How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work? Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that allows women who have large breasts to decrease their breast size. Breasts that are big according to the proportion of the body can cause back pain. Breasts can get bigger over time, after childbirth, or may be genetically big. During breast reduction surgery, the excessive amount of tissue, muscles, or fat in the breasts is removed. The size of the breasts will be cha bosen depending on the wants of the patient and the size that fits their body. Apart from women, men can also get breast reduction surgery. There are conditions such as gynecomastia that lead to abnormally large breasts in men. Breast reduction surgeries are cosmetic surgeries, which means that they can be done without any medical necessity. Anyone who wants a breast reduction surgery can get one unless they have serious health conditions.

Since breast reduction surgeries are considered major surgeries, patients who have serious health conditions should avoid them. Patients with staged cancer, heart conditions, liver conditions, or patients who had breast cancer should avoid them. Similarly, patients who are allergic to anesthesia, cannot handle anesthesia, or are generally not healthy enough should consult a doctor. Breast reduction surgeries take a long time to heal and can bring much pain to the patient. It is important to be ready for the emotional and physical process after the breast reduction surgery. Patients should be ready to give up smoking, drinking, or using any other medication that could slow down the recovery process. To complete a healthy and problem-free recovery, patients have to follow every instruction set by the doctor. It is also important to find a doctor to be comfortable with since every doctor-patient relationship should be based on trust.

Breast Reduction Surgery Process

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work? During breast reduction surgeries, general anesthesia is used. This means that the patient will be put in an artificial sleep during the surgery. It depends on the patient how long the surgery takes, usually it takes two to five hours, sometimes even longer. There are different types of the breast reduction surgery, the doctor will choose according to the circumstances and wants.

Liposuction: Liposuction is used for patients who do not want a drastic size change of their breasts. If they want breasts that are just slightly smaller than before, liposuction is ideal. Small tubes are put into the skin around the breast tissue and excess fat and other bodily fluids are sucked out. This method is especially ideals for patients whose skin will adjust itself to the new size naturally.

Vertical: This method is more suitable for patients who have more sagging in their breasts and want to get rid of it. The surgeon will cut around the areola until down to the crease of the breasts. Extra tissue and fat will be removed and the breast will be reshaped. Then, the skin will be stitched back so that there will be no more sagging in the breasts.

Anchor: During this procedure, the surgeon will cut from the areola down to the crease and along the crease underneath the breasts. The anchor method is more suitable for patients who want larger reductions. However, it should be kept in mind that the more cuts are made, the longer the recovery time takes.

After the surgery, tubes will be put around the breasts to keep the blood flowing out. Patients may have to stay at the hospital for a few days to be under surveillance. There should always be one person around the patient until the recovery is fully completed.

Aftercare and Risks

The breast reduction surgery is not dangerous, however complications may occur. For example, scars may not heal the way they are supposed to and leave the patient unsatisfied. Nipples may lose their shape and even go completely numb. Patients may not be able to breastfeed if they are planning on having a baby after the surgery. The breasts may lose their shape and the patient may be left with uneven breasts. Fat necrosis may occur, leaving red, lump breasts. Hematoma, which can happen during any kind of surgery, may show up in the first 24 hours after surgery. Patients may show allergic symptoms to anesthesia or other medications that have been used. Infections are always possible even if proper care has been taken. Blood clots may form in the thick veins, leading to more serious problems in the future.

In order to decrease the possibility of complications as much as possible, patients should take proper care after breast augmentation surgery. It is likely that the breasts will be swollen for about three months after the surgery. In order to prevent the swelling a little, patients can put ice packages on their breasts. Lotions can be used on the scars to prevent infections and pain around the area. Pain killers and necessary medications will be prescribed by the doctor. Some patients are recommended to wear a sports bra throughout the recovery period. Others are told to avoid tight clothing. It depends on the type of surgery the patient has. Patients should avoid driving, exercising, working, taking care of children, etc. until their pain completely disappears. The stitches will be taken out after three weeks after the breast reduction surgery. Patients should heal completely after six weeks.

More Information

If patients have more questions regarding breast reduction surgeries, aftercare, risks, etc., it is best for them to consult a doctor. Everybody reacts differently to anesthesia and surgery, thus everyone will have different experiences. It is best to undergo a mammogram and an allergy test before the surgery. Being open about medical history, fears and expectations form the basis of a healthy relationship between patient and doctor. Breast reduction surgeries are major surgeries that should be carried out by a professional medical team. Finding a good surgeon is the first step of a healthy and satisfying outcome of the breast reduction surgery. For more information, patients should contact a professional. How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work Finished and Small?


‘Breast reduction surgery work finished’ aims to reduce the size of the breasts, reshape them, and improve their overall appearance. The first step in breast reduction surgery is to decide on the desired breast size. The patient and surgeon will discuss the desired cup size and determine the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. After the desired size is chosen, liposuction and surgical excision will reduce breast tissue. A thin cannula is inserted into the breast area during liposuction, and fat cells are suctioned out. With surgical excision, excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue are removed through incisions around the areola and breast crease.


Once the desired amount of tissue has been removed, the surgeon will perform a ‘breast reduction surgery work finished.’ This may involve repositioning or removing nipples, reducing areolas, and removing excess skin. Sometimes, a surgeon may use internal sutures to help shape and support the new breasts.


After reshaping, the incisions are closed with sutures, and dressings are applied. You may wonder, “how Long Does breast reduction surgery take to heal?” Depending on the extent of the procedure, recovery time can range from several days to several weeks. During this time, patients should avoid strenuous activity while they heal. Pain medications may also be prescribed to help with discomfort.