How Many Calories After Gastric Sleeve Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries today. “How many calories after gastric sleeve?” Questions like these are being asked quite often. Individuals with high weight must lose weight. There are many methods to lose weight. Numerous surgical techniques, sports and many methods such as diet help to lose weight. Of course, the most effective of these methods is surgery. However, after the surgery, the individual should pay attention to his weight. Losing weight once does not mean that you will not gain it again. Therefore, post-operative weight control is a very important issue. This process should be under expert control.

How Many Calories After Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a very efficient and successful technique. It is the type of surgery that doctors most often recommend to individuals with high weight. This technique is called closed surgery. This surgery, performed by doctors with the laparoscopy method, is an operation that provides patient satisfaction. Since it is a closed surgery, there is no scar on the body of the individual. While there is a scar of about 15 centimeters in open surgery methods, surgery is performed with holes of about half a centimeter in this method. When the doctors stitch these holes after the procedure, there is no scar. Therefore, it is a highly preferred method.

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is an operation that has become widespread today due to the fact that it is a very successful method. Therefore, many questions have been asked about sleeve gastrectomy. “How many calories after gastric sleeve?” Many questions are asked about the post-operative process as well.

What Are The Causes Of High Weight?

Overweight is one of the major health problems of many developed and developing countries. High weight can cause chronic diseases. High weight is likely to be the root cause of common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. Since these diseases last for a lifetime, the individual should lose weight as soon as possible before getting these diseases. There are many methods of losing weight such as diet, sports, various surgical methods. Today, many surgical techniques have been developed with new technologies. However, the most recommended by doctors is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. For this reason, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is frequently performed today. “How many calories after gastric sleeve?” Questions such as these have begun to be asked to doctors quite often.

High weight can have many causes. Genetic, psychological and environmental factors can cause the individual to reach high weight. The doctor should find the cause by taking a detailed anamnesis from the individual. Because if the doctor starts weight loss treatment without solving the underlying cause, the individual will gain weight again. Therefore, the diagnosis of the doctor and the underlying cause of the individual are important. Today, the most common cause of high weight is irregular and unbalanced nutrition. By taking more calories than necessary, the person stores these calories as fat. The individual gains weight by gaining fat mass.

Psychological reasons may be the underlying causes of irregular and unbalanced nutrition. Psychological support can also be taken for this. Other than these, some drugs (such as depression treatment drugs) can cause weight gain, causing the individual to reach high weight.

How Many Calories After Gastric Sleeve And Which Foods Should Be Eaten?

The nutritional process after sleeve gastrectomy is very important. If the individual does not manage this process properly, he may gain weight. The fact that an individual has undergone surgery does not mean that he / she will not gain weight. Because of this situation, many patients ask “how many calories after gastric sleeve?” He / she asks the doctor questions such as: In the first two weeks after the surgery, the individual should consume liquid completely. Doctors recommend granular-free soups and completely liquid foods for this period. In the third and fourth weeks, the individual can consume small-grain soups and pureed foods. Doctors recommend pureed vegetables and soups in this process.

After this period, after about the fifth week, the individual can switch to normal foods under expert control. However, the individual should avoid sugary and acidic drinks, fatty meals and alcohol. The individual should not consume foods that tire the stomach. In the first four weeks, while the individual receives an average of 400 – 500 calories per day, after the recovery period, the individual can take a maximum of 1000 calories per day. If the individual exceeds 1000 calories, he / she starts to gain weight. Doctors or dietitians should prepare the nutrition program in this process.

Apart from this, if the individual wishes, he / she can both protect the body health of the individual and keep his/her weight in balance by exercising. Depending on the intensity of exercise, the individual can also lose weight if he / she wants. Since it is important for the individual to maintain or lose weight, “how many calories after gastric sleeve?” Patients began to ask such questions quite often.

How Is Gastric Sleeve Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is the most common surgery that doctors do today to lose weight. It is very advantageous when compared with other surgical techniques. Because doctors do it with laparoscopy. Thus, there is no scar on the body of the individual. In open surgery techniques, doctors have to make a large incision. These incisions can reach up to about 15 centimeters. However, in this technique, doctors make several half-centimeter incisions. Thus, when doctors stitch these incisions, there is no scar.

In sleeve gastrectomy surgery, doctors take approximately eighty percent of the individual’s stomach and reduce the volume of the individual’s stomach. Small stomach volume means that the individual eats less. However, the stomach has the ability to expand again. For this reason, the diet of the individual is very important in the postoperative period. “How many calories after gastric sleeve?” This is why patients often ask such questions. If the individual does not pay attention to the diet and returns to the individual’s former state, doctors may repeat the surgery. Experts and the individual manage this process together.

How Many Calories After Gastric Sleeve is Acceptable and Viable?


In terms of “what to expect after gastric sleeve surgery?” understand that following gastric sleeve surgery, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to see positive results. The answer to “how many calories after gastric sleeve can a person get?” depends on the individual’s current body weight, metabolism, and exercise perseverance. Additionally, understanding how many calories after gastric sleeve is acceptable and viable for long-term health is relevant.


It is important to note that when it comes to consuming calories after gastric sleeve surgery, quality is just as important as quantity. Consuming nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates will give your body the essential nutrients for proper functioning. Generally speaking, most individuals will require between 1000-1200 calories daily to maintain a healthy weight. This may vary slightly depending on your particular body type and lifestyle. For example, if you are an active individual who exercises regularly, you may need to consume more calories to support your body’s needs. On the other hand, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or have limited physical activity, you may need to consume fewer calories. For further information, “how many calories after gastric sleeve can a person get?” consult your bariatric surgeon.