Hair Transplantation On Afro Hair

Hair Transplantation On Afro Hair The biggest reason of hair loss is the overuse of chemicals including hair products. For instance hair spray, hair gel, hair dye, and foam damage hair enormously. While the use of hair-forming devices also cause hair loss, tieing hair strictly and offering no time for hair to breathe and refresh also are other reasons for hair loss. Furthermore nutritions have a great influence on hair roots. Nowadays we have been living in time in which the amount of healthy nourishment reduces and the amount of hormones mixed to food enormously rises. Getting an insufficient amount of minerals to our body does not only damage the immune system but also hair to be unhealthy. Even African American people have strong hair characteristic, they also need hair transplantation on afro hair.

The advanced experts always warn us about avoiding from stress. Because the more stress rises up the more brain cells die and hair to start falling constantly. While passing from the period of childhood to adolescence there happen some hormonal modifications in our body. Also these changes lead to enormous hair loss. If you are a pregnant mother, you do not lose even one single hair strand during your pregnancy. After the birth, in roughly nine-month time, your hair begins to shed faster. Some diseases like cancer also cause a serious hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes Depression

The hair loss causes a deep depression on people due to a sense of embarrassment of getting bald head. Although the average age is around 50s as I have mention above, many people experience this embarrassing issue recently. A person who can not reach even age of 30, might encounter this situation. Also, there are many examples like people, who are healthy life coaches or fitness trainer, might have sensational hair loss.

There are several reasons of this hair loss in such a young age. Maybe these people might have vigorous exercise routines or really stressful daily schedules. They can probably try everything from normal remedy like modification of their diet or hair loss shampoo and other products. The worst thing is that this hair fall draws to people like feel less confident in their social environments. Because crown starts fading which makes them look older and as if they are sick or have some healthy issues. At the final stage, this circumstance cane to them as the best friend of them and gives them much more visible baldness.

Hair Loss Causes Depression

Most patients who come from African American ethnicity, are suffering from the same issue like every person in the society. Unfortunately most advanced experts might think that they are not a suitable candidates for a hair transplantation on afro hair. The reason is that they have quite different and distinctive hair features from us. Due to structure and genetics of their hair, most advanced surgeons in this special field do not want to take risk. Thus they give mostly rejection on these patients’ request for a hair transplantation procedure.

Nevertheless this prejudice has become a legend, a myth! Indeed, these people who suffer from consistent hair fall, have a huge surgical advantage for a hair transplantation! As we all know that the curly character of even normal hair gives more dense and volumed appearance if we compare with normal hair style. That is why this characterisric feature creates a semblance of more intensity. These patients are able to realize real outcomes even if black hair transplantation surgeons use fewer healthy grafts for their procedures.

FUE Hair Transplantation On Afro Hair

For patients who want to get hair transplantation, the most common question is which hair transplantation on afro hair is suitable one. The FUE hair transplantation technique, which means to “Follicle Unit Extraction” is the most advanced technique. The FUE technique is surgical an aesthetic modified of the follicles’ micro transplantation way. The surgeon extracts the follicles of the part you have already hair which call the donor site. For this stage he does not need to create any stitches and leaving scars. Then the doctor extracts these healthy follicle units in groups up to 4 in its normal groupings. To be honest, there is no other technique that we can compare with this hair transplantation on afro hair. Because it is the only one that allows the extraction the follicles from the donor site by keeping its normal form.

Stages Of FUE Hair Transplantation On Afro Hair

As a patient, you are going to be under local anesthesia. Then the part where the surgeon transplants the hair, will be prepared for the FUE hair transplantation on afro hair. The doctor collects these healthy hair follicles one by one. And at this stage the doctor prefers using the incision tips smaller than 1 mm by the FUE motor. In this phase the doctors take thousands of roots from the part that you have already hair. After all hair follicles are collected, the surgeon starts transplantation process after separation. He need to open the channels up very carefully for the transplantation phase. Canal opening requires the highest level sensitivity and experience as much as root picking.

When this opening process is done, the doctor prefers using the lateral slit method instead of the punch system. This method provides incisions suitable for the natural appearance of the hair. Furthermore, opening channels suitable for the size and length of the hair follicle is the golden key fort his procedure. Because this factor has directly depth affect the rate of hair growth process in hair transplantation.

One of the other important factors is the angle of the channel where the doctor transplants the healthy hair follicles. The most crucial factor in getting natural outer look on your head is the angles. These transplanted hair should imitate the natural ones. In this factor, it is really significant to have an experienced surgeon in the procedure. If not, unfortunately you are not going to have the desires look and shape in your hair. The second factor on the natural look is the correct determination of the hairline. The forehead area and the area where the hair starts need to be invented in suitable symmetry and proportions.

FUE Afro Hair Transplant

Embracing Unique Hair

Firstly, Afro hair is special and unique, just like a beautiful rainbow. Hair transplants for Afro hair are like a gentle touch that helps make the hair thicker and fuller. Above all, It’s like adding more colors to the rainbow and making it shine even brighter!

Special Care for Afro Hair

Skilled doctors who perform hair transplants for Afro hair understand its unique needs. They have special techniques to transplant hair follicles, like planting tiny seeds, to create new hair growth. Moreover, It’s like a secret recipe that nourishes the hair and helps it grow beautifully.

Growing Strong and Healthy

Firstly, After a hair transplant, the new Afro hair starts to grow strong and healthy. It becomes thick and full, like a magnificent crown.Moreover, It’s like watching a beautiful flower blossom and show its true colors to the world.

Styles and Versatility

With their new hair, people with Afro hair can enjoy various styles and embrace their natural beauty. They can wear their hair in different ways, like braids, twists, or a big, fluffy afro. Similarly, It’s like having a magical wardrobe filled with endless options to express their unique style.

Celebrating Diversity

Hair transplants for Afro hair celebrate the beauty of diversity. They show that every hair type is special and can be enhanced through care and treatment. It’s like a big party where everyone is welcome and celebrated for who they are.

In Conclusion, Hair transplants for Afro hair work wonders, making the hair thicker and fuller. Skilled doctors, special care, and the celebration of diversity bring out the natural beauty of Afro hair. After that, If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant for Afro hair, remember the magic it can bring.