How Much Does it Cost For Hair Transplant? Hair transplantation is becoming increasingly popular, and hair transplantation prices are changing to keep up with demand. How much does it cost for hair transplant? Our primary priority as an Istanbul hair transplant center is to restore everyone’s hair. For this reason, we endeavor to provide the most appropriate and affordable hair transplantation.

How much does it cost for hair transplant? We determine the hair transplantation pricing based on the amount of hair follicles, or grafts, as the Istanbul hair transplantation center, which is the address for affordable and high-quality hair transplantation. We are the most desired hair transplantation clinic because we strive to complete the most hair transplanting in a single session.

What Factors Affect Hair Transplant Prices?

Hair transplantation prices can be decide by the number of grafts as well as the number of hair transplantation sessions at hair transplantation centers. How much does it cost for hair transplant? The hair transplant price can be determine base on the hair, as we did with another criteria in determining the price of a hair transplant. Hair transplant prices are determined, on average, by the quantity of grafts used around the world. Furthermore, the hair transplant fee is calculated in EUR.

How much does it cost for hair transplant? 1 transplant hair follicle costs between 1 and 2 euros. When current dollar and euro currency rates are taken into consideration, a haircut in Turkey at these costs is unthinkable. The fact that hair transplantation costs are low and high-quality hair transplantation is conducted is the reason why everyone, whether domestic and foreign, prefers to have hair transplantation in Turkey.

In average, hair transplantation prices in Turkey are set at around 2-3 liras per graft hair follicle. Given that 3000 grafts of hair transplantation are completed on average in a single session, this equates to 6000 TL. This figure represents the average cost of a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant 2021 Prices

Hair aesthetics is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures with a high success rate. And hair transplantation is perform on millions of people every year all around the world. As a result, hair transplant prices fluctuate frequently. Hair transplantation has been disrupting on occasion as a result of Covid-19, which began in 2019. The most up-to-date and accurate list of hair transplant pricing for 2021 is as follows.

Hair transplant pricing have had to shift dramatically in 2019 and 2020 as a result of the pandemic, which has had an impact all around the world. Hair transplantation prices have risen dramatically as a result of growing demand for medical items, and hair transplantation is now only permitted for a limited time and in limited numbers. However, we have chosen to continue to tolerate the increase in hair transplant prices as long as it does not have a negative impact on those who have undergone hair transplants. We will continue hair transplantation in 2021 in compliance with legal procedures and in sterile settings with our guaranteed hair transplantation practice and 99 percent satisfaction success.

How Much Does It Cost For Hair Transplant? The average cost of a 5,000-graft hair transplant is 7,500 TL. On average, a hair transplant with 6,000 grafts costs 10,000 TL.

What Are The Costs Of Organic Hair Transplantation?

As previously stated, Dr. Cihantimur is the only person who uses this procedure. You can reach out to them for pricing on organic hair transplants. Organic hair transplant prices are roughly 10,000 TL on average; however, depending on the amount of grafts to be transplant, prices may be lower or higher.

What Is Organic Hair Transplantation, And How Does It Work?

Organic hair transplantation is a hair transplantation method in which stem cells are extract from a person’s own body oil and blend with body oil before being inject into the scalp.

In the last few years, Dr. This approach, creating by Bulent Cihantimur, has gotten a lot of press. Of course, the word “organic” is absent from the technique’s name, which makes it more appealing to patients. Someone who hasn’t done enough research on hair transplantation may use the term “organic hair transplantation,” believing that traditional hair transplantation is damaging or unnatural, and that organic hair transplantation is a safe and natural procedure.

This is, however, a completely incorrect assumption, as there is essentially no difference between the FUE process and organic hair transplantation. Let’s have a look at the little distinction that occurs below. First and foremost, you should be aware that organic hair transplantation is a type of FUE hair transplantation. To put it another way, the only difference between this technique and the most widely use FUE technique today is that a particular mixture is inject into the scalp prior to the hair transplant procedure. The remaining steps are the same as in standard FUE hair transplantation, as we’ll explain below.

To summary, the following can be said regarding organic hair transplantation: Organic hair transplantation is not a new hair transplantation technology; it is a variation of the FUE technique.

What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Hair Transplant?

Esthetic International Hair Transplantation Center does organic hair transplantation. The benefits of organic hair transplant are as follows, according to Bulent Cihantimur, who transplants here:

  • Organic hair transplantation has a faster recovery period since the wounds that arise after hair transplantation heal faster thanks to a particular mixture injected into the skin prior to hair transplantation.
  • It is easier for these roots to adhere since the unique combination used in organic hair transplantation preserves and nourishes the transplanted hair follicles.
  • This procedure has a better success rate for hair transplantation.
  • Chemical solutions are inject under the skin before hair transplantation in traditional hair transplantation. Swelling is less common in organic hair transplantation. Because the patient’s own body oil is infusing instead of these artificial solutions.
  • The specific mixture used in organic hair transplantation also feeds and strengthens existing hair.
  • There are no known serious risks, side effects, limitations, or downsides associated with organic hair transplantation. The only known drawback is that hair transplant surgery is more time-consuming and exhausting. Organic hair transplantation, on the other hand, can cause baxi problems after hair transplanting.

How Much Does it Cost for Hair Transplant in Turkey? Budget Preparation


When it comes to budgeting, it is important to consider “how much does it cost for hair transplant in Turkey?”, any additional services or extras included, and any travel costs if you are traveling from another country. Additionally, you should consider how many sessions you may need to complete your desired results and factor in any follow-up procedures. Researching the different clinics offering a hair transplant in Turkey can help give you a better idea of the costs associated and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. By taking all of these factors into account before making any commitments, you will be able to make an informed decision about which clinic is right for you and what kind of budget works for your needs.

It is important to keep track of all expenses related to “how much does it cost for a hair transplant in Turkey?” as well as additional costs associated with your stay in Turkey. Make sure that these costs are included in your budget so that you can plan accordingly. Finally, make sure you are comfortable with your hair transplant doctor and that any questions or concerns you may have can be discussed freely before committing to a treatment plan.