After sleeve gastrectomy, individuals do not want to gain weight again. For this, they pay attention to the size of the stomach. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” Questions such as these began to be asked more than once in internet searches. This is because the stretching of the stomach means its enlargement. As the stomach grows, it begins to be saturated with more nutrients. This also causes weight gain. Because the amount of food taken by the individual increases. The process after sleeve gastrectomy is very important for individuals. Otherwise, the individual gains weight again. Thus, the surgery performed by the doctors does not have any function. In this case, the individual should consult with specialist doctors. Doctors can treat the stomach to its original state.

How Do You Know If Stretched Your Gastric Sleeve

Care should be taken in the processes of sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Especially in the post-operative period, the individual should pay attention to what he / she eats and drinks. Apart from this, in the following periods, the individual should pay attention to what he or she eats so that the stomach does not grow. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” The increase in the frequency of asking such questions drew attention. Some individuals may be re-operated because they cannot manage the post-operative process properly.

Who And Why Is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed on individuals with high weight who want to lose weight. The doctor reduces the volume of the individual’s stomach. Thus, the individual loses weight by eating less. The feeling of satiety, which occurs with the presence of food in the stomach, appears with more food than before. The basic mechanism is as follows. Doctors remove four-fifths of the stomach during surgery and stitch it up. The individual should pay attention to the post-operative period. The individual should pay attention to the fact that the foods consumed by the individual are not of a nature to harm or tire the stomach. Otherwise, various inconveniences may occur.

After the surgery, if the individual is fed as much as before, his stomach may be stretched. In such cases, the individual may have surgery again depending on the condition of the stomach, or the size of the stomach is tried to be regulated in the presence of a dietitian. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” These questions have started to be asked frequently to doctors and dietitians. Because individuals may not be able to manage the post-operative process well.

How To Feed After The Operation?

Post-operative nutrition is very important. The individual should be fed only liquids for one month immediately after the operation. The person should consume pureed foods until the second and third month. After about six months, the individual can switch to normal food. However, care should be taken with portion control. Otherwise, the stomach may be stretched and its volume may expand. Thus, food intake increases as before. A person cannot lose weight and on the contrary gains weight. The surgery performed by the doctors remains quite dysfunctional.

A person who has undergone sleeve gastrectomy surgery should be fed approximately 300 – 600 calories. It should take no more than 1000 calories. Otherwise, the person will gain weight again. The individual who wants to lose weight should not forget that weight maintenance is a lifelong condition. Lost weight can be regained. For this reason, attention should be paid to the food consumed. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” Questions like these have been asked frequently. The reason for this is that individuals cannot apply the post-operative process correctly.

How Do You Know If Stretched Your Gastric Sleeve, What Are The Symptoms?

It is possible to understand that the stomach is stretched and started to expand with a few symptoms. If the individual is gradually increasing their food portions and feels the need to snack frequently, it is likely that the individual’s stomach has started to tense. As a result, the individual stops losing weight or gains weight. Waist circumference and leg circumference begin to increase gradually. The individual notices that he has gained weight. In this case, the individual tends to be hungry frequently during the day.

The individual begins to consume larger portions than the doctor recommends. These portions get larger as the months progress. The individual adds fatty and high-calorie foods to his diet. Thus, they tend to repeat their old eating habits. The individual chews the food less and starts to eat quickly. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” The answer to the question is like this. Individuals experiencing this condition should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Because as time passes, the stomach grows larger due to the individual’s eating habits and there may be a situation such as the individual’s re-operation.

How Do You Know If Stretched Your Gastric Sleeve, What Can Be Done As A Result Of Stretching?

In order to understand that the stomach is stretched, the individual can do a test for himself / herself. The individual must first determine a time frame to do the test. Usually the first meal of the day is ideal for testing. When it’s meal time, the individual chooses mashed potatoes or cottage cheese and puts a certain amount on his plate. The individual eats until the feeling of hunger passes and he / she feels full. Then, he subtracts the amount left on the plate from the amount he / she put at the beginning and compares the result with the portion that should be. The result is the volume of the stomach. If it is more than the required portion, the individual should definitely consult a doctor. “How do you know if stretched your gastric sleeve?” This is how the question is expressed in the most objective way.

Depending on the situation, the doctor may recommend diet or re-operation. In case of diet, a stomach reset program is applied for 5 -10 days. In this application, it is tried to return the stomach to its original state by paying attention to the calorie intake.

Do You Lose Hair After Gastric Sleeve Surgery and How Do You Deal with It?

Are you opting for a gastric sleeve surgery and are concerned, “do you lose hair after gastric sleeve?” It’s important to note that hair loss after gastric sleeve surgery is not uncommon. There are several potential causes for hair loss, such as changes in diet, hormone fluctuations, and stress associated with the procedure. Your doctor can help identify the cause of your hair loss and recommend a treatment plan as needed.  For post-op precautions, what is a gastric sleeve procedure? Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your scalp healthy by maintaining a balanced diet and using mild shampoos or other products specifically designed to promote hair growth. Finally, be sure to discuss any continued hair loss with your doctor as soon as possible. Early identification and treatment can help you manage any further hair loss related to your gastric sleeve procedure.

The gastric sleeve surgery support group on Facebook is an invaluable resource for learning more about the potential risks of this procedure- including hair loss. The group also offers tips and advice on minimizing the risk of experiencing post-operative side effects like hair thinning or shedding. For informative answers to “do you lose hair after gastric sleeve?”, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.