One of the biggest questions in the minds of many people who are considering gastric sleeve surgery is gastric sleeve reversible. Let us see details of this question. Surgery is serious business. This is true. But the things that obese people will experience without surgery are also very serious. Obesity occurs as a result of the combination of people’s sedentary lives and unhealthy eating habits. When consuming too many calories and taking unhealthy calories and not being able to burn these calories are combined, people start to gain weight. If this order continues like this, weight gain is inevitable. The body of people with obesity holds more fat than normal.

The increased adipose tissue also secretes harmful secretions to the human body. These secretions make the person susceptible to many diseases. These diseases are diseases such as heart diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and blood pressure. Obese people get very tired even when doing daily activities. They can’t climb stairs and even short walks tire them out. At this point, it is necessary to find a solution to the obesity disease. One of these solutions is gastric sleeve operation. This operation carries some risks, it’s true. But it is also true that thousands of obese people get their health back every year thanks to this surgery. Patients who want to have this surgery have some doubts. One of these doubts is gastric sleeve reversible.


People have the question of is gastric sleeve reversible. These people are mostly obesity patient. Obesity is the abnormal level of adipose tissue in the body as a result of excessive weight gain. This situation is also very dangerous. To detect that a person is obese, doctors calculate the body mass index. The logic of this index calculation is as follows. A person’s weight is divided by their height. Weight should be taken in kg and height in meters. People with a body mass index over 30 are considered obese by doctors all over the world. If the body mass index is over 40%, it means that the person is morbidly obese. Unfortunately, studies show that it is impossible for obese and morbidly obese people to lose their weight with methods such as diet and exercise. The probability of achieving this is less than 2%.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before mentioning about the question of is gastric sleeve reversible, let us mention about the gastric sleeve surgery’s details. Physicians perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery with a closed method. No doctor anywhere in the world does this surgery with the open method. This surgery is also known as stomach reduction surgery and weight loss surgery among the people. There are many types of weight loss surgery. But this method is the most popular. Gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular slimming surgery method in the world. This surgery, which was performed for the first time in 1988, has become the hope of obese people. In the first years, the surgery was only performed by doctors using the open method.

The first closed gastric sleeve surgery was performed in 1999. In 2009, the closed method began to be preferred all over the world. Today, this surgery is still performed by doctors using the closed method. The closed method has many advantages. For example, the healing process is much faster. In this surgery, large incisions are not made. A 0.5 cm hole is drilled. For this reason, there is no scar, so the patient does not need to worry about aesthetics. Since it is done with the closed method, the patient suffers less pain and pain. The reason people avoid this surgery is because its risks are so popular. Leakage is the most common of these risks. Now we can talk about the question of is gastric sleeve reversible.

Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?

Let us come to the answer to the question of is gastric sleeve reversible. Gastric sleeve surgery is not like putting a cuff on the stomach. And there is no complicated order in this surgery as in gastric bypass surgery. After a while, patients become able to eat anything. Because the stomach is an expanding organ. Gastric sleeve surgery is a permanent procedure. So, it is impossible to get it back. In this surgery, the doctor cuts a large part of the stomach. And it re-sews the stomach and gives it a smaller shape. For this reason, this surgery is not reversible.

The Answer of The Question of Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?

Since most of the stomach is cut in gastric sleeve surgery, this surgery is irreversible. The gastric sleeve surgery is not reversible. This question is one of the most curious questions of people who want to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The answer to this question is also no.

How is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

Today, no doctor performs sleeve gastrectomy surgery with open method. All doctors perform this surgery with the laparoscopic method. Laparoscopic method means closed method. The specialist doctor first makes a 0.5 cm hole in the abdomen. Then they insert a thin tube through this hole. Then the doctor cuts a large part of the stomach. In other words, this corresponds to 80%. Finally, it sutures the stomach. In this way, the food capacity of the stomach decreases. The patient starts to feel hungry at later intervals after the surgery. His appetite is also greatly reduced. Another positive aspect of this surgery is that it reduces insulin resistance.

There is no problem in the entrance and exit of the stomach during the procedure. Because the doctor does not change the stomach connections in this technique. Therefore, this surgery is not as complicated and risky as it is known. The doctor inflates the stomach before finishing the surgery. This is because the purpose of the and controls is to check that the seams are straight and to minimize the risk of leakage. Then the doctor finishes the operation. You may have questions about this surgery, such as is gastric sleeve reversible. But every year, three thousands of patients regain their health with this surgery.

Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible If It Doesn’t Work for Me?


Yes, it is possible to reverse a gastric sleeve procedure if the patient finds that it is not working for them, giving you an answer to “is gastric sleeve reversible?” The reversal process involves reconnecting the parts of the stomach that were separated during the original procedure, allowing food to again pass through as normal and restoring a patient’s ability to eat larger portions. However, reversal surgery is an extensive and complex process, so it is important to work closely with your doctor if you are considering this option and learn about  “what to expect after gastric sleeve surgery reversal as side effects?” Ultimately, talking with your doctor should be your first step in making this decision. Your doctor can provide more detailed information about what reversing a gastric sleeve involves and help you determine if this is the best path for you.

Additionally, there are alternative treatments available for patients who find that their gastric sleeve isn’t providing them with the desired results. Revision surgery may be an option in some cases, or lifestyle changes such as better nutrition and exercise may be recommended instead. We hope this article was informative in “is gastric sleeve reversible?”