How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take? Cosmetic operations take a considerable amount of time to complete and recover from, this also includes hair transplantation as well, which begs the question, how long does a hair transplant take?

There are many factors that contribute to the time length of this procedure. One of these factors include the different methods that is used for transplanting the hair.

Another factor to consider when determining the length of the surgery is, how severe the patients hair loss is.

Someone with a receiving hairline take up less time for the surgery to complete, compared to someone with severe hair loss. Patients with large balding areas with very little hair, often frequent the clinic for revisions. Each session on average is 8-9 hours long. This could result in a longer than usual process.

How long does a Hair Transplant take?

Deciding which clinic or doctor to consult in, also requires some time. But this should be considered a worthy investment to make, since a good surgeon will ensure you the best results.
When you are confident in your doctor of choice you are more than likely to get the results you want.

Your doctor of choice will analyze your hair and it’s conditions. After closely inspecting the hair, the doctor will come up with a plan to achieve a successful result.

Hair transplant is among the most popular cosmetic procedures that many potential clients are interested in undergoing. Just like with any other cosmetic procedure it takes time to complete.

Potential candidates need to be patient. When patients incorporate extra effort into taking care of the transplanted hair, the time it takes to complete the operation will be worth all the waiting

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The time it requires to complete a hair transplant procedure, mostly depends on the method that is used for the transplantation.

Over the years, doctors have developed a variety of techniques for hair transplantation, and are currently still inventing new and unique ways of performing the procedure.

Right now, several hair clinics from around the world, regularly perform the two hair transplantation methods called the FUT and FUE methods.

Each of these techniques perform differently from one another.

The FUT technique requires removal of the skin and grafting the hair follicles from the removed skin. this method takes 4 to 8 hours to complete meanwhile FUT takes much longer.

The FUE is a time consuming method. That is because the hair follicles are slowly extracted from the donor area, one by one.

FUE is done with extra precision, meaning the surgeons have to carefully plant the hair follicles in a neat order. When the hair grafts are properly placed in a natural manner this will ensure the patients will posses natural looking hair.

Each method could take several hours or even days to complete.

How long does a hair transplant recovery take?

Along with the surgery itself, the time it takes to recover from said surgery, should also be considered when discussing how long does a hair transplant procedure takes.

Generally It takes a complete year to for the recovery to come to an end.

One year is not a lengthy process, however most patients would like to speed up the recovery time. The only way to shorten the recovery process is to protect the hair from damage. Since the transplanted locks will be frail, patients must guard from potential breakage.

Six weeks later, the newly transplanted hair will fall off. The fallen hair should not raise concern as this is a normal part of the recovery process. Once the hair has fallen the newly grafted hair will fully secure itself, The hair will no longer fall out easily as it did before.

After a single year has passed, the transplanted hair will have grown long enough, for the client, being able to witness their results. Your hair will look thicker and natural, as long as you keep taking care of your hair and avoid damaging it, the hair follicle will remain intact.

When the scalp is healing itself, certain complications can occur during the recovery such as bleeding, infections and numbness. These side effects are serious. If these complications ever occur, you must call your doctor immediately.

You can go back to work a few days after the surgery. A cap is recommended to protect the hair while outdoors.

The scalp area might feel sore and burning sensations might occur after the procedure.

This feeling could be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, the doctor can prescribe you anti inflammatory medications that combat the symptoms. Not only will the swelling of the scalp subdue but it could effectively increase healing. Further shortening the recovery time.

What are some important tips for speeding up the recovery process?

Once the operation is fully complete, your doctor will aid you through the recovery, and give you instructions on how to properly care for the newly transplanted hair.

Newly Grafted hair is highly delicate, therefore it is crucial to care for it, and treat it as gently as possible.

Some of these aftercare tips the doctor might include are as it follows:

The patients must avoid washing their hair for at least 2 weeks. This also includes brushing of the hair or anything that might cause tension, which in return could lead to breakage.

The doctor will recommend you a gentle cleansing shampoo for the hair.

The hair should be shield from direct sunlight. The scalp is highly sensitive and The suns heat can irritate the scalp.

Patents must wait for several days before they can resume their daily routines.

Patients should avoid wearing hats, beanies or any form of hair coverings. A hat could damage the delicate hair.

You must keep the roots of the transplanted hair moistened at all times. The water will keep the wounds soft and wet, further accelerating the recovery process, you can achieve this by spraying salt water solution onto the scalp.

Some doctors also suggest a hair growth medication like minoxidil, this medication could grow the hair more stronger and fuller than before

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last After Getting One?


A hair transplant is an effective and long-lasting solution to hair loss, but it is important to keep in mind “how long does a hair transplant last?”. You may need additional treatments down the road to maintain your results, such as periodic touch-ups or hair maintenance treatments. It is also important to remember that you will need to follow the aftercare instructions of your hair transplant doctor closely and use products that promote healthy hair growth in order to get the most out of your transplant. Taking these steps will help ensure that your hair transplant lasts as long as possible.  All in all, with proper care and maintenance a hair transplant can last a lifetime.


It is important for anyone considering a hair transplant procedure to research and finds a qualified physician who can answer any questions about potential outcomes and help design a treatment plan catered to individual needs. Doing so will ensure that you have realistic expectations about what you can expect from the procedure, from start to finish. However, it is important to note that “how long does a hair transplant last?” will depend on several factors, such as how well you follow post-operative instructions.