Hair Transplant Turkey Black Woman

Today we will talk about afro hair transplantation and hair transplant Turkey black woman. Afro curly hair transplantation involves transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the bald area. The hair follicles on the back of the head are insensitive to hair loss, so we can say that the follicles taken from the donor area are resistant to hair loss. Thus, we can say that hair transplantation is permanent against hair loss for a lifetime.

Differences Between Afro Hair and European or Asian Type Hair:

African hair is different from European or Asian hair. Because hair follicles in Africa tend to curl. This makes it difficult to collect hair follicles. In addition, people of African descent have less hair on the upper part of the head in terms of hair follicles. The curly structure of the hair gives the impression of fullness. We have to distinguish between interesting and remarkable things. Often there are differences between types of African hair. East African people have looser and softer hair curls than people of West African / Caribbean descent.

What is Afro Hair Loss?

Afro-haired individuals also experience regional hair loss due to hair styling processes as well as androgenic hair loss. Although the curly hair structure initially camouflages the magnitude of the losses, it causes the enlargement of the area to require later intervention.

People with Afro hair feature often go to the way of shaping their hair with chemical hair straighteners and tight braids due to the curvy structure of the hair. If you use these hair straightening applications for a long time, you will cause permanent damage to your hair follicles. You may also experience permanent regional hair loss, which we sometimes call CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia), Center Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia. In other words, permanent hair loss may occur not only by genetic but also by physical effects.

Androgenic hair loss, which we can see in all individuals, can also be seen in men of Afro – Caribbean descent. In men, you can see this hair loss at varying rates depending on DiHydroxy Testosterone (DHT) sensitivity. In addition to this hair loss, both men and women may experience regional hair loss due to the physical and chemical effects we have just mentioned.

How is Afro Hair Transplantation Performed?

Afro hair causes some difficulties during the transplantation process because it is different from other hair in terms of its structural features. But doctors are very successful in the hair of black women in Turkey. The first of these difficulties is the problems experienced in the removal of grafts from the Donor area. Unshaved hair transplantation is not possible in these people as it will cause difficulties. As such, it may be difficult to get grafts without damaging neighboring roots during follicle removal with the help of micro-motor.

Therefore, if the person performing the application is not experienced, the number of grafts with a healthy structure decreases. Some experts may not prefer the traditional FUE method. FUT technique can cause more scarring due to the skin structure of afro individuals.

Another problem is that it is difficult to find the right angle at the transplantation stage. Finding the right angle will cause difficulties, as the curl of the hair extends to the root. In addition, due to the different structure of the epidermis tissue, it requires more pressure during transplantation.

However, all these problems can be overcome by skillful and experienced hands. As in all cases, the number of grafts is of great importance for Afro individuals in terms of the size of the hair gap. Transplantation can be started with a sufficient number of grafts. These processes may take a little longer. Since afro hair grows more slowly, it is necessary to wait longer to evaluate the result of the procedure.

African Hair Transplant Method in Turkey

African plantation in Turkey during surgery, hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul, applications in the field of hair grafts, was admitted to a special method to guarantee planted in aldı.türkiye black female hair transplant doctor of healthy tissue transplantation. Our experienced ethnic hair restoration doctors in Istanbul take pride in providing comprehensive services to patients of different ethnicities. Experts in Istanbul are very knowledgeable and experienced. In this way, it is not difficult to achieve the perfect hair results you want. Experts have made some special changes in the methods they use. And they are fully equipped for African hair transplantation. Many patients of African and Afro-Caribbean descent have selected our highly skilled ethnic hair
restoration specialists.

Afro Hair Transplant Benefits

The benefits of any successful hair transplant are the same for everyone. From a repaired hairline, renewed confidence and happiness. However, Afro hair that is transplanted looks fuller than other hair types. This situation is related to the nature of curly hair. Although the hair grafts on the scalp of an Afro Caribbean person need to be located farther from the recipient area (because the follicular units are much larger and therefore require more space), newly growing curly hair gives a lusher and more pleasing look! In addition, the people who get the best results in hair transplantation are those whose hair is similar in color to the scalp. For example, someone with naturally blonde hair and fair skin will also do well with black and Afro-type hair.

The most important thing is to trust your hair surgeon. Never attempt a hair transplant procedure if you are unsure or feel uncomfortable. This is perhaps more important if you have afro type hair. Ask your surgeon if he is familiar with the nature of curly, Afro-style hair and what method they used (FUE or FUT). Also, ask what method is most beneficial for your hair and if they have tested for it.

Thus afro hair transplantation and hair transplant Turkey talked about the black woman. As we mentioned, if you have people you trust, you will be very pleased with the result. If you want to get detailed information on this subject, you can contact us.


Let’s explore the world of Hair Transplant  Turkey Black Woman, where everyone can have beautiful hair! Hair transplants are special procedures that help people with thinning hair or baldness, including black women.

Skilled Experts: Firstly, In Turkey, there are skilled experts who know all about hair transplants for black women. They have special skills and knowledge to handle the unique needs of black hair. It’s like having hair magicians who know all the tricks to make your hair look amazing.

Care and Attention: During a hair transplant in Turkey, the experts give special care and attention to black women’s hair. They understand the importance of keeping the hair healthy and preserving its natural beauty. Moreover, It’s like taking care of a precious treasure to make it shine.

Beautiful Results: After a hair transplant, black women see beautiful results. Their hair becomes fuller and more vibrant. It’s like a crown of gorgeous curls or braids that make them feel like a queen. They can style their hair in different ways and feel proud of their unique beauty.

Taking Care of Your Hair: After the hair transplant, it’s important for black women to take care of their new hair. The experts will give special instructions on how to keep it healthy and maintain its natural beauty. It’s like nurturing a beautiful flower to make it bloom even more beautifully.

In Conclusion, Hair Transplant in Turkey celebrates the beauty of black women’s hair and offers amazing transformations. Skilled experts, care and attention, beautiful results, and proper hair care make it a fantastic choice.