How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Take? The question of how long does gastric sleeve surgery take is often asked. There is no definite answer to this question. However, it is clear how long does gastric sleeve surgery take on average. The duration of the procedure varies from person to person, depending on the effects of the procedure and the surgeon. But if we try to give an answer to the question of how long does gastric sleeve surgery take, it is about an hour of surgery. Bypass or duodenal swtich, transit bipartition surgeries take about one and a half to two hours.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Take?

The duration of the operation is also related to the anesthesia given to the person. Everyone’s body is not the same and not everyone is given the same amount of anesthesia. In addition, the folding process is a surgery that takes about an hour. Obesity operations are not performed on people over certain weights. Rather, it looks at body mass index.

In other words, two people of the same weight do not need to have gastric tube surgery. But maybe the weaker one may need to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Because in this case, height and size are also effective. For the operation to take place, the body mass index must be 40 kg/m2. The occurrence of this value is sufficient to make a definition of obesity. Or in some cases, it can be applied to people with a body mass index of 35 kg/m2. Such people enter the third degree obesity status. And the diseases of such patients can reach a harmful level by being triggered by weight. Exactly in such cases, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed without a body mass index of 40.

How Much Weight Is Lost With Tube Stomach Surgery?

Since the stomach shrinks in gastric tube surgeries, the weight loss in the first period is more. Especially in the first month, extra weight is lost. But over time, this situation normalizes and you start to lose weight more slowly. In the first weeks after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, rapid weight loss is experienced as it is fed with liquid. It is fed with liquid foods for 15 days after the surgery. Although this situation varies from person to person, fluid is fed on average for 15 days. Then gradually switch to solid foods. And in this process, the patient loses most of their excess weight. You can continue to lose weight with the support and recommendations of a dietitian.

Almost 80% of the weight that should be lost within a year after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is lost. And they get close to the ideal height-weight ratio. This is a long process. And you can’t always lose weight at the same pace. In some cases, your speed of weight loss may stall.

In the period after sleeve gastrectomy, patients should be very careful about their diet. They should consume healthier foods. The products they eat should be protein-based. In addition, not skipping meals and establishing a regular eating schedule accelerate weight loss. You can also support the weight loss process by doing sports. It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water in a day.

Is It Necessary To Have Aesthetics After Reaching The Ideal Weight?

After sleeve gastrectomy, people enter a rapid weight loss process. As you continue to lose weight, the concept of obesity begins to disappear. In addition, thanks to the weight lost, the diseases in the person begin to decrease and pass. Therefore, people with obesity should have this surgery for their own health. With the speed of weight loss and reaching normal body sizes, people begin to take care of themselves more. They start to pay attention to their hair, clothes and similar points. After the surgery, there may be pauses in weight loss from time to time. But there is no anomaly in this. Only the person who has the surgery wants a quick result. But the weight loss process takes time.

It is clear that people start to distance themselves from the idea of ​​obesity as they lose weight. People who go on the path of weight loss later start to experience aesthetic concerns. They want to have various operations such as sagging on the skin, breast aesthetics, face lifts that may occur as a result of weight loss. Before you talk about weight, then you look for ways to like yourself more. Your health problems are greatly reduced. After sleeve gastrectomy, you should start exercising one month later. You should definitely not start earlier. Although you lose weight by supporting it with sports, sagging may occur. Because for years, those kilos have gained a place because they stayed there. In such cases, of course, there is no harm in having aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tube Stomach Surgery

The question of how long does gastric sleeve surgery take has always been asked a lot. It may not be entirely accurate to say how long does gastric sleeve surgery take. Because the duration of this procedure varies depending on the person, the doctor’s dexterity, and the patient’s health status. However, as an average answer to the question of how long does gastric sleeve surgery take, we can say that it is around an hour.

Another question asked is when can I get pregnant? Fat mass covers the ovaries due to excess weight. Therefore, it is also necessary for healing. You should not think about getting pregnant for about a year after sleeve gastrectomy. However, pregnancy can be considered after the first year.

So, can breastfeeding women have sleeve gastrectomy surgery? In this case, the milk of a nursing mother should be healthy. However, after such surgeries, they are fed only with liquid for a certain period of time. Therefore, a healthy herd formation does not occur. Therefore, the baby should wait until weaning. There is no harm in having this procedure done when the baby switches to complementary foods and quits the breast.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Take to Recover and Make me Fit?


Weight loss surgery sleeve is a popular bariatric procedure for losing weight. Nonetheless, how long does gastric sleeve take to recover from so you can get back to a fit lifestyle? It can take anywhere from several weeks to months to recover from gastric sleeve surgery fully. Recovery times will vary depending on the individual’s overall health and the type of surgery performed.

Following surgery, you may experience some discomfort and swelling.  This is normal and should subside within a few days. You may need to stay in the hospital for a few days for monitoring. Once you return home, you will need to take steps to ensure that your body recovers properly. This includes getting plenty of rest, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding strenuous activity. The answer to, “can you drink alcohol after gastric sleeve?” can be relevant during the healing process.

Follow your doctor’s instructions during the recovery process, as this will help you heal faster. Your doctor may also recommend specific exercises or physical therapy sessions to help you regain strength and flexibility after surgery. We hope this article was useful in answering “how long does gastric sleeve take to recover from so you can get back to a fit lifestyle?”