The frequency of sleeve gastrectomy surgeries is “How do you eat after gastric sleeve?” Questions in the form of the search engine began to be searched frequently. This is an operation that must be done very carefully. It is not an open surgery because it is performed with laproscopy. For this reason, many doctors do it with confidence. The doctor should manage the surgery, and the individual should manage the post-operative process well. The post-operative process is the most important part for the individual to lose weight. Although the doctor removes approximately four-fifths of the stomach, the surgery will be in vain if the individual does not pay attention to what they eat.

How Do You Eat After Gastric Sleeve?

After the surgery, the individual should seek help from specialists until the weight loss process is over. It is the healthiest for the individual to lose weight under the control of a specialist. Otherwise, the individual cannot adjust the weight control and nutrition routine properly. Thus, the individual stops losing weight and starts to gain weight over time.

Surgery to lose weight is a common situation nowadays. The ideal method is surgery, especially for individuals who are overweight and have chronic diseases. Doctors recommend sleeve gastrectomy, which is the most ideal surgical technique. In this technique, the doctor removes about four-fifths of the person’s stomach and thus reduces the stomach volume. Thus, the individual who eats less food loses weight. However, because of the frequent use of these surgeries, “How do you eat after gastric sleeve?” These type of questions have started to be asked frequently in search engines.

How Do You Eat After Gastric Sleeve, What Should You Pay Attention To?

Post-operative nutrition is very important. The individual should be fed only liquid for two weeks immediately after the operation, and consume pureed foods for the next two weeks. After about the fifth week, the individual can switch to normal food. However, portion control is important here. Otherwise, the stomach volume may expand and stop weight loss. Thus, the individual returns to his old eating habits. Gastric sleeve surgery performed by doctors is meaningless.

In the first two weeks, the individual consumes granulated soups and liquid foods. For the next two weeks, the individual consumes foods such as vegetable puree and small-grain soups. Under the guidance of experts, the individual can return to normal foods after the fifth week. However, it can take up to 1000 calories per day. Before the fifth week, 300 – 600 calories should be fed. The individual should make an effort to maintain his weight after losing weight. Having surgery does not indicate that the stomach will not expand again or that weight cannot be gained. Many individuals, who are aware of this, “how do you eat after gastric sleeve?” He searches many questions on the internet.

Who Is This Surgery Performed To?

It is applied to individuals with high weight who need to lose weight. If the overweight individual also has a chronic disease, doctors definitely recommend this surgery. Because high weight causes chronic diseases. Many problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases can be caused by weight. Therefore, high weight is a very dangerous situation. If there is a chronic disease in the family of the person, the risk of developing these chronic diseases increases when the person reaches high weight.

The doctor reduces the volume of the individual’s stomach. Because the doctor takes about eighty percent of the stomach. Thus, the individual eats less food. Eating less means fewer calories. As a result of the calorie deficit, the individual loses weight. After the doctor removes the stomach, he stitches it. From the outside, it is not clear that the person had an operation. Laproscopic method, which is one of the closed surgical methods, is used. In open surgeries, doctors can stitch the individual with 10-centimeter sutures. However, in this method, the stitches are quite small. Patient satisfaction is very high both in this respect and because of the efficiency of the method.

Nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery is very important. If the person does not pay attention to his diet, he can return to his old weight. For this reason, the individual should determine his diet together with the experts. Due to the fact that nutrition is so important, “how do you eat after gastric sleeve?” Such questions are asked quite often.

What Causes High Weight?

There can be many reasons for being overweight, such as genetics, drugs used, dietary habits, diseases that the individual has, and psychological. The doctor must first determine the reason why the patient who comes with a high weight has high weight. It would not make much sense to try to apply treatment without the reason being clear. As long as the underlying cause remains there, the individual will regain weight. The doctor should determine the cause by taking a detailed history from the individual. Then, the individual should lose weight with cause-oriented treatments.

Today, the most common cause of overweight and obesity is nutritional disorders. Individuals with high weight cause weight gain by taking in excess of the nutrients they need daily, causing an increase in adipose tissue. Diet, surgery or sports may be appropriate as a solution to this problem. Many people prefer surgery. However, attention should be paid to weight after surgery. Therefore, “how do you eat after gastric sleeve?” Questions like these are frequently asked.

Thanks to new technologies, there are many types of weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is the most successful and patient satisfaction method among these types of surgery. Doctors can easily perform this operation. If the pre- and post-operative process is well managed, the individual will lose weight very quickly and permanently. However, the important point here is that both the individual and the doctor work on the nutritional habits of the individual in the postoperative period. As long as the person eats properly after the surgery, he / she will be able to achieve the desired result. Of course, doctors give the most detailed information on this subject.

Are You Wondering How Fast Do You Lose Weight After Gastric Sleeve?



Gastric sleeve is a safe procedure after which a patient expects to lose a lor of kilos during the first few. After that, weight loss may become more gradual. Many patients lose around sixty percent of their excess weight within the first year. Nevertheless, everyone’s body and metabolism are different. So the outcome or the answer to “how fast do you lose weight after gastric sleeve?” may avry drastically. It is possible that your body doesn’t conform with the gastric sleeve’s expected weight loss schedule. After the surgery, it may take a year for your weight to stabilize.

And how fast do you lose weight after gastric sleeve after a year? After a year, you may maintain your new weight for life if you can eat healthily, avoid fatty foods and exercise regularly. Therefore, lifestyle changes are the most important aspects associated with gastric sleeves. Following your surgeon’s guidelines is as crucial. Suppose you are opting for gastric sleeve surgery. Discuss your goals with a doctor. They can let you know if the gastric sleeve is right for you. If not, there are many other weight loss surgery options. Furthermore, a doctor can provide you with a realistic answer to – can you gain weight after a gastric sleeve?