Hair Transplant Turkey How Long Does It Take?

Hair Transplant Turkey How Long Does It Take? First question that you need an answer about the hair transplantation is hair transplant Turkey how long does it take? Hair transplant operation is not a very long process. The examination and decision phase of the procedure takes a little longer. A normal hair transplant procedure takes an average of 4-6 hours a day.

You must spend the day you go to the operation appointment for the operation. On the day of the operation, you should not tire yourself in the pre-appointment hours. Thus, you can have a more comfortable operation.

In hair transplant operations, you can take a break between the operation stages and meet your various needs such as eating. These breaks, which vary according to your needs, affect the hair transplant durations. Thus, how long it will take depends on the experience of the hair transplant team and your habits of organizing your daily needs. Also, if you are traveling for a long time for a hair transplant operation; You should review details such as transfers, your rest time.

What Should You Pay Attention To Before Hair Transplantation?

You need to start preparations 1 week before the operation and prepare for the operation yourself. Smoking causes blood circulation disorders. For this reason, you may not get the desired result during hair transplantation. Because the impaired blood circulation causes the hair to lack oxygen and nourishment. Therefore, if you cannot quit smoking, you shouldn’t smoke 48 hours before the operation. Apart from this, you should not do hair dyed and not use alcohol. Before the hair transplant procedure, you should clean your hair thoroughly so that no jelly, spray, etc. substances remain. If the person’s hair loss is in the first three stages, hair transplantation may result in a single session.

Individual characteristics of your hair is most decisive role in determining the number of hair transplant sessions. If your hair is thick, curly, dark-colored and the hair lightness is low, a sufficient result can be obtained in a single session. The answer of the hair transplant Turkey how long does it take is different if your hair is thin-stranded, straight, light-colored, and has a large area of hair transplantation. The number of sessions can be adjusted according to the desired result.

You may need more than one session for hair transplantation. In this case, your doctor can reduce the frequency of the sessions in order not to damage the hair follicles. The doctor will continue the procedure in line with your expectations and satisfaction.

Genetic hair loss is seen in most people who experience hair loss. Although genetic hair loss is very common, we should not ignore the stress that causes hair loss. However, it can cause hair loss in situations such as malnutrition, hormonal problems, and accident, impact, injury.

Operation Stages

  • Preparation: Dressing and disinfecting the planting area takes about 30 minutes.
  • Anesthesia: Depending on the situation, applications such as local, needle-free local, sedation, and anesthesia are performed. A time of 30 minutes is more or less sufficient for this process.
  • Collection of Hair Roots: Although this process varies according to the number of grafts to be collected, for example, a collection of 3 thousand grafts takes 1-1.5 hours.
  • Donor Area Dressing: After the hair follicles are collected, the collected area is dressed and this area is wrapped to protect it from external factors for 1 day. This process takes 10-15 minutes.

Hair Transplant Turkey How Long Does It Take With FUE Method?

The Fue method is performed by collecting the hair follicles from the donor area with a micromotor device and placing them in the channels opened to the transplantation area. The FUE method is the most widely used method in the world. To understand hair transplant Turkey how long does it take with FUE method, you can discuss the number of grafts you need with your doctor.

1000 graft transplantation with the procedure of graft collection, channel opening and grafting transplantation with the FUE method takes approximately 3-4 hours.

  • Beard transplant,
  • Favorite cultivation,
  • Mustache transplant,
  • Regional plantings,
  • Forehead transplantation,
  • Densification transplantation needs approximately 1000 grafts.

3000 graft sowing performed with the FUE method takes 5-6 hours.

  • Type 3 where the forehead area is opened and the top is sparse
  • Type 4, where the opening in the hill region is more and more

5000 grafts transplantation significantly prolongs the time of collection, channel opening and sowing performed for each graft with the FUE method. Hair transplantation takes 7-9 hours for grafts as high as 5000.

Hair Transplant Turkey How Long Does It Take With DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI transplantation is also known as Choi hair transplant or pencil technique. Rather than being a new technique, DHI is FUE transplantation performed by medical pens. Starting with the FUE method, the DHI transplantation is completed with the hair transplantation through the Choi pens.

In DHI hair transplantation, the graft collection phase is performed by micromotor with the FUE method, while the channel opening and transplantation processes in the transplantation phase can be performed at once by combining them with the Choi pens. While opening the channel, CHOI pens allow the hair follicle to be placed in the channel it opens at the same time. The operation time is shortened as this combines the channel opening time and the sowing time.

In DHI hair transplantation, the ability to perform the grooving process and the hair root transplantation process at the same time can shorten the hair transplantation period by 1-2 hours. Also, the number of grafts to be implanted affects the DHI planting times. Now you have the basic information about hair transplant Turkey how long does it take with DHI hair transplantation; it takes according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

Graft collection with DHI method and the procedure of transplanting the collected grafts with the help of Choi pens,

  • 1000 graft transplantation takes approximately 2-3 hours.
  • In 3000-4000 grafts, the operation takes approximately 5 hours.
  • In more intensive cultivation, this period can be extended up to 8 hours.

For Hair Transplant Turkey, How Long Does It Take in General?


In general, the “hair transplant Turkey, how long does it take?”s answer is approximately 5 to 8 hours to complete. However, the exact duration will depend on the individual’s condition, type of hair transplant treatment, and desired results. Your hair transplant surgeon will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate for your treatment depending on your individual needs. Additionally, it is important to note that recovery time after hair transplant surgery varies from person to person and some patients may experience discomfort or swelling during this period. Again, it is best to consult with a qualified hair transplant specialist before making any decisions.

With their expertise, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care and results possible. Once the procedure has been completed successfully and all post-operative instructions have been followed properly there is typically no downtime required for recovery in addition to “hair transplant Turkey, how long does it take?” as most people resume their normal activities right away. Long-term results could be seen many years later depending on the individual’s case. It is highly recommended that follow-up appointments are made with your hair transplant doctor every 3-6 months following your surgery to ensure the best results over time.