Hair Transplantation Cost

In this article, we will talk about hair transplantation cost. If you want to have a long hair transplant, you can choose the FUE technique, which is one of the basic techniques. In this hair transplant, you can have a hair transplant without scraping your hair. We plant your hair cells from strong hair follicles in sparse areas. As with every transplant, you may experience hair loss in this transplant. We usually use long hair transplantation for thinning around your forehead. After drawing with a pencil on the areas we have determined, we start to make the necessary planting process.

What Are The Advantages Of Long Hair Transplantation?

A noticeable difference is obtained immediately after the transplantation process. The long transplanted hair instantly adds a new look to the person. There is very little risk of scarring after hair transplantation. With this transplantation method, people have a hair transplant application without having to have their hair cut. It has no effect on daily life.

What Are The Disadvantages?

It is costly and takes a long time. Hair loss occurs after 4 weeks. Very few grafts are added in each session. It is a longer and demanding method. The long hair transplant procedure performed by applying local anesthesia takes a total of 7 hours. Your hair follicle extraction and hair transplantation takes 6 hours in total. We operate for 1 hour to find a suitable channel in our customers’ minds. After the application, we recommend that you rest for 3 days by keeping your pain level to a minimum.

Long Hair Transplants Prices

The long hair transplant method, which is a little more expensive than other hair transplant methods, is priced according to the hair structure of the person. A person pays at least 6,000 TL for the long hair transplantation cost. This amount can go up to 15,000 TL depending on the condition of the person’s hair.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE technique is one of the most used techniques in hair transplantation. We inject the hair samples we take from your hair follicles in the back of your hair into your bald areas. Hair follicles in the nape are neutral to testosterone. In this way, these hair follicles are the strongest hair follicles. The roots taken from here are planted in areas where baldness is present. The person first experiences hair loss. After this casting, the person will have permanent hair within 5 months. For this transaction, people can pay from 4,500 TL to 8,000 TL.

Mega Hair Transplantation Process And Prices

The 2020 Mega hair transplant technique is a technique that increases the number of grafts and hair follicles. The aim of this technique is to reach the most hair follicles as soon as possible. This method, which is used by people with thinness and baldness in their hair, increases approximately 4,000 grafts in one session. In this way, people get rid of the problem of baldness in a short time. The amount paid for this method varies between TL 2,000 and TL 4,000.

DHI Pencil Technique Hair Transplant Prices

The DHI pen technique is a method used by those who want to have hair transplantation without cutting their hair. In this method, people can have unshaven hair transplantation. Doctors who collect the appropriate hair follicle perform hair transplantation by injecting these follicles with the help of a needle to the area where the hair will be transplanted. With hair transplantation performed by direct injection without the process of finding a channel, people will complete the hair transplantation process without waiting time.

This method consists of three parts: first, we plan your lines. Then we reveal the quality of your donor area. Finally, we calculate the waiting time of the grafts. In this surgical procedure, we determine the directions of your new hair follicles with the help of a pencil. In this hair transplant method, which we complete in 2 days, we can transplant 3,000 grafts per day. This process takes a long time. The person receives a 6-hour process every day. The cost of this process is around 3,000 TL if the person has an average hair loss, and 6,500 TL or more if there is an excess of hair loss.

Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery

We first take your photos with the robotic hair transplantation method, which is a new hair transplant method. Then we create a 33 dimensional hair transplant scheme. Thus, you can decide how your hair transplant will be done. With robotic hair transplantation, we determine the areas in your hair that need transplantation.. In this way, we complete your hair transplantation easily and quickly. You can get this method done from 2,000 TL to 10,000 TL.

Prosthetic Hair Technique And Price

It is quite easy to have new hair with the prosthetic hair technique. With this method, you can use a thin layer for fake hair instead of hair transplantation. You will eliminate your hair problem with the appropriate hairstyle. Hair growth is out of the question. If people do regular maintenance, they can use their prosthetic hair for up to 2 years. The cost that people have to pay for this method goes from 1.000 TL to 6.000 TL.

Fut Hair Transplant And Current Price

In fut hair transplantation, where we cut the donor area from the donor’s hair, the hair transplantation procedure of the people is the second day. After local anesthesia, we take donors from people and add these donors to the sparse area the next day. As a result of the dressings required for people to regain their new hair, you can get results after at least 15 days of crusting. You can have this application made with prices starting from 800 TL and up to 3,000 TL.

Sapphire Percutaneous Hair Transplantation And Prices

In percutaneous hair transplantation, we produce sapphire hair follicles that we obtain from your hair. In this way, the tissue damage you will experience is minimized. Thanks to sapphire needle tools, we can easily complete your hair transplant procedure. Since the recovery time of less damaged tissues is short, the time to see a visible difference after the procedure is also very short. You can make this transaction between 4.000 TL and 5.000 TL.

Thus, we discussed the issue of hair transplantation cost. You can contact us for detailed information.

How Much Does Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey?

Hair transplantation cost in Turkey varies depending on factors such as the number of grafts needed, the type of procedure being performed, and the experience of the surgeon. This is because hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another. It is commonly used to treat male pattern baldness, but women can also get hair restoration. Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for hair transplantation surgery. This is largely due to the fact that Turkey offers some of the most competitive prices in the world when it comes to hair transplantation.

One of the reasons why the surgery costs are so low in Turkey is because there are many skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons in the country. Many of these surgeons have been trained at prestigious universities and have decades of experience performing this procedure. Additionally, Turkish clinics often use advanced technologies such as DHI, FUT, and FUE for optimal results. IIf you’re looking for a quality procedure at an affordable price, then hair transplantation cost in Turkey should be at the top of your list. With careful research and planning, you can find a clinic that meets your needs and provides you with the best possible results.