How To Make My Penis Bigger? Why do men believe this? Where does the extra length really come from? It hurts? How to urinate afterwards? These are all common questions vital to understanding the complexity of this growing aesthetic process among men. There are countless reasons why men consider penis enlargement surgery, but for most men who disagree, it all depends on the extra confidence that a larger penis has.

It may not be as acceptable for a man to have cosmetic surgery as it is for women, but it is definitely becoming more common and less taboo. If a person is capable enough to undergo surgery 4-5 hours under general anesthesia, then he can do it. There are some smaller processes on the market that do not have the same effect. They can be done with sedation, but it is best done with a general anesthetic in a properly accredited hospital.

The checklist also includes:

  • Assess if the patient has psychological problems
  • Doctors measure patients to see where they are on the international scale of penis sizes
  • Patients are then informed about the size of their penis versus “penis stretch length” – a measurement of the penis sitting under a bell curve (not intended)
  • This bell curve divides men into 50% (total penis size), 25% width (larger penis) and the remaining 25% (smaller penis)
  • 50% of men who undergo surgery belong to the general penis size group
  • Smaller penis men are informed about where they are on the curve, as well as larger penis men

Just because someone is greater than the fifth percentile does not mean that we are not doing the function. If they really want a bigger penis and everything else is the same, then we will definitely be ready to do it. However, the majority of patients are either average in size or smaller.

Where does the extra foreskin come from?

No, not your eyelids. It is achieved from the genital area with a device from which the penis protrudes.

We do not need to cut it from somewhere else like skin grafts. It is a perfect rearrangement of the infrared skin to dress the extra axis. What we basically did was lengthen the penis by bringing in more than the overweight penis before. The best way to understand this is with a simple sink ratio. Think of a bending tube under your sink and this is basically your penis. Whatever the pipe does between the inlet of the sink and the floor does not change the length. Straighten the S curve and the tube grows. And this is the same principle we use in penis enlargement. In other words, there is a spare penis in your body. The surgeons simply cut some strategic ligaments to extend part of this penis. Very simple, right?

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Painful?

Not if you follow the protocol, according to experts. General anesthesia during surgery in combination with a local anesthetic usually provides a painless experience, which may last one and a half to two days after surgery. As long as they are properly supported according to our postoperative guidelines, there is very little pain.

There is, however, a small issue of urination. Men after surgery may spray a little for a few days and this is normal. They just have to take precautions when going to the bathroom to avoid chaos. Meeting is probably the easiest solution here.

Once life returns to normal, so does urination.

How long does it take to heal?

All soft tissues that require surgery take at least six months to heal completely. Penis enlargement is no different.

Patients spend:

  • First two weeks after surgery on a bed in bed from penis enlargement
  • This prevents tissue swelling and interference with the healing process
  • Patients can be mobilized for the next two weeks
  • Returning to work depends on the type of work the patient does.

An employee or something similar cannot return to work for six weeks. If they are passengers, they can return to work after four weeks.

Scar on the penis

Surprisingly, enlargement surgery does not cause scars on the penis.

If we make a graft with thermal fat, then there is a scar on the lower abdomen, but this is because we have to lift the grafts to enlarge the  The length of the penis determines how big the scar is. but it is on the natural side, like an abdominal scar in the lower abdomen.

When you can have sex again

Well, it certainly does not make sense to extend your bamboo if you can not even give the edge.

There is a six-week ban on sex and any form of weight lifting greater than 0.5 kg. This means violent physical activity such as hitting the gym.

After six weeks, patients can return to the gym. Full penile flexibility does not return in just six months, but sex is possible after six weeks.

Ensuring a bigger and healthier penis

When everything is done and dusted, there is a 12 month follow-up period to make sure everything is working smoothly.

Part of the problem is the rearrangement of the anatomy somewhat, the body is trying to undo it. Therefore, we must prevent this by doing certain types of stretching exercises to ensure that the scar remains fully stretched where it was at the end of the surgery. They should continue to do so until the marks mature and do not mature for up to 9-12 months.

Your last tip

If you are serious about enlargement, then it is best to talk directly to a professional surgeon who has done this type of cosmetics in the past. Very successful surgeons work in our clinic.

Most surgeons have their own patented techniques, so it is important to understand the differences and what each professional has to offer. If the enlargement surgery is done correctly, it is completely safe. You can consult our clinic to ask what you wonder about the surgery.

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So, you are looking for non-surgical ways of increasing the size of your penis but are wondering, “do penis enlargement pills really work?”. The short answer is mostly no. There is no scientific evidence that any kind of pill or supplement can permanently enlarge the size of a man’s penis. In fact, some of these products may even be dangerous. The only proven way to increase penis size is through surgery. Surgery might sound like a drastic measure, but it is the right way to increase the length of your penis. The first thing you should ask is, “what is the p-shot?.” Finished results of the p-shot reveal an increase in penis size, which, depending on your medical history, carries its own risks and potential complications. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to increase your penis size, speak to your doctor about potential alternatives.

The second question you should ask is, “how much is a penis enlargement going to cost you?”. This depends largely on your insurance company and whether it is willing to do so. You will need to get in touch with your doctor for more information regarding the process. So, “do penis enlargement pills really work?,” unfortunately, there’s no real science to support it.