How Is A Gastric Sleeve Performed? Questions such as how is a gastric sleeve performed and whether it is dangerous are frequently encountered. Because as a result of this process, people lose an incredible amount of weight. This naturally brings to mind the questions of how is a gastric sleeve performed and whether it is risky. First of all, let’s answer the question of how is a gastric sleeve performed. Gastric sleeve surgeries are performed with closed surgical techniques. That is, there are no incisions as in open surgeries. There are no ten or fifteen cm cuts or stitches. With the closed surgery technique, a few holes of 0.5 cm are opened on average.

How Is A Gastric Sleeve Performed?

The camera is attached through the drilled holes. And the inserted cameras are sent to the abdomen. In this case, the surgeon monitors the operating area from monitors. That is, it does the process not by seeing it, but by watching it from the monitor. It also performs the operation while watching.

With gastric sleeve surgeries performed in this way, the rate of pain is also reduced. Because there are not many cuts during the process, it means that there are no stitches. And this increases the speed of recovery after surgery. It is also a safer and more comfortable surgical technique. And about eighty percent of the stomach is removed during the operation. The most important part of such surgeries is after the surgery. Bleeding at the sutures should be controlled after the surgery is over. It is also under control whether there is a leak in the sewing section. For this, the stomach is inflated with special dyes. If there is no problem in the controls, the tube sent to the stomach is removed. And instead a drainage system is placed.

Weight Loss Thanks To Tube Stomach Surgery

After the question of how is a gastric sleeve performed, the weight lost after gastric surgeries is wondered. In this case, it is important for gastric tube surgery to be successful for weight loss. The importance of the question of how is a gastric sleeve performed is also revealed here. If the gastric surgery is not successful, weight loss will not occur. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to how and how carefully is a gastric sleeve performed .

If the gastric tube surgery is successful, your weight loss process begins. In the first five years after gastric surgery, patients lose the majority of their weight. In addition, vitamin and mineral support is very important after this surgery. If the gastric tube procedure is not satisfied, the gastric bypass procedure should be tried. In order not to gain weight after the surgery, it is important to follow the patient closely. Patients are followed up with a team of psychologists and dietitians. In this way, it is planned that the patient will stay away from things that will make him gain weight.

After gastric sleeve surgery, the patient should be very careful about his nutrition. It is necessary to be fed with liquid until the stomach structure recovers. Thanks to liquid nutrition, the patient adapts to the new volume of his stomach. Some patients in this process may also need to be fed through the nose. The transition to solid food feeding takes approximately two months. In this process, the stomach also collects itself. In some cases, the transition to solid food may even take three to four months.

Advantages Of Tube Stomach Surgery

-It is performed with a closed surgical technique. Therefore, there is no incision or stitching on the patient’s body. Even if it happens in a very small amount. This means that the pain that will occur after the procedure is reduced.
-Thanks to this procedure, the stomach volume is reduced. And it contributes to less consumption of nutrients.
-Ghrelin, the hunger hormone in the stomach, is removed. For this reason, people experience loss of appetite and rapid weight loss.

-The gastric valve, namely the pylorus, is protected during this process. This means that the food in the stomach goes late. Delaying the food from the stomach increases the feeling of satiety in the stomach.
-The risk of ulcer formation during this surgery is minimized. In addition, it prevents the occurrence of diseases such as intestinal obstruction, anemia, protein or vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis.
-If the procedure to be performed is two-stage and the body mass index is high, the first-stage surgery will cause more weight loss.

-It is possible to change the course of the procedure during the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. That is, it can be converted to a Doudenal Switch or Gastric Bypass procedure.
-Your stomach narrows after the surgery is over. This causes you to eat less food. And you will feel full faster with less food. At the same time, the appetite-giving hormone is reduced.
– No foreign body is placed in the body during the procedure.
You will gain the weight you want in about a year.
– Absorption is not interfered with. Therefore, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are less.
-Finally, the hospital stay is much shorter in this procedure.

Who Should Have Tube Stomach Surgery?

Tube stomach surgeries are internationally valid surgeries. For this reason, the standards of the International Society of Obesity and Metabolism Surgery are important in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. And according to these standards, those with a body mass index over forty can have a stomach tube. In addition, it is suitable for those who have a body mass index between thirty-five and forty and have problems such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems. As a result of such procedures, the real success ends with the person.

He can lose a lot of weight if he is willing and put in enough effort. This is about paying attention to nutrition. If you eat regularly, balanced and healthy, you can get very good results from sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Additionally, do not stop following your dietitian’s advice. In this way, you will both gain eating habits and lose weight. And the result you will see will make you very happy.

How is a Gastric Sleeve Performed? Questions to Ask Your Surgeon


When researching gastric sleeve procedures, a common question that most people have is, “how is a gastric sleeve performed?”. The process itself is not too complex, as long as it is performed by a capable surgeon. A gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive weight loss procedure that reduces the size of the stomach. It is done laparoscopically, which means the surgeon will use small incisions and special tools to perform the surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove up to three-fourths of the stomach. This will reduce its size from a football to a banana shape.


This will limit how much food can be eaten at one time. The entire procedure usually takes a few hours to complete. During this time, patients must follow a strict gastric sleeve diet and exercise routine in order to help them lose weight and keep it off long-term. In addition, patients may need to take vitamin supplements in order to ensure they are getting all of their essential nutrients. However, it is important to discuss all risks and benefits, including asking questions like, “how is a gastric sleeve performed?” with your doctor before the procedure.