How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Turkey? The tummy tuck, one of the most preferred surgeries of today, is an operation performed mainly in Turkey that provides guaranteed results. Thousands of people come to Turkey every year from abroad to have this surgery. People who come to Turkey to have this surgery, which is financially suitable for other countries and has successful results, are prepared for surgery after being kept in quarantine for 14 days. This situation presented to people during this period has reduced the number of patients from abroad. However, the tummy tuck is the first method that comes to mind.

There is a significant drop in Tummy Tuck prices in Turkey. Lower fees are charged than in other countries. Also, the number of doctors who have made their name in the world is very much in Turkey. This situation has given people who want their surgery to be safe and healthy to use their preference in favor of Turkey. Although Turkey is a country with a low number of obese patients, it is one of the adequate countries to choose for this surgery.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck is an abdominal straightening surgery performed by individuals who lose weight quickly. It is a treatment method for sagging due to people losing weight quickly and not exercising in the process. Especially pregnant women suffer from the sagging problem; twin child pregnancies are felt more. Tummy Tuck surgery, which is mainly applied for this problem occurring in the lower abdomen, is also suitable for the upper abdomen, lower back area, and groin area. While it is an operation performed on women in general, it is worth saying that it is also very much applied to male patients.

People who have struggled with obesity for many years are weakened by resorting to gastric surgeries in general. These surgeries, which bring a rapid slimming process, cause significant sagging in the body. The area where the sagging is most intense in the abdominal area. Other areas are recovering in some way, but there is no necessary recovery in the abdominal area. Also, the rapid weight gain and loss of pregnant women, sagging in the lower snow by occurring the surgery is mandatory. This is especially common in twin or triplet pregnancies. Tummy Tuck, which functions as a savior in such cases, dramatically improves the appearance of individuals.

While Tummy Tuck may seem like an operation to eliminate the overall lousy image, the impact on social life is also enormous. Thanks to this surgery, people will be able to use braver clothing. They will also not have to hide in shared dressing rooms, they will be able to opt for clothes with belly open, back open, and cleavage. They will not have to put their skin in the clothes before they do. These empty skins have no condition of providing anything positive to the human body. However, it does extra weight and worsens the image.

Tummy Tuck Turkey

Why Tummy Tuck Surgery Is Needed

The tummy tuck is an operation that contributes to people having a flat body. The bare skin was created in order to prevent spinal problems by weighting the body. Besides, many people want this surgery to correct their images. Some people are 60 kilos and cannot fit in size L pants. Saggy skin expands the body and feels as if you have a greasy abdomen. Saggy skins, which create horrible images, especially around the lower abdomen, unfortunately, can not be corrected by any other method.

Most people think that treatments such as liposuction work in such problems. However, liposuction is a form of fat melting surgery. It is a fact that it provides regional thinning, but it is not possible to do good for a body without oil in it. In other things, the only treatment that can be good for pure skin will be the Tummy Tuck treatment again. There is no such thing as other treatments work.

After the skin is excreted from the body, there is a decrease in the weight of persons between 5-10 kilos. This is because it is necessary to remove excess and unnecessary skin from the body. During periods of slimming, this type of surgical needs is reduced if people exercise.

Although a tummy tuck is a safe and healthy operation, it is as much risk as any surgery, and the postoperation process is laborious. People are offered exercise rather than to go to the trouble of this surgery, which can not be of all who want it. Exercising during the slimming process is one of the situations that prevent sagging that may occur.

Who is Tummy Tuck Suitable for?

Tummy Tuck is not a type of surgery that anyone can do. Of course, it is an aesthetic operation and has no obligation, but it is an operation that doctors do not recommend unless it is mandatory. In order to perform this surgery, people must meet some requirements.

  • People must have made a quick landing, surgically or non-surgically, from very high weights and have sagging accordingly.
  • This surgery can be performed on people who have gained much weight during their pregnancy. Especially mothers of twins and triplets need it.
  • This surgery is performed in sagging in a way that exercises, sports, or anything are not good.
  • There should be no other chronic discomfort. It is especially objectionable to apply to patients with heart disease. Also, it is not recommended to apply to patients with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar problems. It is necessary to ensure compliance with this surgery during the scan. Blood values should be expected; blood clotting time should not be extended.
  • People’s private doctors are required to give pleasure papers for this surgery and confirm its suitability.

Is Tummy Tuck After Immediate Results?

As a result of tummy tuck surgery, the expected effect is immediately felt. People are likely to see their dead skin free after surgery. If done in a good clinic, you do not have to wait time to see the result. It gives instant results. However, much attention must be taken to personal care after surgery. People are required to use all given medications and follow all procedures. The doctor should dress his wound as often as he sees enough.

The recovery time after Tummy Tuck surgery is usually 1-3 weeks. The period of return to the old life of the person lasts 1-3 months. This difference, determined by personal change, usually does not pass these times.

Tummy Tuck Cost Turkey

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Turkey?

The fee for Tummy Tuck Surgery varies from the clinic to the clinic to be preferred. Some clinics offer more affordable prices, while some clinics offer higher prices. Also, the preferred doctor is decisive for the price of surgery. It is higher than a doctor who has been named and does his job well. Also, there may be a change in price by problem area or region. If a person wants this surgery because of one region, they will pay a lower fee, and if they want to for their three regions, they will pay a higher fee.

When it comes to surgery Tummy Tuck, people need to care about a good clinic and doctor rather than the price. The wrong doctor and clinic can produce terrible results. People need to be careful at this point and postpone their surgery to a more appropriate time if they do not have a sufficient budget. People should aim to have an accurate and trouble-without-a-problem operation, as it is from an operation that has been performed incorrectly and has consequences such as infection and complications. They need to make their appointments from regular clinics quickly because surgical appointments in such clinics can sometimes be months later.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey: Is It Worth It?


After making the decision, you may find yourself asking about the tummy tuck cost in Turkey. The truth is that the price varies depending on multiple variables. Of course, it should be noted that Turkey is significantly cheaper than other countries in the western world. This includes countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. That being said, Turkish doctors are also extremely well-trained and can help guide you during your tummy tuck journey.

For those looking to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, knowing how much does a tummy tuck cost in Turkey is bound to affect their decision. It’s important to do your research and make sure that you are comfortable with the surgeon you choose. Ultimately, the decision to undergo a tummy tuck in Turkey should be based on your own individual needs and circumstances. While the cost savings can be tempting, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the quality care you deserve. A tummy tuck can be a transformative procedure, and choosing the right surgeon is essential to ensuring you get the best possible results.