How long will hair transplant last, what are the stages of hair transplantation, questions are frequently asked. These questions are naturally wondered by people who will have hair transplantation. There is a perception that the longer the process takes, the more difficult it will be. For this reason, it is wondered how long will hair transplant last. There is no definite answer to the question of how long will hair transplant last. Because hair transplantation consists of many methods. And the intensity, length of each process is different. FUT method is a more surgical but less detailed procedure. Therefore, the FUT method takes about 3-5 hours. The FUE method, on the other hand, deals with the hair follicles one by one. That’s why it takes almost 7 – 8 hours.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Hair transplantation has continued to develop until today. Along with the developing technology, a new hair transplantation method has been added. During this development, there are things that people wonder about. Questions such as is hair transplantation a painful procedure and how long will hair transplant last are frequently asked. Whether hair transplantation is painful or not depends on the chosen method.

How Long Will Hair Transplant Last?

For example, hair transplantation with the FUT method is a painful procedure. Because it is one of the oldest methods applied today. In addition, it requires cutting and sewing operations. It is quite normal to have pain after these situations. And after this method, a scar remains on your scalp. But in FUE and DHI methods, the pain is not that much. One of the most recently found methods is DHI. This means using more technological tools. There is a choi medical pen that helps DHI hair transplantation. Moreover, many procedures are done with the choi medical pen. Therefore, the error and strain rate is lower. This means less painful. In the FUE method, there is a pain between the two. But it is possible to recover in a few days.

Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

There are no certain limits for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a method that can be applied to almost everyone who has lost hair. There is no certain age limit in this method. However, experts say it should be done between the ages of 18 and 65. In addition, hair loss must be terminated for hair transplantation. If you have hair transplantation while hair loss continues, it will not be right. Because after hair transplantation, new hair will start to grow. While there are hairs growing out, there are also hairs that continue to fall out. For this reason, sparse hair may appear again. Therefore, it is better to do it after the hair loss is completely over.

In addition, you cannot have a hair transplant if you are taking medications or treatments that cause hair loss, such as chemotherapy drugs. If you have skin diseases (such as eczema, psoriasis), you cannot have a hair transplant. However, there is no harm in having a hair transplant after such diseases have healed.

What are the Hair Transplant Stages?

We are often faced with questions such as how long will hair transplant last and what are the stages. Although there are changes in the answer to the question of how long will hair transplant last, the stages of hair transplantation are certain. Hair transplantation begins by determining a donor area. There should be live hair follicles in this donor area. The hair follicles in this part, namely the grafts, are collected. It contains hair follicles in the structure called graft. The most basic structure of hair transplantation is grafts. Because without the grafts, hair transplantation would be impossible. In normal room conditions, they can live for a few hours at most. Therefore, the collected grafts are stored under appropriate conditions.

Then, a channel suitable for the width and length of the hair follicles is opened on the scalp. At this time, hair follicles are separated from the grafts. The separated hair follicles are placed in the mentioned hair channels. Thus, the hair transplant is completed.

Does insurance cover hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation procedures were not covered by insurance until 2015. Because hair transplantation was seen as a luxury procedure. But today that has changed. Now insurance also covers hair transplantation. However, this does not apply to every person who wants a hair transplant. If you are going to have a hair transplant, although you do not have any problems arbitrarily, the insurance will not cover it. However, if hair transplantation is done to replace the hair loss that occurs as a result of emergency and unexpected situations such as fire, traffic accident, it covers this.

To be covered by insurance, you must first apply. Applications are reviewed. And those that are suitable for the conditions are supported.

Is it a permanent procedure?

It is often asked whether hair transplantation is a permanent procedure. The reason for this is that people are tired of having this problem. Care products used due to hair loss usually result in negative results. Or wigs and hair extensions are always temporary. As such, people now want to have procedures that will give a permanent result. For this reason, they apply for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a permanent method. Attachment, such as hair plugs or wigs, is not glued-on. In hair transplantation, the process takes place directly under the scalp. Therefore, it is permanent. In addition, hair transplanted looks much more natural than others. The reason for this is that all hair strands are handled one by one to make it look natural. Hair follicles are separated from the grafts one by one. After separation, the hair follicles are waited in suitable conditions. In order for the hair follicles to fit and adapt to their place, hair channels are opened. The depth and width of the opened hair channels should be exactly according to the hair follicles. After this situation is achieved, the real process begins. Each hair strand is placed in the hair channels that are opened one by one. And the process ends.

How Long Will Hair Transplant Last After Surgery and in the Long Run?


If “how long will hair transplant last after surgery and in the long run?” is a question you would like to get an answer to, I recommend reading this article. In short, a hair transplant should last a lifetime if proper care is taken, answering the question, “are hair transplant permanent?” To maintain the results of the procedure, it is crucial to take care of your scalp, eat a balanced and healthy diet and avoid any practices that could damage your hair or scalp, such as excessive styling or coloring. Over time, some patients may need additional procedures to maintain their desired results due to genetic factors. Additionally, because everyone’s hair growth cycles are different, the long-term effects of a hair transplant can vary from patient to patient, even with identical procedures. Your doctor will discuss this in greater detail before undergoing any treatment plan.

Ultimately, routine maintenance and regular check-ups with your physician will help ensure you get the most out of your hair transplant for years to come. With proper upkeep and dedication to following instructions from medical professionals post-procedure, you can look forward to lasting success with satisfying results. We hope this article provided a perspective on “how long will hair transplant last after surgery and in the long run?”