Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

There are many physicians specializing in hair transplantation in Turkey. Therefore, your hair transplant at a clinic in Turkey or you can do in the hospital. However, to get successful results in hair transplantation, you should find a specialist doctor. You can get very fast results in your procedure performed by specialist doctors. Hair transplant Turkey cost is subject to the variability.

The most determining factor in your hair transplant cost is your choice of hospital and doctor. Therefore, it is difficult for us to give a clear answer about the cost. In hospitals, they can apply a special treatment plan for you. Therefore, each patient’s hair transplant fee is different from each other. You should know that factors such as the width of your hair transplantation area, the frequency of your hair transplantation and the number of grafts to be transplanted will be reflected in the price. Determine your budget by considering these criteria. We do your hair transplant operation using different methods. We meet your care needs before hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

In such cases, you should cooperate with your doctor. For these reasons, price options vary according to your baldness condition and the procedures to be performed. You can find a permanent solution to your hair loss problem with hair transplant operation. If you are faced with hair loss problem, you may experience aesthetic anxiety. You can solve this anxiety situation with painless hair transplantation using the latest technological possibilities. You can choose unshaven and painless hair transplantation, which is one of the hair transplant methods in which various techniques have been used in recent years. Since the procedures performed are painless and needle-free, you can get a great advantage. Since bleeding and swelling are minimal in this method, you can experience the comfort of painless hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Stages

Hair transplantation is shaped according to your wishes, needs and expectations. Your treatment method and scope of treatment also change accordingly. You should have your hair transplantation, which is the solution to your hair loss problem, performed in a sterile manner by the experts in a hospital environment. During the procedure, we take hair follicles on your neck or any part of your body and plant them in sparse areas. At this stage, you should definitely act with our doctor. You will not feel any pain during this procedure. Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, we can continue the operation between 4 and 6 hours and you should be prepared for this situation.

You should make the right choice of your doctor in order that your treatment method is right for you and that the newly transplanted hair is compatible with the scalp. Since your hair transplant operation consists of a process consisting of some stages, you should have information about these processes. We do hair analysis and preliminary examination before the operation. Afterwards, we determine the number of grafts by our doctor and complete your examinations. With the help of a special ruler, we draw your hair transplantation areas by our specialist. Then, the area to be planted is numbed by us with painless anesthesia method.

Hair Transplantation Stages

Your hair follicles are collected and the grafts are kept in the organ transplant solution for a while. Then, the process of transferring the collected follicles to the balding area takes place. Golden cream is applied to the area after the operation. In addition, ozone vapor is applied and the first washing is done. You should not benefit from hairdressing services for about 15 days after hair transplantation. And you should also avoid sports and go out wearing a hat if possible. You can see a noticeable improvement from the 3rd month.

What are the Hair Transplantation Methods in Turkey?

Every day, different methods of hair transplantation has been developed thanks to evolving technology. Therefore, the best option for you is to apply for hair transplant treatment. There are more than one hair transplant method. You should decide which of these methods should be applied with your doctor who is an expert in the field. Among these methods, the best known are the DHI method, DHI Pro and FUE methods. These methods are suitable for use in both men and women. These hair transplant operations performed by experts usually give the expected results. You should be prepared for this situation as the hair transplantation procedures applied to you will be applied at certain session intervals due to the differences in the method.

Therefore, Turkey will vary according to the cost of hair transplantation methods and properties according to the person. With hair transplantation procedures, your hair will grow naturally. In the DHI hair transplantation method known as Direct Hair Implant, problems such as stitches or incision marks do not occur. The most important purpose in the application of the DHI method is to keep the time that the hair follicles stay outside at a minimum and ensure that they become stronger. You can quickly return to your daily routines in a very short time as it provides faster recovery after surgery. The biggest advantage of this method is that there is no incision scar.

What are the Hair Transplantation Methods in Turkey?

The DHI Pro hair transplant method is the form of classical DHI hair transplantation that we support with laser and PRP sessions. DHI Pro hair transplantation starts with examining your donor area and determining the number of grafts to be taken. Then we do laser and prp sessions. In the FUE method, we collect your hair follicles from certain points of your hair and transfer them to the sparse and spilled point. You can easily perform your hair transplant procedure by going through these stages.

Which Hair Transplant Method Is More Effective?

You should talk to the experts about which method to choose for hair transplantation. In addition, you can act according to the results of the treatment method applied to your hair. Our DHI practices are generally recommended by our experts as the best and natural method. That’s why you can choose this method. However, your hair type, sparseness of your hair and the effectiveness of stem cells can change your treatment method. You should not forget to do a correct hair analysis before the hair transplant operation. Thanks to this detail, you can determine your most accurate hair transplant method. We achieve successful results as a result of the correct examinations and analyzes we carry out in a sterile environment. In this way, you can determine the most suitable method for yourself in a very short time.

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