How Much Cost for Hair Transplant in Kolkata Let’s see how much does a hair transplant cost in Kolkata. The cost is different here, as it is different in every country. Worldwide, they charge a fee per transplant, i.e. per graft. According to him, they determine a total fee at the end.

How Much Cost for Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Hair development begins during fetal life and continues throughout a person’s life. Although hairs are sparse and light in color throughout pregnancy, they begin to grow and darken after delivery. An infant’s scalp has around 100,000 hair follicles.

Our hair develops for a period of time and then sheds, but it is replaced by hair follicles. Although there are individual differences, 80 to 120 hair strands may lose every day as a result of the normal life cycle of body hairs. Each hair strand goes through three stages: growth, resting and shedding. Hair loss is regarded when hair becomes thin when more hair sheds than normal when combing and washing, and when the front hairline recedes.

Hair Trasnplantation

A variety of reasons contribute to hair loss, including but not limited to genetic predisposition, chemical and drug exposure, psychological stress, skin illnesses, systemic diseases, hormonal problems, surgical operations, poor hair care, and inadequate nutrition. One or more of these variables may be to blame for the hair loss, however, it is conceivable that an underlying reason will not be identified. Furthermore, hair loss can be either reversible or irreversible. Hair growth may continue after the main cause is removed in irreversible instances. It is also crucial to consider the kind of hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is the most prevalent kind of hair loss in both men and women. This form of hair loss is caused by genetic and hormonal causes, with no influence played by trauma, medicines, or illnesses. This form of hair loss is quite uncommon in women. The formation of patchy bald patches on the scalp is another kind of hair loss.

This disease, known medically as “alopecia areata,” is caused by an immune system imbalance. Although hair loss is permanent, it is possible for hair to regrow. Generalized hair loss is the other form of hair loss. This disease is caused by a factor that destroys hair follicles all over the body. For example, drugs, stress, thyroid gland illnesses, and other hormonal abnormalities, as well as inadequate diet and significant operations.

How Much Cost for Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Let’s find out how much does a hair transplant cost in Kolkata.

There may be a better site for a high-quality, low-cost hair transplant than Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital city. This is not just a big metropolis we know for its wealth and notable inhabitants. . It is also a respectable and financially prosperous country. The typical cost of a basic hair transplant procedure in India is Rs 50,000 per graft, depending on the number of grafts necessary, methods used, physician credentials, and clinic location. ranging from Rs. 95,000 to Rs.30 to Rs.80 This will cover the basic cost of the operation, as well as blood tests, hair regrowth treatment sessions, the surgeon’s fees, and other expenses. Kolkata is well-known for its excellent surgeons, and it may be simpler to get an appointment online or in person.

A pricing breakdown for hair transplants in Kolkata.

The most frequent form of hair transplant offered in this area is FUE. This procedure entails collecting or removing donor hair from the back and sides of the scalp and then transplanting it in places where hair is thinning. The best part of this type of hair transplant is that it takes about 7 to 10 days to heal. Traces often hide behind the hair and make it unnoticeable.

In Kolkata, India, the average hair transplant of about 1000 hair grafts may cost between RS 35,000 and RS 45,000. On the top end, this price is a little around RS 70,000. More intensive FUE procedures, such as 3000 hair grafts, may cost closer to RS 1,40,000 in this region, although this is still far less than what you would pay in the United States or Europe. Most physicians in the United States charge per graft and may additionally charge a large consultation fee. This may place a 3000 graft FUE procedure for about RS.9,80,000.

The transplant density required: Most hair transplants require 35-40 grafts per cm2. They determine the number of transplants to be stitched according to how bald a person is when they have the operation.

The total number of grafts needed is:

Depending on which side of the body the graft is needed, the procedure is paid on a graft basis.

Technique: Different procedures may be required to perform the surgery by placing a few hair follicles per transplant or using one of the two methods.

FUT, the conventional method of implanting hair follicles, typically costs between 30-40 rupees per hair graft, but FUE, the modern stitch-less process, can cost between 30-80 rupees each graft. The second treatment approach has a shorter recovery period and a more natural appearance, but it is significantly more expensive.

The physician’s credentials are as follows:

You should have hair transplant surgery performed by a skilled plastic surgeon with many years of experience in the field. If a doctor gets good advice and is in great demand by large numbers of tourists and locals, he can often charge a higher fee for his services. A doctor’s experience, as well as the quality of their outcomes, are important considerations. If a doctor has already conducted exceptional work and can provide references for a lot of excellent and natural-looking procedures, they may typically charge a higher fee as well.

Let’s compare hair transplant costs in Kolkata, India, and the rest of the world. Let’s say you are planning to come to Kolkata for consultation for hair transplant surgery. Keep in mind how much cheaper this type of cosmetic surgery can be in Kolkata. India compared to other parts of the world.

Average hair transplant surgery costs range from RS 45,000 in Kolkata to a staggering minimum of $1,550 in the United States and European countries. You can save an average of 70-75% on your hair transplant cost.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost Generally?


Generally, “how much does a hair transplant in Turkey cost?” changes depending on the type of procedure and the number of grafts needed. Additionally, it is important to consider that other costs, such as accommodation for your stay in Turkey, meals, and transport, will contribute to the overall cost of your treatment. Many clinics offer special packages with competitive prices, so it is advisable to search around for deals before making a decision. Ultimately, the cost of your hair transplant procedure will depend on a variety of factors and should be discussed with your doctor or clinic prior to undergoing the procedure.


As always, it is important to do thorough research when considering any medical procedure and only entrust experienced professionals with your care. By researching potential doctors and clinics beforehand, you can make sure that you find a safe hair transplant specialist who provides quality care at an affordable price. With such options available, it is possible to save money while also ensuring that you receive excellent care during each step of the process. It is also important to note that Turkey offers some of the most affordable prices for hair transplants compared to other countries around the world.