How much weight loss with gastric sleeve is important. There are many different answers to how much weight loss with the gastric sleeve. As a result of the researches, it is seen that the patients who work in harmony with the doctor get rid of 60% of their excess weight. Losing mass with Gastric Sleeve surgery is more advantageous and practical in many ways. However, it is very important to follow the postoperative guideline and doctor’s recommendations in order to get the best results from the surgery.

Stegemann, Obesity Action Coalition research study shows that patients weight loss amount with gastric sleeve surgery is 60% of their excessive weight. The most important factor affecting this percentage of losing weight with gastric sleeve is body mass index. So having a female body or being extremely obese affects the numbers. It is possible to lose more than 50 kilos with gastric sleeve surgery.

Filling the stomach volume, which is extremely reduced with the surgery, with special diets, nutrition with frequent but small portions and using supplements are the main keys to the success and weight loss with gastric sleeve surgery.

For How Long and How Much Weight Loss With Gastric Sleeve

The researches on how long and how much weight loss with gastric sleeve is extremely interesting. Some cases appear to lose weight even 10 years after surgery. It is important not to allow the old eating habits to expand the stomach again after this surgery, the effect of which lasts for many years.

Doctors determine how long you want to lose weight with the gastric sleeve. If the patient is 200 lbs overweight, making him lose as much weight as 150 lbs in the short term opens the door to side effects. While losing weight, the adaptation of the body and the speed of metabolism are supported by both diet and exercise. For this reason, certain goals are given to the patient to lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery. Doctors usually target 18 months no matter how much weight loss with gastric sleeve needs. This time interval is extended with the patient’s response and attitude or shortened. Factors that determine the amount of weight loss will be after Gastric Sleeve surgery:

  • The patient’s body mass index, gender, age and psychological health,
  • Attitudes of the patient after Gastric sleeve surgery,
  • The patient’s adherence to the exercise plan while dieting to lose weight,
  • Regular use of vitamin and mineral supplements given for the patient’s health,
  • Eating little and often, making the right eating habits a lifestyle,
  • The patient’s self-control in emotional ups and downs and so on.

How Much Amount of Weight Loss With Gastric Sleeve in Short Term

The first 3 months after the operation is extremely striking for how much weight loss within the first year surgery. After gastric sleeve surgery, the width of the stomach is reduced by 75% to 85%, and therefore, patients cannot continue their old eating habits. This brings extremely successful results and the patient starts to lose weight immediately. Depending on the reaction of the metabolism, in some cases, weight loss is inevitable in the first 3 months, although there are cases where there is no weight loss in the first 2 months.

Amount of weight loss with gastric sleeve surgery depends on many variables. But patients can calculate their excessive weight amount easily by body mass index calculations. Researches show that patients with gastric sleeve lose 8 to 12 pounds each month.

According to the results of this research, a period of 1 year is sufficient to reach the ideal weight. Although doctors know that the patient will lose more weight, while preparing a diet plan, they are slow and cautious. The reason behind this is that there are no side effects such as diabetes, blood clots or heart failures. According to studies, it is possible to lose 60% of the excess weight in the first year after gastric sleeve surgery. This rate reaches 75% in the 2nd year and in some cases it takes 5 years to lose 60% weight. In all these examples, instead of how much weight loss can be expected with the gastric sleeve, how to lose weight in a healthy way is given more emphasis.

It is very important to lose weight in a healthy way, not to experience a collapse period and to get rid of the weight permanently. Healthy eating habits and exercise, a lifestyle after gastric sleeve surgery is the key to success.

How Much Weight Loss With Gastric Sleeve in Long Term

It is not important how much weight loss with the gastric sleeve surgery immediately. Gastric sleeve surgery is just leverage or a trump card used to regain health. In fact, all success in losing weight with gastric sleeve surgery belongs to the patient.

Patients who have gastric sleeve surgery can see the benefits of their small stomach even after 10 years. However, a secondary surgery is required for patients who cannot prevent psychological eating disorder. By eating too much food, they can expand their stomach, which has shrunk 80%. Unfortunately, in some cases, further weight loss with secondary stomach surgery is recommended. As a result of neglecting to consume small and frequent portions, it is necessary to have a new gastric sleeve surgery.

Cases as old as 10 years were examined to see weight enhancement with gastric sleeve can be achieved in the long term with gastric surgery Approximately 20 pounds of weight loss occurs in the first month after the surgery. Much more weight is lost in the second month. However, in the long term, some patients start to gain weight again. The reason behind the repeated weight gain of some patients in the long term is to get away from the new eating habits gained by the surgery over the years or to have a secondary disease.

With gastric sleeve surgery, it is possible to lose weight both in the short term and in the long term. The patient’s adaption to his/her new lifestyle and using gastric sleeve surgery as leverage is the key to success. The conscious patient who does not protect his own health in the postoperative period will always be successful.

How Much Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Can be Achieved with Proper Care?


Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective tool for weight loss, but to ensure successful and sustained weight loss, it needs to be combined with lifestyle changes. To answer the question “how much weight loss with gastric sleeve can be achieved with proper care?” it is common for individuals to lose 50-60% of their excess body weight within the first two years of surgery. Additionally, the new size of your stomach will aid in controlling hunger cravings, allowing you to maintain a healthier diet over time. With these changes and regular visits with your physician, you can see results that help improve your overall quality of life.


You should also anticipate continued support from your healthcare provider and ask them, “how much weight loss with gastric sleeve can be achieved with proper care?” to ensure your weight loss is victorious over the long term. Your doctor may guide dietary modifications or exercise recommendations that can help boost metabolism and encourage healthy habits long after surgery. Regular follow-up appointments with your physician are essential for ensuring you sustain progress with your weight loss goals. These lifestyle changes will contribute to a healthier life and lead to tremendous success after gastric sleeve surgery.