How Big Is The Stomach After Gastric Sleeve? This question is very popular for those who want to get this surgery. They need more information in order to decide to get it. Gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure that surgeon removes approximately 80% of gastric pouch. After this surgery the stomach will be sleeve or tube like. Actually, surgeon removes funds which produce ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin hormone’s function is to make you feel hungry. Your stomach will be very small and you will not feel yourself much hungry. After that surgery you should be careful while eating. Because, your surgeon will recommend you to adapt your stomach and body the new situation. You should eat less and also do exercise. Daily activities are very important after getting weight loss surgery. Actually, sometime some of patients may gain weight again, even if they have had gastric sleeve surgery. It may depend on their life style, because along with this surgery they should have changed their eating habits. However, most of them can manage to reach the satisfactory result.

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve?

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? While finding out its answer, you learn everything in detail. Because, it is a surgery that has pros and cons. Actually, its advantages are more than negative consequences. It is true that your stomach will be smaller than its normal size. It may be hard for you to decide to get this surgery. However, sooner or later your body will alarm that tells you to get this procedure.

The Things You Should Do After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? You may wonder its answer a lot. However, there are so many things that you should know. After gastric sleeve surgery your stomach will be small than usual size, because its huge amount of part is removed by surgeon. Rate of removed part is 80% which may give you idea about that. You may calculate on your own like this; if you divide your stomach 10 pieces, only two pieces left. If you think that only 20% of it stay there, it means that you will lose weight nearly 80%. Actually, latest researches show that in the first years patients lose up to 60% of the excess weight. If you compare them, you will see that the rates are really near with each other. You should know more than this information, so should keep reading this article.

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? You can find its answer and more in this article. It is written above how will the stomach be after that surgery. However, it is not enough to evaluate this procedure with little information. Post-op phase is essential for those you want to get it. You have to promote your body after getting this surgery. You should obey what your surgeon recommend you to do. For instance, you should stop eating high calorie foods. Following months you should start to do exercises. It is ideal to start doing exercises three months later. While doing exercises, you should avoid strenuous activities. Because, you may think that if you do more exercises, it will help you to lose more weight. Unfortunately, it is not true, even it may injure you or make a harmful effect. The more you obey the rules, the more you will get the final result immediately.

Have Ideal And Healthy Body With Gastric Sleeve

You try to lose weight, but you cannot manage. While searching for the answer of “How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve?”, you can find the exact solution here. Obesity is one of the major problems of human being, because it breed illnesses and also it is not possible to lose weight on your own when you are obese. It is really problematic to solve complication of obesity. That is why you cannot take your weight under control. Having ideal body shape will make you happy psychologically. Body proportion is very important for your skeletal system, because excess body fat breeds joint injury or pain. On the other hand, your movements reduce because of protruding body part. You can feel yourself much older than you really are. Also, you feel exhausted after a little effort. You do not want to go outside because of your undesirable body shape. These are the things that you confront when you have excess weight.

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? Actually, many people wonder its answer, but they need to know real effect of this surgery. Because, after getting this surgery, your body will start to restore itself. It will reach its normal size which makes you feel comfortable. A few years later your friends and family member will shock, when they see you. Positive change will also affect your decisions and mental health. Now, you can wear what you desire, and you will accept invitations. Getting gastric sleeve will be the best thing for you that you ever done.

Fight Against Obesity

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? This question may be trigger for you to start a big change. Fighting obesity with effective solutions will bring you the best and satisfactory result. If you want to be successful, only you need to take action. You can learn via this article how to fight against obesity. The first thing you should do focusing your goal. Because, it will give courage and power, while fighting against one of the major health problems. Also, you can make a list what you cannot do, when you have excess weight. Additionally, you can dream about how will you look and which dress you would like to wear.

How big is the stomach after gastric sleeve? This question is really important to take action against your excess body fat. You can manage what you want to do after reading this article. It is really easy to fight against obesity with gastric sleeve surgery. Your body shape will reach its normal shape a few years later getting gastric sleeve surgery.

In Milliliters, How Big is Your Stomach After Gastric Sleeve?


Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular weight loss procedure that involves removing a large portion of the stomach. The remaining stomach is shaped like a tube or “sleeve” and much smaller than the original. After gastric sleeve surgery, the size of your stomach will be significantly reduced.


If you are curious about “how big is your stomach after gastric sleeve?” the exact size of your new stomach will depend on the individual. Still, it typically ranges from 150 to 400 milliliters. This means that the amount of food you can eat at once will be drastically reduced, which can help with weight loss. Since your stomach capacity is smaller, you may feel full after eating only small amounts of food.

Regarding “why can t you eat and drink after gastric sleeve?” in addition to reducing the amount of food you can eat, gastric sleeve surgery also reduces hunger signals sent to your brain. This can help reduce cravings and make sticking to a healthy diet easier. It’s important to note that gastric sleeve surgery is not a quick weight loss solution. In short, do not only rely on the answer to “how big is your stomach after gastric sleeve?” when it comes to gastric sleeve; invest in diet and exercise.