Some people who cannot lose weight by dieting find the best solution to gastric sleeve surgery. The question in their mind is: Is gastric sleeve covered by insurance? Every healthy person gain weight. And he loses the weight he gains over time. This is a pretty normal cycle. But not everyone’s metabolism works the same way. Or not every person has a healthy body enough to lose weight. Sometimes, due to the drugs used in certain treatments, people can gain weight that is very difficult to lose. At this point, dietitians’ step in first. Sometimes the patient achieves successful results. Sometimes diets don’t work when a person combines the condition with psychological problems. In this case, surgeries to lose weight come into play. One of these operations is gastric sleeve surgery. Then people think: Is gastric sleeve covered by insurance?


Obesity means that as a result of excessive weight gain, the rate of fat in the body reaches a level that impairs the functioning of the body. The “body mass index” is looked at to see if a person is obese. To calculate the body mass index, the doctor measures the person’s height and weight. You then need to divide the person’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters. If the result is over 30, it means that the person is obese. If the result is over 40, this person is considered morbidly obese. The adipose tissue in people’s bodies secretes chemicals in a way that affects the entire functioning. As the adipose tissues secrete these substances, the person begins to feel hungry faster. The person’s appetite increases and the satiety threshold rises. Being above your healthy weight threatens you in every sense.

In addition, you may become unable to do even normal activities such as walking and climbing. That means your quality of life is reduce greatly. Obesity can occur for many reasons. These reasons are psychological, drug use, metabolic problems, and hormonal disorders. For this reason, if it is the treatment of a person with obesity, more than one doctor should work together. There is more than one type of surgery performed to enable the person to lose weight. One of these surgeries is gastric sleeve surgery. However, not everyone’s financial situation may be suitable for these surgeries. For this reason, people are constantly researching is gastric sleeve covered by insurance.

Is Gastric Sleeve Covered by Insurance?

Is gastric sleeve covered by insurance is a question on the minds of people struggling with obesity. The answer to this question is not the same in every country. Because every country’s healthcare system is different. Let’s see how the situation is in Turkey. Patients with a body mass index above 30 are considered obese. However, insurance does not cover gastric sleeve surgery of a patient with normal insurance and a body mass index above 30. The insurance only covers the surgery of morbid obese patients. Morbidly obese means body mass index over 40. In order for these people to have free stomach surgeries, they must get approval from the relevant departments of the hospitals. Otherwise, they cannot operate.

Is Gastric Sleeve Covered by Insurance in Private Hospitals?

If you are a regular insurer and are obese, you may consider stomach surgery. This is quite normal. The state pays for stomach surgeries of morbidly obese patients. However, doctors perform these surgeries only in public hospitals free of charge. Some patients do not trust public hospitals much. Instead, he may want to have surgery in private hospitals. Also, these patients are researching the subject of is gastric sleeve covered by insurance in private hospitals. According to the information we have obtained on this subject, patients have to fully pay for these surgeries in private hospitals. Of course, you can also have a very comprehensive private health insurance. In this case, get detailed information by calling the contracted hospitals.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before doing is gastric sleeve covered by insurance research, you should learn the details of the surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by doctors with a closed method. The other name of the closed surgery technique is the laparoscopic technique. As in open surgeries, the doctor does not open the scars in this surgery. In closed surgeries, it is sufficient for the doctor to open an incision of approximately 0.5 cm. The purpose of this hole is to send the camera and treatment tools through these holes into the abdomen. While performing the surgery, the surgeon simultaneously examines the surgical area shown by the camera on the screen in front of him.

Surgery performed with closed technique is much faster. In addition, in this method, the healing process is much faster and painless, as doctors make large incisions. In this surgery, the doctor puts the patient to sleep with general anesthesia. Then it takes 3/4 of the stomach. The most important point of this surgery is suture and bleeding control. The doctor should check the stitches around the stomach and make sure there is no bleeding. The doctor inflates the stomach to see if the stitches are OK. With this process, he sees the problem in the seams, if any, and then solves it. After the final checks, the doctor first removes the tube she sent to the abdomen. And ends the operation by performing the necessary procedures.

The Hospital Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

After sleeve gastrectomy, the patient is expected to wake up in the operating room. Nurses monitor your pulse, respirationi and blood pressure. After waking up with the effect of anesthesia, the patient may feel dizzy and feel nauseous. The morale and emotions of the patient, who gradually recovered from the effect of anesthesia, are the same as before the surgery. For this reason, it is very important for the patient’s relatives and the doctor to exhibit behaviors that increase the morale and motivation of the patient before the operation. After the operation, the patient may have pain.

These pains will be relieved with the serums to be given by the nurses. During his stay in the hospital, the patient’s condition is closely followed by doctors and nurses. In a possible suspicious situation, quick response will be positive for the patient. You don’t have to worry about normal aches and pains during your hospital stay.

Is Gastric Sleeve Covered by Insurance? What You Should Know?


You’re thinking about the gastric balloon procedure, and the question arises: “is gastric sleeve covered by insurance?”. The answer to this question depends completely on your insurance plan. What you need to know is whether the gastric balloon weight loss is considered to be an essential part of your healthcare. Insurance companies will almost always consider essential medical treatment a necessity. It really depends on how important it is to your health and standard of living. You need to speak to your healthcare provider and your doctor before making any decisions. The decision to go through with the gastric balloon procedure also depends on any ongoing medical issues that you already face.

Questions like “how much is a gastric balloon going to cost?” may also come to mind. There is a chance that your insurance company might refuse to pay, and you might have to pay out of pocket. For these financial decisions, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge. Getting in touch with a good clinic that will guide you is the way to go. So, whenever you’re wondering, “is gastric balloon covered by insurance?”, the answer is that it depends on the plan and clinic you’re getting the treatment from.