Whether the is gastric sleeve worth it is a matter of curiosity in the minds of many. There is no clear answer to this. It varies from person to person. The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is an important life-changing step. During a sleeve gastrectomy, about 50% to 85% of the stomach comes out, leaving a tube-like stomach the size and shape of a banana. This surgery does not require any implantable devices or rerouting the bowel.

Removing most of the stomach is the only variable in the digestive system. However, it has a far-reaching effect. First, there is less food and fluid in the stomach. A shrunken abdomen is an effective reason to aid weight loss. Also, the other reason is that most of the abdomen is protruded during the surgery and the part of the stomach that produces ghrelin is also removed. Ghrelin is a hormone that travels from the stomach to the brain and signals the stomach to have enough food. That is the feeling of satiety.

Is Gastric Sleeve Worth It and What are the Advantages of Tube Stomach Surgery?

Gastric sleeve operations are very common nowadays. You should know that they will take 80 percent of your stomach in this application. You will have a new stomach during the procedure. Back
The remaining stomach re-forms like a tube. Laparoscopic methods come to the fore in sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. With this feature, the patient recovers in a shorter time and returns to his daily life. After sleeve gastrectomy operations, the patient loses most of their excess weight.

Sleeve gastrectomy operations end in 1.5 – 2 hours on average. In the operation, especially the exit and entrance parts of the stomach are preserved. Also, in terms of health, thanks to the continuity in the digestive system It has many advantages. With this feature, the risk in sleeve gastrectomy operations is quite low. The reason for this is that it consists of closed methods.

Is Gastric Sleeve Worth It and Who Is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

  • Gastric sleeve surgery is not a suitable method for every obese patient. Various criteria stand out for candidates who are suitable for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. These criteria are:
  • In addition, the patient’s body mass index should be 40.
  • The patient’s body mass index should be 35 and above. However, there must be health problems caused by obesity.
  • Also, the patient should be in a position to comprehend the responsibilities required by the operation, that is, he should be mentally stable.
  • After the surgery, he/she should be in a position to follow the doctor’s instructions and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • In addition, it is out of question to talk about the exact age ranges to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The patient’s health status and the characteristics of the disease are decisive for the surgery. In addition, in general 18-60
  • Also, this operation is suitable for patients between the ages of 10 and 18. Gastric sleeve surgeries are procedures that use closed methods today. Since it is an operation performed with small incisions applied from the stomach, the patient
    recovery time is also short.

With Which Method Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgeries stand out with the closed laparoscopic method. It also gives very successful results with robotic surgery called crane robot. In robotic surgery, the arms of the robot require the assistance of a specialist. There is no hand shaking or faulty operation with this operation. This is a great advantage. Abdominal muscles and membranes are not cut in laparoscopic procedures. For this reason, serious pain does not occur and the patient returns to daily life in a shorter time. Patients can start walking the evening after surgery. After sleeve gastrectomy operations, 70 percent of the excess weight disappears.

However, after the operation, the patient needs to take vitamin supplements continuously. In general, patients should turn healthy eating and exercise into a life habit after the operation. Thus, it is not possible to regain weight. However, if you eat constantly and prefer a life away from exercise, you can gain weight again. Although the weight you have gained will never return to the way it was before the surgery, in rare cases, re-operation may be required.

Will There Be Any Scars in Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

Laparoscopic methods are used in almost all obesity surgeries. Thanks to the operations performed with the closed method, the scar of the operation is very low. Therefore, there is no problem in terms of aesthetics. With this laparoscopic method, 4 holes with a diameter of 8 millimeters are formed in the abdomen and the process ends through these holes. These holes are closed with aesthetic methods. Therefore, there is no trace of value after the operation.

Gastric sleeve surgery, which aims to treat the obesity problem, also supports the treatment of obesity-related problems. Some of these diseases are; weight-related respiratory disorders (asthma), diabetes, hypertension, joint disorders, herniated disc, polycystic ovary and similar diseases. As soon as weight loss starts after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, improvements occur in these diseases.

If you have been treated or had surgery within the scope of obesity surgery, you should stop smoking. Because smoking triggers the formation of ulcers and leads to more serious health problems. For this reason, if you are consuming cigarettes, you should use gastric protective pills during this period. Of course, the healthiest thing to do is to quit smoking and alcohol. If you are a smoker, you should not smoke for 15 days after sleeve gastrectomy. Smoking increases the risk of some stomach ailments as well as ulcers.

Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Provide Efficiency?

In order to ensure full efficiency of sleeve gastrectomy, you should stick to the diet program. You should also pay attention to nutrition and take vitamin and mineral supplements regularly when necessary. At this point, you should stick to your specific nutrition program. You must strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations and schedule. You should not take any vitamin, food or medication supplements without your doctor’s knowledge.

Finally, instead of seeing the nutrition program given by your doctor for a short time, you should try to make it a habit. Keep in mind that your future life will develop within the framework of this program. Is gastric sleeve worth you should talk to your doctor for questions and more.

Is Gastric Sleeve Safe to Get?


Regarding whether is gastric sleeve safe, yes, this weight loss surgery is generally safe to get. The risk of complications from the surgery is low and most patients experience a full recovery in two to three weeks. Additionally, studies have shown that gastric sleeve surgery leads to long-term weight loss and improved quality of life for most patients. As with most types of weight loss surgery, it is important to discuss the risks with your doctor beforehand. Your doctor will evaluate your health history and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure. They will also provide you with information on how to prepare properly for the procedure, as well as what to expect during and after the surgery itself.

Taking some time to learn more about this procedure can help you make an informed decision that is right for you. If you do decide that the answer for you is also yes to whether is gastric sleeve safe, make sure that you communicate openly and honestly with your doctor before the surgery for weight loss takes place. With proper preparation and a commitment to lifestyle changes after the procedure, gastric sleeves can be a safe way to achieve weight loss goals and improve overall health.