surgery process and his feelings.

He had mentioned that he had experienced losing his hair several year ago and like most men it was a big issue for him. Actually this problem had turned into a obsession for him. On the other hand he was an actor and he always was in the public eye.  He thought that this frustrating and embarrassing situation could have influenced his career and it was not a pleasure to imagine for him. James Nesbitt’s hair transplantation was done in two times and as you can realize that he was very pleased with the current results. He said that James Nesbitt’s hair transplantation had changed his life completely.

However, apart from these really big expectations, you can get this magical procedure easily without any pain. After a short surf on internet you catch many opportunities to benefit this modern technique to get back your youth appearance. Just a few clicks and a tiny courage, you can gain your confident outer look in your social environment. Moreover, you can feel yourself more satisfied with your semblance in daily routine. Like every person who experiences the same problems in your age, you can overcome from it with an aesthetic surgery. Why do not you invest your accumulation, which you get exhausted for it, for your self well-being? Why do not give it a try once and see what is happening after this modern magic?

Possibilities in Hair Transplantation Procedure

Most people have limited knowledge on the hair transplantation aesthetic surgeries, or they did not even know about it. Due to lack of information, they can not find their actual needs to solve this embarrassing issue. Probably some of them are going to approach these innovative solutions on the hair loss problem. They even can not imagine that the solution is in their body in their inside! They are going to need just an experienced experts’ help for getting a hair transplantation procedure. Especially finding trustworthy surgeons is quite imperative because most clinics prefer using fake reviews to get more patients. Unfortunately there is an option that they might disappoint with their results after the procedure. As a patient you might have encountered with this situation in despair if you choose a clinic without any foreknowledge.

Nevertheless, the hair transplantation all around the world has become enormously appealing. The most logical reason is that some clinics offer really qualified operations with much cheaper prices. Moreover, these affordable prices include all-inclusive package opportunities and that makes the huge difference with other industries. It is true that the black market for the hair transplant procedures in the world. However, if you find a trustworthy hair transplant clinic, you get an excellent procedure for sure. Due to the overwhelming competitive marketplace for the hair transplantation have forced many clinics to improve their facilities. Because they need to stay in business in an active way by improving their craft.

Like James Nesbitt, Hair Transplantation Can Turn Your Life Around


In the case of James Nesbitt, hair transplantation allowed him to restore his thinning hair. After doing extensive research, the star chose to have a hair transplant procedure in order to restore his natural hairline. Nesbitt underwent a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant. Nesbitt’s experience with hair transplantation is not uncommon; many people choose to have this procedure done in order to restore their hairline and boost their confidence. Since everyone’s hair loss is different, the cost of hair transplant itself will be different for all.


The advantage of this method is that it leaves no visible scarring and allows for a more natural look. The procedure itself takes around six hours and is performed under local anesthetic. You can expect some discomfort for a couple of days after surgery and can go back to work fairly quickly. Like it was for James Nesbitt, hair transplantation shows immediate results. After the surgery, it will only take a few weeks for you to notice the results, and within a few months, your hair will look natural. For more information about the process, get in touch with a hair transplant doctor.