What Is The Hair Transplantation?

Our subject may be hair transplant doctors, but first let’s look at what is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic surgical technique that takes hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. The surgeons prefer this technique to treat male typical baldness. Moreover it is effective to restore beard hair, chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair. In order to fill in scars due to the accidents and previous transplantations or face-lifts it is excellent. The modern hair transplantation techniques collect and transplant hair follicular units in their innate grouping. The reason is gaining quite natural appearance by imitating the original hair conformance.

Who Might Encounter This Embarrassing Issue?

It does not matter your gender, experiencing hair loss towards around age of 50s is inescapable circumstance. The more our lives get more stressful, the more every person is going to undergo this embarassing situation. Because every individual person tries to prove his existence in this world and it is a challenge. In fact the men pattern baldness influences almost the half of all men around age of 50 or 60. In general every one in four women unfortunately suffer from this issue. Despite this situation, the hair transplantation to treat the worsing hair loss is much less common. Most people have not even known or have a tiny knowledge on the treatments and techniques of this most common problem in the society.

Finding Trusthworthy A Surgeon

Especially finding trusthworthy surgeons is quite imperative in general because most clinics prefer using fake reviews to get more patients. The patients might decide to experience the hair transplantation procedure by reading these fake reviews and comments on the websites of the clinics. Unfortunately there is an option that they might disappoint with their results after the procedure. As patient you might have encounter this situation in despair if you choose clinic in countries where they offer cheaper prices. Since these countries became risky locations for a hair transplantation procedure despite its affordable clinics.

Nevertheless the hair transplantation in the world has become enormously appealing. The most logical reason is that clinics offer qualified operations with much affordable prices. Morover these affordable prices include all inclusive package opportunities and that makes the huge difference with other countries. It is true that the black market for the hair transplant procedures in several countries. However if you find a trustworthy hair transplant clinic ans surgeon, you get an excellent procedure for sure.

We all might think that all hair transplantation doctors are equal. But it is a big mistake to attempt! There are many unqualified doctors who can slip into a pair of gloves and begin shaving a poor guy’s scalp. Please do not shame on me but this industry gets much more dangerous than before. There are many terrible disappointing stories as well as good ones. If you do not want to be one of the victims, these surgeons are excellent options for you!

Hair Transplantation Doctors

Dr. Tsvetalin Zarev, Bulgaria

Dr. Zarev had graduated from Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria and still he works actively in the transplantation industry. But his focus is enormous FUE cases at his own clinic. He applies this hair transplantation operations on hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard hair for the last decade. During this period Dr. Zarev has preferred using motorised FUE technique as well as manual one.

Dr. Geza Sikos, Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Sikos is on of the certified plastic surgeons, and he offers hair transplantation in high quality. He has got comprehensive training in many countries in the world. He is one of the most important members of a number of privileged hair transplantation associations. His Sikos Hair Transplant Clinic is highly popular and well-known in all around Europe. In this clinic I would promise that you are going to receive the highest standard of care. Almost most of the patients, who experienced the clinic’s treatments, come from other European countries. It is really interesting that they travel to there while they have the same treatment opportunities in their countries. But it is not certainly equal care with others. This clinic proposes a world-class service for every patient with an intense care. Most of the time Dr. Sikos applies FUE aesthetic surgeries, but he can easily provide FUT-strip modern techniques.

Dr. Alan Bauman, Boca Raton, Florida, Usa

Probably we can say that he is the best in this special surgery field. Apart from his international reputation practice which is based on Florida, he established a clinic in 1997. And this clinic offers anything that you might need. For instance from eyebrows transplantation to artistic FUE hair transplantion aesthetic surgery for both gender. His around 12.000 clinics have been labeled specifically as “The Hair Hospital”. Dr. Bauman is an extraordinary experienced hair transplantation surgeon, and he is ambitiously trying to do his best for patients. Even though he had treated over 20,000 patients by himself and applied more than 8,000 hair transplantation operations. Dr. Bauman still feels a continuous courage to offer the latest techniques with help of the most advanced equipments. In this huge industry, we can express that he is defining the quality for many surgeon candidates to follow.

Dr. Christian Bisanga, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Bisanga had received his hair transplantation certificate in the US.  When he came back to Europe, he founded a clinic, which focuses on especially FUE hair transplantation procedures. He plays really active role in studies and researches in the industry and has pioneered his own graft extraction techniques and operations. fue He teaches and educates new surgeon candidates in the field of this modern technique. Dr. Bisanga is one of the most well-known hair transplantation doctors all around the world. Also he restored many difficult cases to the definitely highest quality.

Dr. Özlem Bicer, Istanbul, Turkey

She has been holding an excellence on the specifically this field for more than twenty years. Dr. Bicer has gained these qualifications in hospitals, private practices and aesthetic surgery clinics in Istanbul Turkey. Around 2000s she could start up her own licensed clinic which is full of approval from the Turkish Health Authorities. From this point, Dr. Bicer and her craft have participated in tones of the hair transplantation surgery. And her patients were coming from all over the world to get a high quality procedure. After the procedures, these patients expressed that it was a life-changing solution for their embarrassing situation.

Consult with a Hair Transplant Doctor Before Surgery


A hair transplant doctor specializes in treating hair loss, baldness, and other scalp conditions. These doctors perform surgical procedures to restore the patient’s hair by transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of their head to the affected area. A “hair transplant specialist” is a medical professional who has completed training in hair restoration techniques. This training often includes a residency in dermatology or plastic surgery. When choosing a hair transplant doctor, it is important to research the doctor’s experience and qualifications.

A hair transplant doctor should have experience performing successful hair transplant procedures as well as an understanding of the different types of hair loss and scalp conditions. They should also know about the most recent techniques, such as follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI). It is also important to ask questions about the hair transplant procedure itself. A good doctor will explain the entire process, including pre- and post-operative instructions, medications to take, and expectations for recovery time and results. Finding a qualified hair transplantation doctor can be a daunting task. However, taking the time to research and find a doctor who is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to providing quality care can help ensure a successful outcome.