How long does a hair transplant last is one of the most curious subjects of those who want to have a hair transplant. Let us see what the hair transplant details are and what is the duration. Our hair is one of our most important accessories. We can even say that it is our most important accessory. If we have healthy and well-groomed hair, there is no need for an extra accessory to complete our combination or make our look better. Hair care is very important for our image. For this reason, we must take care that our hair is always well-groomed. However, although some people want to care and take care of their hair, they cannot have such an opportunity because of the unlucky genes they have. Because these people lose their hair with hair loss that starts after a certain age.

Hair loss can occur for multiple reasons. The main reasons are seasonal changes, air pollution, use of wrong hair care products, depression, anxiety, and intense periods. Hair loss experienced by people for these reasons lasts for a maximum of 2 months. In addition, if it is diagnosed early, it can be prevented with some cosmetic products. But there is a type of hair loss that is not a cure for hair loss. This is genetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss is usually a problem experienced by men. This type of hair loss, which starts after the age of 25, is caused by the hormone testosterone. It contains a substance called DHT in the testosterone hormone. This substance also sensitizes the hair follicles of some people and causes hair loss over time.

The sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT is genetic. While some people do not lose their hair, some people start to lose their hair after the age of 25. The reason why men start to lose their hair after the age of 25 is that the testosterone ratio in their bodies increases with age. There is no way to prevent genetic hair loss. However, after your hair loss process is completed, you can regain your hair. Developing technology provides many advantages to people in this field. Hair transplant operation is the most permanent of these advantages. It is an operation that allows people to completely regain their hair.

Many people want to have a hair transplant operation. But there are also many questions that confuse these people. One of these questions is how long does a hair transplant last. People who want to squeeze this operation into their daily tempo are very interested in the duration of the operation. But of course, this operation is not an operation that you can go and have a coffee at work. You should spare a minimum of three days for this operation and after. Let us see how long does a hair transplant last and what are the details of the hair transplant operation.

Details of Hair Transplantation Operation

Before answering the question of how long does a hair transplant last, let’s look at the details of the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is an operation that doctors performs with more than one technique. All these techniques are basically based on the same logic. For this reason, instead of explaining all the techniques one by one, we will talk about the basic steps of the hair transplant operation. First of all, I would like to state that the doctor does not apply general anesthesia to the patient in this operation. Local anesthesia is quite sufficient for this operation. Since the doctor has previously examined the patient for whom he applied local anesthesia, he or she has information about the duration of the procedure. And it informs the patient about this beforehand.

The first thing the doctor does when starting the operation is anesthesia. Then it starts to collect the hair follicles. There are very few people who go completely bald. In general, men with genetic hair loss have an area in the nape region where their hair does not necessarily fall out. The doctor begins to collect hair follicles from this area. The patient does not feel any pain or lose their hair in that area. New hair continues to grow from the follicles collected by the doctor. The doctor transfers the collected follicles to the bald area, which does not grow hair. After this procedure, the patient does not feel any pain or pain. The reason why there is more than one seam transplant technique is that doctors use difference in the tools during the operation and the procedures applied by the doctor to the hair follicles.

So basically, there are always the same steps. However, if the doctor performs different operations between the basic steps or performs the hair transplant operation with a different instrument, the difference in the technique he uses begins there. Hair transplant operations offer a permanent solution. There is no one who does not regain their hair after the hair transplant operation. Because this is a precise process. Some people may have doubts such as the loss of newly transplanted hair in the area where their hair is shed.

However, since the hair follicles taken by the doctor from the nape area are resistant to DHT, the hair does not shed again. In fact, the answer to the question of how long a hair transplant last is also reserved when I just explained it. So, if you are wondering the answer to the question of how long does a hair transplant last, you have more or less got an idea. But for people who still want precise information on this subject, we will explain this subject in detail in the continuation of our article.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

We will give the answer to the question of how long does a hair transplant last right now. The duration of hair transplantation operations varies according to the rate of baldness on the head of the person. In other words, if a large part of the person’s head is bald, the hair transplantation operation of this person will take a little longer. At the same time, the tool used by the doctor has a great effect on the process of this operation.

For example, the FUE technique is much faster than the manual hair transplant technique. Because the doctor uses a cutting-edge micro-motor tipped needle in the FUE technique. And this needle also accelerates the operation. So, if the question of how long does a hair transplant last confuses you, you should know that the duration of this operation depends on the rate of baldness and the hair transplant technique you prefer.

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take to Heal if You are Old?

A hair transplant procedure can be a great way to restore hair growth in areas that have been affected by genetic baldness or other types of hair loss. However, if you are an older individual, it is important to know the answer to ‘how long does a hair transplant take to heal?’ The healing process of hair transplant may take longer for an older individual than it would for someone younger. Generally speaking, an older person may require more time for the scalp to heal and for the newly transplanted hair to start growing in.

Typically, the healing process may take three months or more. During the first week after your hair transplant, you will likely experience some redness, swelling, and tenderness. At around three weeks post-transplant, the transplanted hair will begin to shed known as “shock loss” and it occurs because the new follicles are adjusting to their new environment. If you are an older individual considering a hair transplant procedure, remember that it may take several months for the healing process to be complete and for you to start seeing results. It can take up to six months or longer for newly transplanted hair to start growing in, which hopefully answers ‘how long does a hair transplant take to heal if you are old?’