How Much Is Laser Eye Surgery? Laser eye surgery is applied to people with astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia in their eyes. Laser eye surgery saves the person who uses lenses or glasses, very quickly. The application is made after the doctor determines whether the laser eye surgery is suitable for the patient. As a result of the examinations performed at this point, the doctor finds an answer to the question of how much is laser eye surgery. Since not every patient’s eyes and the degree of the disorder are the same, the price is variable. At this point, it can be learned how much payment will be made with the doctor’s examination. In the pricing made specific to each patient, labor and material costs are calculated. Thus, the patient is informed on every subject.

It is the most important point to have laser eye surgery performed by an expert doctor in the field. To avoid any problems, specialist doctors can be visited in our clinic and the patients get information about the surgery. Thus, it is possible to have information about which procedure to be applied before the operation to pricing.

What Changes In Your Life With Laser Eye Surgery?

How Much Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

The most common complaint of patients with eye disorders is the use of glasses or lenses. Using glasses or lenses has become both difficult and uncomfortable for many patients over the years. Also, since the number of patients with visual impairment will change during the year, glasses or lenses should be changed. With the advancement of technology, vision disorders of the patients have been started to be treated within 10-15 minutes. Thanks to this laser eye surgery, there is no need to use glasses or lenses.

Thanks to laser eye surgery developed with technology, patients can regain their old health. In laser eye surgery, which is a very practical method of correction, the cornea layer is smoothed. In this way, eye refractions are corrected and visual defects are treated.

Thanks to eye laser surgery, patients can easily get rid of the discomfort in their eyes. Besides, laser eye surgery an extremely safe treatment. Almost all patients are treated without any problems. In laser eye surgery, which is an extremely fast treatment method, pricing is also made according to the patient. The degree of impairment in the eye, the strength of the eye, or the condition of the patient are among the factors that affect pricing.

Who Is Suitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

Whether the patient suitable for laser eye surgery or not determined by the examination by the doctor. If the patient found suitable as a result of certain tests, laser eye surgery is performed. However, if the patient is not found suitable, the existing problems are tried to be solved first. Later, laser eye surgery performed. Of course, if the health of some patients is not suitable in this whole process, laser eye surgery is not performed. The characteristics of candidates suitable for laser eye surgery are as follows:

  • People over the age of 18,
  • with suitable cornea thickness,
  • myopic up to -10 diopters,
  • astigmatism up to 6 diopters,
  • Persons with hyperopia up to +4 diopters,
  • Those who do not have systematic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism,
  • who do not have any other diseases in their eyes,
  • whose eye number has not changed in the last 1 year,
  • who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Based on all these, eye laser surgery not performed for candidates who do not have the above features.

Laser eye surgery does not cause any vision problems. Purpose in treatment; It is to reduce the vision and refraction defects in the eye to zero. Laser eye surgery performed to eliminate the use of glasses or lenses after treatment. However, although the rate is low, some patients may continue to use glasses after treatment. This is again related to the patient’s degree of eye disorder and suitability. If the patient has an eye disorder after treatment, an average of 6 months is expected. After 6 months, laser eye surgery can be applied to the patient again.

Who Is Not Suitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery, a technological method that discontinues the use of glasses and lenses, an extremely simple procedure. However, it can only be applied to the patient with the doctor’s approval. The doctor’s approval is reported to the patient after the examination. Most of the time, patients who have some risks in this surgery, where patients are suitable, are not approved for surgery. The common characteristics of patients who cannot undergo laser eye surgery are as follows:

  • Patients with structural defects in the cornea,
  • Patients whose corneal thickness is insufficient for surgery,
  • Those with severe dry eye disease,
  • Patients with eye pressure,
  • Patients under the age of 18,
  •  Laser method cannot be applied to patients whose eye number changes more than +0.5 in the last 1 year.

Also, the laser method is not applied in patients with connective tissue diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes, rheumatism, HIV positive. In addition to all these, since the effects of the cornea on hormones are not known, laser eye surgery not applied to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you also want to have laser eye surgery, you can come to our clinic and get detailed information and an appointment. As a result of the examination performed by specialist doctors in the field, you can learn the answers to questions such as How much is laser eye surgery, how long laser eye surgery takes, suitability for the surgery, and how the prices are determined.