Is DHI hair transplantation good? Before you ask this question, you may wonder what DHI is. DHI is the abbreviation of the word which is Direct Hair Implant. Moreover, DHI hair transplantation is one of the Fue hair transplant technique. If you are tired of hair loss, we recommend you to research hair transplantation. If you do not have that much time, please do not worry. We have researched DHI hair transplantation for you. Now you will have strong and healthy hair with DHI hair transplantation. So really is DHI hair transplant good? Before questioning whether the DHI method is good or not, it is useful to remind hair transplantation is DHI hair transplant good? Are you starting to wonder about this question? So let’s get started. If you are ready, you will learn about DHI hair transplantation in this article.

What Is DHI Hair Transplantation?

Do you want healthy, long and powerful hair? Do you want to have long and powerful hair and look beautiful? If your answer is yes, we recommend DHI hair transplantation. Is DHI hair transplant good? DHI hair transplantation is one of the hair transplant techniques. Is DHI hair transplant good?  DHI hair transplantation is good way of hair transplantation .What is hair transplantation?  It is the name given to the addition of hair follicles taken from the neck to your non-hair side.

If you want to do hair transplantation, you will choose between FUT and FUE hair transplantation. FUT hair transplantation is not preferred nowadays because it causes a lot of bleeding. Moreover, you may have stitch marks due to this technique. When you use it in the FUE technique, your bleeding will be less. Hair transplantation is easier and more successful way of the FUE technique. On the other hand, the Fue technique includes many different methods. One of them is the DHI hair transplantation method. Is DHI hair transplant good? It is a good method. Because it provides fast hair transplantation.

Steps Of DHI Hair Transplant

Is DHI hair transplant good? It is good because it is so easy and practical. Before DHI hair transplantation, health examinations are performed. Then you sign a form for DHI hair transplantation. Before DHI hair transplantation, your doctor determines your frontal hairline because a preliminary study is required to determine the number of grafts you will need. When DHI hair transplantation is done, hair is taken from your neck. Is DHI hair transplant good? In DHI hair transplantation, you get your hair follicles without a channel. During DHI hair transplantation, you will suffer less by taking local anesthesia. After that, you should get ready for dense hair. Is DHI hair transplant good? Thanks to DHI hair transplant, you will look more beautiful or handsome than before. Moreover, you have to wait about 6 months for strong hair.

What Distinguishes DHI Hair Transplant From Other FUE Hair Transplant Techniques?

First of all, the DHI hair transplant is one of the FUE hair transplantation techniques. Is DHI hair transplant good? It is good and perfect technique. Because it is a new way of FUE hair transplantation.  What is the difference between   DHI hair transplant   and the other methods of FUE hair transplantation? The difference of the DHI is that the doctor places the hair follicles in the non-hair area without using channels. As you know, in FUE hair transplantation technique uses channeling   method for hair transplantation. Moreover, FUE hair transplantation technique has   3 different types of channel opening for hair transplantation. Is DHI hair transplant good?  Thanks to DHI hair transplant, you do not have to wait the channel for your hair follicles.

Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplantation Compared To Other Techniques Of Hair Transplantation

Is DHI hair transplant good?  Do you know the benefits of DHI hair transplant?  Compared to other hair transplant techniques, your hair follicles hold on to your scalp more quickly. In this way, you will have more powerful   hair. Thanks to DHI hair transplant, there will be no scabs on your scalp. However, your scalp will not be scarred. Moreover, your hair grows more quickly in this way. So, you will get your hair in the shortest time.  In the FUE Gold hair transplant technique, the needle tips are gold.

The difference from DHI hair transplant is that channels are used here. On the other hand, in Fue sapphire hair transplantation, the needle tips are sapphire. Moreover, it is used in sapphire because it has health benefits. However, doctors use a special pen for DHI hair transplant. Is DHI hair transplant good?   Because, no channels are made in the scalp when you use DHI hair transplant.  Everything is that easy with DHI hair transplantation.  Moreover, you will be friends with mirrors at the end of 6 months.

Who Can Do DHI Hair Transplant?

Is DHI hair transplant good? Can anyone who is children, women or men have a DHI hair transplant? DHI hair transplant is frequently preferred by women or men who have hair problems. Is it a difficult procedure? Can anyone have a hair transplant procedure?  Is DHI hair transplant good? Hair transplantation is difficult procedure. But you get less tired than other hair transplants because DHI hair transplant is fast. On the other hand, the pens used in DHI hair transplantation are special. Hair follicles are collected through these pens. Hair transplantation is done in the fastest way.

Is DHI hair transplant good?  DHI is a good choice for hair transplantation. But you should be careful because, you can do DHI hair transplantation if you do not have any health problems. Please you should tell your doctor, especially if you have heart problems. Because, doctors do not recommend any hair transplantation if someone   has heart problems even with DHI hair transplantation. If you are enough healthy for DHI hair transplant, we recommend you Aslı Tarcan Clinic. Because Aslı Tarcan Clinic makes their job with professional and carefully. So when you think DHI hair transplant, Aslı Tarcan Clinic comes to mind.