Hair Transplantation Istanbul

Hair Transplantation Istanbul We can define the hair loss problem as the hair not being regenerated. Normal hair loss occurs as a daily loss of 80 to 100 hairs. Daily shedding rates other than this amount are not normal. People who have this problem should definitely be treated. If the hair loss continues despite the medical treatments applied, a surgical method, hair transplantation, should be applied. If you have a hair transplant problem, you can come to our clinic and get information about all the procedures carried out by our units. You can listen to what you need to do before and after hair transplantation from our doctors. You can access detailed information about our hair transplant procedures with this article, which includes details about the hair transplant process and before and after. We offer the best prices with high performance. Also, we aim to achieve high quality hair transplantation and successful results.

We carry out your hair transplantation procedures in hygienic operating room environments. As hair transplantation Istanbul, we offer you our operations with better quality and more affordable prices compared to the hair transplant market. We behave very ethically with our team in all transactions. We want you not to endanger both your own health and public health in illegal hair transplantation businesses. Therefore, we offer services far above world standards. While doing all these, we aim to offer reasonable prices. We constantly analyze all hair transplant prices in the market. Thus, we always strive to provide you hair transplantation services at the cheapest prices.

How Is The Process Before Hair Transplantation Progress?

Before starting the hair transplant procedure, we do some tests. These tests;

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hemogram
  • PT

Many hair transplant centers do not test patients before the procedure. In addition, hair transplantation İstanbul is applied to people without the necessary controls. But before you have a hair transplant, you should have these tests done regardless of the institution you are in. In our hospital, we do all the tests before hair transplantation. We make a special application for people with life-threatening diseases. We also pay extra attention to them. Depending on the test result, we decide to continue or cancel the operation. We do not have hair transplantation in our institution for patients with HIV + or Hepatitis C. We provide special conditions for our patients with hepatitis B and we do hair transplantation in this way.

Also, we open a private room for each patient. We also prefer disposable tools and equipment. We disinfect all aspects of the hair transplant room. Also, we tell our patient what he should pay attention to before coming to the hair transplant. We even provide information by conducting a private meeting. We recommend that they do not use alcohol, cigarettes, hookahs and blood thinners at least one week before having a hair transplant. Also, we advise them not to consume energy drinks, carbonated drinks, caffeinated beverages at least three days ago. We also state that the patient should not shave while coming for hair transplantation.

How To Do Hair Transplantation?

In our Hair Transplant Istanbul clinic, we first determine the number of grafts we will transplant before the procedure in accordance with certain tests. When our patient comes to the institution, we first examine them. Together with our patient, we determine the front line as a result of joint decisions. We make an aesthetic drawing so that the hair transplantation does not come to the muscle area. By analyzing the needs and requests of the person, we determine whether the number of grafts meets or not. Afterwards, we make an operation planning for our patient according to the determined number of grafts. Even if we use the best hair transplant technique, we think that there are many factors affecting a hair transplant. We explain the rules that patients should pay attention and obey before hair transplantation.

Also, we point out to the patients that these rules affect the results of hair transplantation. As long as you pay attention to these points, you can be more comfortable during the operation. In addition, you will not encounter any obstacle for your hair transplantation. First, we apply some tests to our patient who comes to the institution on the day of hair transplantation. If there is no problem after the results are obtained, we determine the transplantation area of our patient. We also make donor point drawings. After the drawing process is finished, we shave our patient if necessary. We apply anesthesia, which is the first step in hair transplantation. We perform this application so that the person can have a comfortable and painless hair transplant. In addition, we numb the area with our special device before applying local anesthesia.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

You must meet many criteria to have a hair transplant. In addition, you should not have this application done by everyone. As hair transplantation Istanbul, we have clearly identified the people who can have an operation and those who are not suitable for hair transplantation. We also consider the controls performed before hair transplantation and the patient’s history and test the suitability of the person for hair transplantation. The answer to the question of who can have hair transplant is as follows;

  • If your hair is shedding due to genetic and hormonal reasons, you can have a hair transplant.
  • Also, If you have had a hair transplant before and are not satisfied, you can have a hair transplant.
  • If your hair is thin or not thick enough, you can have a transplant.
  • Also, If you are uncomfortable with the density of your existing hair, you can have a hair transplant.
  • If you cannot spare time for care and therapies, you can have a hair transplant.
  • You can have hair transplantation if you have problems with the scalp due to burns or wounds.
  • If you experience hair loss or thinning due to different diseases, you can have a transplant.
  • Also, if you are not pregnant, you can have a transplant.
  • If you do not have a heart or chronic disease, you can have a transplant.
  • How Do I Find a Good Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul Center?


    An excellent way to find a reputable hair transplant Turkey Istanbul center is to do some research online. Check out customer reviews and ratings for any centers you are considering, as these can give you a good idea of their quality and level of service. Additionally, if you know anyone with firsthand experience with such a hair transplantation center, ask them for their opinion. This can help ensure that your chosen hair center provides high-quality care to its customers. Ultimately, it’s essential to take your time and vet your options to make an informed decision on the best Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul clinic for you.

  • Once you have researched and selected a specific Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul clinic, it’s essential to ensure that the staff is appropriately qualified and experienced in providing excellent hair transplantation services. Ask about the surgeon’s qualifications performing the procedure and request references from past patients who have undergone treatments at the same clinic. Additionally, ensure that any procedures performed by the hair transplant Turkey Istanbul center follow all applicable local laws and regulations—you don’t want to risk having an unsafe or illegal operation performed by unlicensed professionals.