How To Enlarge Penis Not all but most of the men have the fear of having a small penis. Even though they do not directly tell us that they are afraid of having a small penis, they are most often secretly feel insecure about the size of their penis. This is mostly because they feel insecure about their own body and have body issues. Some of them seek therapy because of this issue. After a few sessions, the patient can feel more confident about their body image and this problem can be solved. But with people without this issue and just want to change their penis size by few inches, in this article, you can find the answer to questions such as how can I enlarge my penis, how to change the size of my penis and etc.

Ways to Enlarge Penis and How to Do it.

After you decide that you want your penis to be bigger, there are a lot of ways to change the size of it, but basically, there are two; medical and non-medical ways. Some of those can be a little bit dangerous but with professional help, people with the question of how can I enlarge my penis can achieve the look that they want. Now let’s look at the ways of how to enlarge a penis.

The three simple ways are trimming, losing weight, and getting fit. Trimming pubic hair can make your penis look actually big. Losing especially belly fat can show the actual size of your penis so this will also help. Getting fit makes you look slimmer so it creates an illusion of having a bigger penis. Now let’s look at the nonsurgical ways

Non-Surgical ways of Penis Enlargement.

The first thing is using pills and lotions. This is one of the most common ways among men who are not comfortable with the size of their penis. The pill and lotions they use mostly contain vitamins and hormones that said to enlarge the size of the penis. Even though there is no evidence that these pills and potions enlarge the penis and some pills may actually be harmful to the body, men still continue to use this stuff in their daily lives. However, losing lotions with their penises can help them to get to know their penis and may help with being more comfortable in their own skin.

The other approach is penis extenders. In this technique, you put on a weigh on a flaccid penis and pull it a little bit. This way it is believed that you can extend your penis. Though this technique is not approved by scientists and doctors and can cause serious harm to your penis, there are some cases where this technique was actually helpful.

The third technique is the Jelqing. This method also is not approved by the doctors but it allegedly helps with the size of the penis. You hold your flaccid penis with your fingers and pull it. This helps with the blood flow and helps with its length. Some people actually believe that this helps them with their penis size.

Lastly, the stretching. Stretching exercises include massaging the tissues of your penis with your palm. This is meant to stretch the skin and make micro-tears to the tissue. As they recover, the tissues can appear swollen, making your penis look longer. Consistency is necessary for any of these supposed results to be achieved.

Stretching Tools

There are some tools such as the penis pump. A penis pump is an air-filled, cylinder-shaped chamber where you connect to your pelvic region. It’s understood that they generate an instantaneous erection. Some rumors also say that regular usage can inevitably increase the length of your penis.

Penile devices for traction are also common. To change its curvature, the gadget pulls on the penis. To treat Peyronie’s disease, traction devices have been used, but further testing is needed to decide how successful they really are.

How to do it safely?

You should only do this when you have a flaccid penis. You should also stop if you feel any pain or if it does not feel right, then you are probably doing it wrong. should not be standing while doing these exercises. Do not rush anything while doing these and if something wrong happens immediately reach your doctor and get help from them.

Do these exercises in periods. For example, stretch the head part of your flaccid penis for 10 seconds and release it. Wait about 5 to 7 seconds and repeat the process again. You should do this for 5 minutes and not more since this may cause harm and laziness to your penis.

If you want to do this exercise with a penis pump, you have to follow these steps. First of all, place your penis inside the air-filled pump and gently suck the air out of it while pulling the pumper. This way you are making your penis erect. You can leave this for about 20 to 30 minutes. You can also do your everyday job while it is erected.

Possible Risks

It may cause big tears in the tissues or injury to the muscles and tendons that bind your penis to your body from being too rough on your penis. Such accidents can theoretically impair the ability to get an erection or to hold it. These exercises can also cause itching, bruising, numbness to the penis, and such.

The Results

You should be able to see the results in short terms if you keep doing it regularly in your daily life. Otherwise, these exercises might not help you at all and you can harm your penis. You also should be aware that these methods are not proven to be 100 percent true. If you want direct results, then you should go under some surgeries. That way you can get the outlook you want easily and very fast. But if you do not go under surgery and do not do these penis exercises regularly, do not get disappointed when you do not see any results.

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