Hair Transplant Turkey Process Young men can feel pressure because of their hair loss. Surgeries can help you gain your confidence back so if you are experiencing hair loss do not forget that you are not alone. Thousands of patients around the world choose to come to Turkey for their surgery process. Turkey has more than six thousand clinics. Surgeries in Turkey are about 70% cheaper than the UK because of that reason over 90 percent of patients are coming from the UK and Western Europe. Hair transplant Turkey process needs 2- or 3-days accommodation, and it is costing you on average 2000 dollars. The medical quality of hair transplantation is one of the best.

Hair Transplantation begins with computer analysis. With this hair analysis surgeon knows how many grafts you need and which technique they should perform.  First the surgeons draw the patient’s new hairline with marker pen, and they show it with a mirror to the patient. They prepare patients for the surgery. They inject local anesthesia. Then they decide how many hair follicles they will take from you. It can be different for every patient. When your hair is of a certain length, they make a design of your front hairline then hair transfer begins. The surgeon removes your hair grafts one by one without harming them. During the last part of the operation, they re-insert the follicles. Patients have to wait for 6 months to see the best results.

Hair Transplant Surgery

There are two techniques in hair transplantation FUE or FUT. Essentially the outcome in the recipient area is the same. The difference between the two techniques is how surgeons harvest the hair from the back of the head. Surgeons should know which patient is better for FUE or FUT. One of them is not better than another one. You should not choose Follicular Unit Extraction surgery (FUE) for its popularity. They are both excellent techniques from experienced hands. They have their own strengths and pros. Both techniques create different types of scars. Hair transplant Turkey process has 3 options for the patients. Follicular Unit Extract (FUE), DHI method with the newest technology and old FUT technique.

FUT Hair Transplant Procedure

FUT technique leaves a linear scar. Some people are a little bit nervous about having a linear scar. The fear of having a widened terrible scar is more about how the surgeon performed rather than about technique itself. Surgery can create a bad scar.  This is not the fault of this trip; this is the fault of the surgeon. It takes 100% of the hairs out of an area it means they are removing all the hair in that area. They use the natural flexibility of the scalp. If they do strip, they can harvest large numbers of hairs a long distance away from a balding area. It is beneficial for young people because you do not know how much they are going to lose later in their life.

You should not forget that bad strip scars come from bad surgeries. If you choose the right place and surgeon there will be no problem with the scar. This surgery takes 4-8 hours so you can stay awake during the surgery thanks to anesthesia.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE)

The FUE method is heavily marketed these days. They use the latest technology. They move the grafts in the healthiest way. The FUE method is just the modified version of the original technique. They are doing the same thing but punching out each individual follicular unit. We can say that FUE is the linear scarless procedure. It is not scarless. There are dot scars. Thanks to this positive side, patients can feel less surgery. They are taking hair from the back of the head and these hairs do not grow back. It is minimally visible scarring if performed correctly. If the harvesting has been done correctly and properly, patients can wear shorter hair styles too. Unfortunately, they are taking twenty percent of the hair out of an area therefore if you need more grafts, you will need a large harvest area.

You should know that they have to harvest in these riskier areas. You have to think carefully about how many grafts you need. Because there are so many advertisements showing trendy FUE methods with huge numbers of grafts in one session. You can see people who get 4000-5000 grafts in one session. It means they have taken four or five thousand of these grafts out from the area. It is a very large area and large harvest therefore there is not much left for the future.

Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

No, thanks to local anesthesia hair transplant surgeries are not painful. Although it may be an easy and quick operation, patients still can feel discomfort.

Where is The Best Place For Hair Transplant?

Turkey can be the best country for a hair transplant surgery. These hair transplant methods are cheap in Turkey because of the current economic situation and exchange unit however this does not mean that clinics are not good enough in Turkey. Hair transplant Turkey process is very easy and quick. You must stay in Turkey for 2-3 days. There are so many good, qualified clinics in Turkey.  First you have to choose the city that you want to come.

How Long Does The Transplant Last?

These days hair loss is a common phenomenon for people. It is about genetics, health conditions and so many random things. While focusing on the surgery, it is normal to wonder how long this transplant will last. If you had your hair transplant surgery from an experienced surgeon, your hair transplant will last a lifetime, but it can be affected by some factors like hair type, lifestyle, stress, and age. When the Hair transplant Turkey process is complete you will notice some changes like a new outline of your enhanced hairline. But you can see significant changes after 6 months. The best results will be visible after a year.

Hair Transplant, Turkey Process Differences


One key difference between different clinics’ hair transplant Turkey processes and other countries is the cost. Hair transplant procedures can be significantly cheaper in Turkey than in other countries, with some clinics offering top-notch treatments at a fraction of the price compared to elsewhere. Additionally, the level of quality and expertise is often higher in Turkey due to the country’s wealth of experienced doctors, who are willing to go above and beyond for their patients’ needs. Last but not least, the medical care provided is second to none, as hospitals and clinics are well-equipped with modern facilities that provide excellent medical advice and attention.

All these factors contribute to why many people choose to get a hair transplant in Turkey for their treatment needs. Patients can be sure to receive the best quality care in Turkey, as the doctors are highly trained and experienced in performing these procedures. Moreover, Turkey offers great affordability for those seeking a hair transplant, often providing more cost-effective options than other countries. With its dependable services, competitive hair transplant price of each procedure, and superb quality standards, it is no surprise that more people are now considering hair transplants in Turkey as an option when they require a hair transplant Turkey process of this kind.