How Long Hair Transplant Last?

When it comes to answer how long hair transplant last ? The hair follicles that your doctor transplants to the area you need are usually permanent for life. As long as there is no medical disease, the hair transplant process maintains its permanence. Since the hair follicles at the back of the scalp do not tend to fall out, your doctor will choose the grafts from this area. And in this way, you will not have the problem of hair loss again. Expert doctors in the field perform permanent hair transplantation at a rate of 95%.

To summarize: how long hair transplant last? Its permanent unless you have some other health situation. And also how long hair transplant last depends by various factors. Now i will try to briefly explain them.

It Depends By Graft Types Of Your Doctor’s Choice

When your doctor takes the grafts from the genetically non-shedding area, the effect of the hair transplant procedure will last a lifetime. When your doctor takes the hair from the right area and transplants it into the hairless area, the grafts preserve the characteristics of their own area. Therefore, hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution. And your scalp easily accepts the hair because your doctor will take from the genetically non-shedding, shedding-resistant area. And after this procedure, the hair transplanted by your doctor naturally grows and adapts to the other hairs in that area.

Doctors usually consider it appropriate to take a hair sample from the back of the head for grafting. Because the hair on the back of the head is genetically the most durable hair. And when the doctor transplants the hair into the recipient area of the patient, these hairs will maintain their strength.

Hair Transplant Lasts In Case Of No Proper Care After Transplantation?

The fact that hair transplantation is permanent does not mean that the hair can be left without care. The patient should take care of the transplanted hair after the hair transplant procedure. Because these hairs can break at first. Doctor will suggest you some medicine and health care products. You should use those spray, shampoo and medicines to prevent the transplanted hair from breaking. Doctors will give you some instructions. Moreover, the instructions before the surgery are as important as the instructions after the surgery. Failure to follow these instructions may adversely affect the outcome of the surgery.

In summary, taking care of your hair after the hair transplant surgery also helps to making the hair transplant process permanent.

Proper Care Highly Effects Long Term Success of Operation

Doctors recommend that taking good care of hair due to the problems that may occur after hair transplantation. What doctors mean by hair care are: to take the active substances needed by the hair and skin, to clean the skin from the natural discharges from the wounds after the operation and from the dirt transmitted from the environment. And in this way, it is aimed to make the hair look more lively, to protect the natural balance and ph value of the skin and hair, to slow down and stop hair loss.

Moreover, doctors say that this hair care should be done both before and after hair transplantation. In this way, hair transplantation and care affect each other positively and the results are very successful. There are some rules that should be followed in hair care after hair transplantation. In summary, these are as follows:

Using The Shampoo And Lotions That Your Doctor Will Give You Increases The Permanence Of The Hair Transplant Operation

No matter what happens, the hair should not be washed for 4 days after hair transplantation. At the end of 4 days, you should wash your hair once a day at 15 day intervals with special shampoos and lotions recommended by your doctor. You should not use shampoo or similar products other than what your doctor recommends in the washing process. Your doctor will recommend you special lotions for the area where the hair transplant is done. You should carefully apply these lotions to the transplanted area 1 hour before the shower and then wash your hair with the shampoo recommended by your doctor.

Things To Consider When Washing Hair

In addition, during hair washing, you should not do the massage movements that you do while washing your normal scalp on the operated area. Since the operated area is sensitive, excessive pressure should not be applied. You can wash your hair using your own shampoo when all the crusts disappear after an average of 10 days after hair transplantation. After that you can also apply your old hair washing movements and massages.

You can apply normal washing movements to the donor area. The donor area will not be adversely affected by the pressure you will make. After completing all these washing movements, you should rinse your hair and skin for a long time.

You Should Be Careful After Hair Transplantation

You should not use a hair dryer for the first 5 days after washing. After these 5 days, you can use your hair dryer by turning on the cold air setting. Hot air flow can damage your doctor’s newly transplanted hair and your operated skin.

After drying your hair naturally, you need to comb it carefully. You should not apply the combing process to the operated area for the first 2 weeks.The pressure to be applied to the operated area can cause irreparable damage.

Common symptoms of hair transplant go away after 5 to 7 days. After the surgery, scabs will appear on your scalp. These, too, heal completely within ten to fourteen days. During this two weeks it is mandatory to be really careful. But no need to worry you will not feel pain during the healing process. Everything we talk about is just a precaution to prevent possible bad consequences. That’s why doctors recommend scheduling a two-week recovery period until you’re socially active again.

To conclude, various factors like we mentioned above (like proper care, choice of doctor etc.) effect how long hair transplant last.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take to Heal if You are Old?

A hair transplant procedure can be a great way to restore hair growth in areas that have been affected by genetic baldness or other types of hair loss. However, if you are an older individual, it is important to know the answer to ‘how long does a hair transplant take to heal?’ The healing process of hair transplant may take longer for an older individual than it would for someone younger. Generally speaking, an older person may require more time for the scalp to heal and for the newly transplanted hair to start growing in.

Typically, the healing process may take three months or more. During the first week after your hair transplant, you will likely experience some redness, swelling, and tenderness. At around three weeks post-transplant, the transplanted hair will begin to shed known as “shock loss” and it occurs because the new follicles are adjusting to their new environment. If you are an older individual considering a hair transplant procedure, remember that it may take several months for the healing process to be complete and for you to start seeing results. It can take up to six months or longer for newly transplanted hair to start growing in, which hopefully answers ‘how long does a hair transplant take to heal if you are old?’